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Top Trip Memories
  • Waking to the rising sun in an African game lodge to a view of giraffes, zebras and wildebeest sipping side by side at a watering hole just outside your window.
  • Sipping wine on deck or on your balcony as your river cruise boat drifts past an ever-changing panorama of old-world Europe.
  • Walking alongside strange-looking iguanas, exotic birds and giant tortoises -- all unafraid of humans -- as you tour the Galapagos Islands.
  • Setting eyes on the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of ChinaAngkor Wat and the temples of Kyoto on a grand tour -- or better yet, tours -- of Asia.
  • Gazing at the vast Amazon rainforests via riverboat while listening to howler monkeys crying in the distance.
  • Marveling at the sheer force of power generated by waters flowing over Victoria Falls in Africa and Iguassu Falls in South America.
  • Birding in the Costa Rican rainforests and coming upon a rare species to add to your life list.
  • Landing on the seventh continent, Antarctica, on an expedition-style cruise that only a small number of people will ever get to experience.  
  • Discovering the birthplaces of the Americas on journeys to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Quebec City in Canada.
  • Trekking to Peru’s Machu Picchu or atop Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro to test your mettle and enjoy some of the world’s finest views.
  • Rafting the wild rivers of Idaho, California, or West Virginia under the expert direction of an experienced guide.
  • Taking a small ship cruise along the gorgeous and historic coastlines of Croatia, Turkey or Greece.
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Tour Tips
  • If choosing a wildlife safari, you may want to look for one that features shorter distances driving over rough, bumpy roads; staying local or flying between different reserves is worth the time and money in forgone sore bones.
  • Some river cruise lines, cycling tour operators and other travel providers market almost exclusively to ages 50 and up, while others also cater to younger clientele, including families; it’s your choice.
  • “Comfortable” lodging doesn’t necessarily mean “luxurious;” there are many budget tours that offer two- or three-star accommodations -- perhaps in small inns with lots of local atmosphere -- that you may find not only acceptable but adding to the charm.
  • If authenticity is important when you travel, look for guided trips that offer visits to local residents’ homes, schools, or work locations.
  • If you want to assist the local people in destinations you are traveling to, look for tour operators who “give back” to the communities you visit, such as making donations to local schools.
  • The size of a guided tour group can make a huge difference in your enjoyment of a trip; generally speaking, the smaller the group, the better the experience.
  • Be sure to notify the trip organizers and leaders if you have special dietary or medicinal requirements, physical impairments that may affect your ability to participate in all group activities, or other needs -- most will try to accommodate you if possible.
  • Be realistic about your physical abilities and stamina when choosing an adventure-oriented trip. There is more than one way to get to Machu Picchu.
  • If you have grown children and/or grandchildren, consider asking them to join you on a multi-generational trip; some travel providers offer special itineraries geared toward several different age groups.
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50-Plus Travel Travel Reviews & Ratings
4.6 out of 5



497 Reviews

Excellent 1,578 Great 178 Average 22 Disappointing 13 Terrible 32

Rating Details

4.6 Guide
4.6 Activities
4.6 Lodging
4.6 Transportation
4.6 Meals
Tour Reviews

Awesome experience

Egypt Luxury Tour Package

5.0 June 2017 Jakada Tours Recommend: Yes My friend and I hired Jakada Tours to plan our overnight trip from Cairo to Luxor. They picked us up from our hotel in Cairo and drove us to the airport to take the flight to Cairo. Arriving in Luxor, we were greeted by our Egyptologist and guide Mr. Ahmed faued and driver. They drove us to our Hotel than informed us about our tour the next morning.
We visit The Valley of Kings, the tombs of King Tut and Ramses VI, Queen Hatshepsut temple, Luxor and Karnak temples.
Mr. Ahmed is a very knowledgeable Egyptologist, he showed us all the sites and told us all about the history behind all the historical site we've visited.
Thanks to Jakada Tours and Mr. Ahmed, we had the best trip ever and everything was so perfect from beginning to end!
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Truly fake. Similar to visiting ‘Paris’ in Vegas.

Costa Rica – The Sea Turtle Initiative

1.0 May 2017 Discover Corps Recommend: No Truly fake. Similar to visiting ‘Paris’ in Vegas.

It is advertised as volunteering, family friendly and building international network to help undeveloped countries and nature where scientists are involved. The reality is that it is a typical student back-pack trip. There are no activities for children under 12 to participate too either fun or educational. Young, good natured girls are not scientific personnel and the local people disliked anything American. It felt like a prison and a ‘ghetto’ where you devise a cause, do something without the community’s support that deeply affects their lives (ex-poachers) and be high-minded that you are actually helping. Social division, looking down on people and experiencing poverty is not what I wanted to participate in. I am very upset that this has happened and that no one was interested afterwards.
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See above regarding food and bathrooms

Globus Company Reviews

3.0 April 2017 Globus Recommend: Yes Food was not to standard I expected. It was cold, runny scramble eggs. Restaurant changed times when it would start making omelettes and one was due to leave soon
You sat down to rat dinner and food was removed faster than one could finish
In Potugal, wine was not regulated to one glass and then charges as in Spain. No one abuse this but was not a friendly gesture to globes

Guides could at intervals be given instructions on pronunciation so that all could understand. This is the guides that rode with you through the country

I still enjoyed my trips

Showers mechanisms hard to figure out and more than once had water all over the bathroom. Had to have husband hold shower mechanism to be able to complete a shower. In one hotel, the mechanism holding shower broke luckily not landing on my foot
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Spanish Fiesta Tour March 2017

Globus Company Reviews

5.0 April 2017 Globus Recommend: Yes Spain is a beautiful country with great history, historic locations and amazing cities. The tour director, Monica, made sure the trip was fun and educational. She cared about everyone, and was incredibly knowledgeable about every location as well as the ancient, past and current history of Spain. The two days in Costa del Sol was relaxing and perfectly timed. Read more

Our trip to Italy was the best

Globus Company Reviews

5.0 April 2017 Globus Recommend: Yes Our trip to Italy was the best. Globus took care of every detail, hotels,
restaurants ,tours, our tour guide Giacamo was very knowledgeable,and made the trip fun.
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Classic Itineraries

1 Week Winetasting Tour in France

Day 1, Paris: take a walking tour of this famous city. Visit the Wine Museum of Paris

Day 2, Chablis: head to Chablis, a small and strict ava known for it’s amazing wines.

Day 3-4, Bordeaux: A long driving day through spectacular countryside to the famous Bordeaux region. Here’s you can take a day to cycle the country roads, taste beautiful wines, and enjoy classic French country cuisine.

Day 5-6, Loire Valley: More wine tasting and beautiful countryside await you in this region.

Day 7, Paris: Return to Paris for a farewell dinner

Tours that follow this itinerary:

Gourmet Explorer, Provence with Peregrine Adventures - 8 Days, value trip

Vineyards and Villages with ROW Adventures - 7 Days, premium trip

Loire Biking Private with Butterfield & Robinson - 6 Days, premium trip

Or see All One Week Winetasting Tours in France

50-Plus Travel Trips & Tour Advice

As a generation, baby boomers -- turning a minimum age of 50 in 2014 -- have led the way for decades in forging international travel, beginning with the 1960s-era European backpackers and continuing to the present, as more and more parts of the globe become ripe for discovery. Destinations that once seemed too remote and exotic for most folks to imagine visiting -- from the jungles of Brazil to the mountains of Bhutan, from the plains of East Africa to the icy waters of Antarctica -- are now just a plane or boat ride away. In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that baby boomers are the most well-traveled generation in history!

But while many previously unavailable travel opportunities have opened up, travel has also become more complicated as a result. Where once travelers might have decided between the beach or the mountains within driving distance of home -- or, if they really wanted to get exotic, choose between vacationing in London or Paris -- they now have the whole world at their feet.

Airline routes and fares are dizzyingly complex; travel costs everywhere have escalated; the profusion of advice available on the Internet often only confuses matters; and independent travel in general can sometimes end up more trouble than it’s worth -- especially when you have limited time to plan for a trip that may take you far afield and lasts a week or longer.

More Time and Resources

But here’s the good news: with many of us nearing retirement or already retired -- and others still at the peak of our earning power -- we have more time and resources to indulge our passions and our curiosity to see the world, and have the maturity and wisdom to recognize the value of traveling with experts in the field. Professional travel providers and outfitters can help us make the most of -- and truly savor -- each experience. 

And so we’ve witnessed a remarkable rise in the number of organized tour operators and small ship and river cruise lines that have responded to the needs of the baby boom generation as those needs have changed. These are no longer your grandmother’s tour companies, which herded large groups off an on buses like sheep; in fact, even coach-based tours are striving to appeal to a more sophisticated, knowledgeable group of world travelers.

Authentic Experiences

In response to a number of boomer travel trends, the new generation of travel providers seek to offer authentic experiences that create lasting memories, without the hassle of having to plan and execute every detail yourself. These travel providers can take you to the far corners of the globe and, in the process, offer expert guidance that ensures you’ll be able to spend your time doing what you want to do -- and not what you have to do just to get from one place to the next.

Many of them have special expertise in organizing trips for people aged 50 and above, whether it’s an adventure like an African safari or a trek to Machu Picchu, a river cruise through Europe or Southeast Asia, a small ship expedition to the Galapagos, or a culture-minded trip to GreeceTurkeyItaly, or Egypt. And we’re not forgetting North America, where U.S. and Canadian national parks and Mexican and Central American archaeological and natural treasures beckon 50-plus travelers.

More Relaxed Itineraries

Trips catering to those over 50, while adventurous, may offer somewhat more relaxed and less physically demanding itineraries, as well as accommodations that are a step above those that cater to more youthful groups. Or they may make special allowances for bringing the grandchildren along. Or they may simply concentrate more heavily on including authentic cultural or culinary experiences that 50-plus travelers consider a necessity rather than an indulgence.

Stride is here to help you make your way through the clutter and clamor and to find the travel providers that understand the needs of 50-plus travelers -- and keep you in the thick of the travel revolution you helped pioneer.

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