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Top Trip Memories

  • Recounting and relishing the events and accomplishments of the day with fellow cyclists.
  • Feeling physically stronger every day while breathing in the fresh air.
  • Engaging in conversations with locals around the world.
  • Waking up each day with a goal in mind.
  • Enjoying wine, cheese and stops at cafes in France, or being invited to join a local for food and drink.
  • Savoring the excellent lamb and dairy products while pedaling through ever-changing countryside in New Zealand.
  • Stopping by the side of the road in Spain and enjoying fresh olives straight from the tree.
  • Reliving history and viewing gorgeous antebellum homes along the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi and Tennessee.
  • Visiting wineries and playing Lewis and Clark in Oregon’s Columbia Gorge.
  • Pedaling unencumbered with no panniers and still building an appetite for a great dinner at a bed and breakfast.
  • Taking advantage of a strong tailwind and coasting at 20 mph.
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Tour Tips

  • Be aware that many trips have several levels of difficulty; the easiest rating may mean limited miles in the saddle or riding in a vehicle to avoid difficult sections.
  • Research the destination carefully. Is New Zealand really an easy place to bicycle?
  • Take note of how long a company has been in business, but don't automatically eliminate newer companies. Check on their bicycle touring experience.
  • Ask about sleeping arrangements. In many bed and breakfasts, for instance, sharing a bed is the norm.
  • Whether the operator rents or provides bicycles, you should be sure they can accommodate your height.
  • If you have a preference for a recumbent, tandem or electric-assist, be sure to ask. Same holds true for clipless pedals.
  • Ask if your guides are available and accessible after the cycling part of the day is done. Some guides use different accommodations than the guests.
  • Ask the company for a list of past participants, and then call a few if you wish. Post a message on an online discussion board that focuses on the activity that you plan to do. People are typically willing to share experiences.
  • You will enjoy yourself more if you train before your bicycle tour or are in good physical shape. Some hours in a saddle prior to your trip will prevent saddle sores and/or sore bottoms.

Once You’re on Your Way…

  • Enjoy your surroundings. Don't just stick your nose to the ground and pound out the miles. The pavement looks pretty much the same wherever you are.
  • Be flexible. Routes change, roads close and weather doesn't always cooperate.
  • Be prepared for any weather. Wear cycling clothes and fabrics that breathe. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. Layering works well.
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Biking & Cycling Tours Travel Reviews & Ratings

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1,860 Reviews

  • Excellent 1,552
  • Great 545
  • Average 100
  • Disappointing 16
  • Terrible 6

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  • Guide
  • Activities
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Meals

Tour Reviews

Trails of Vietnam

Trails of Vietnam

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
This was a wonderful trip - fully of varied activities - cycling, trekking, kayaking and sight seeing . Vietnam is a fascinating country, with so much variety between north and south and lots of interesting history. It is is the right time to go now, before the tourist industry really gets going, especially on the coast near Danang . The people are lovely - so friendly and welcoming - the food is great - very fresh and varied.
Hoi An was the loveliest town with its mixture of old France architecture, lots of street traders, great food, river estuary and good beaches. Get a silk dress or suit made overnight.
Cycling in the Mekong Delta was a great experience, but HOT. The home stay on an island in the Mekong river was our most peaceful place to stay.
Walking by rice fields in the north was great with the hills and mountains in the background. Halong Bay in the north was also beautiful - there are a lot of other boats , but you don't feel it is too touristy yet.

Amazing - Kien was the best leader I have ever had on Exodus. Full of interesting information about Vietnam , a great organiser, caring towards his group members and a great sense of humour.

Be prepared for the traffic in Hanoi and Saigon - it is manic - it does not stop - but don't panic - walk steadily in a straight line and they will weave round you - they are not agressive drivers, but there are a lot of motor bikes.

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We really enjoyed ourselves

Trails of Vietnam

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
This is a very busy tour with lots of variety. Although a lot of time was spent travelling (as you'd expect from a tour covering 1500 miles in 14 days) a great many different things were packed into the holiday (eg 1000 years of history, food, shopping, cycling, kayaking, walking, boating, caves, puppet show.) Vietnam was more prosperous and sophisticated than I had imagined, with free wi-fi in every accommodation and restaurants. Everything was very clean and well organised. Things ran on time, including the 12 hour overnight train departed on time and arrived early. The people were friendly and smiling.
I found the Vietnames people very inspirational. It is only 40 years since there was almost total devastation in the war. People were very positive and enthusiastic and proud of Vietnam's achievements and that their economy is improving. We saw a lady making fashionable shoes on one the markets and she proudly told us that Vietnam used to import its shoes from China, but now they manufacture their own.

Trinh was excellent. One of the best leaders we've had. Very well organised and always went the extra mile to help and answer questions. He was also good fun.

The only thing I would mention that has not been covered by other reviewers or in the trip notes/advice is that it would have been a good idea to have a neck flap for the cycling. On one of our cycling days (Mekong) it was a sunny 35 degrees.

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March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: No
The way the trip is advertised you are expecting a really active two weeks requiring good levels of fitness. In reality you do very little over the two weeks. You spend more time on the overnight train than you do hiking, cycling & kayaking combined! You really should quantify how little actual activity there is on this trip for people to be able to select an appropriate trip.
Halong bay

Our group leader was excellent, knowledgeable and friendly.

Be prepared for many hours sat on a bus.

Whilst it a very well run & organised trip I just don't feel you do a lot. It's a coach holiday advertised as action adventure holiday.

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February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
My son and I cycled from Vienna to Budapest in early June. We had a great time. The accommodation was fabulous all the way and the cycles were high quality. The map and other information was very helpful and although we didn't need it, help would have been at hand if anything had gone wrong. Most of the cycling we did was on quiet roads or cycle lanes which made us feel fairly safe. My only warning to prospective cyclists on this holiday is just to point out that not much of it is actually along the Danube, probably because there just isn't a decent path going along it I guess. Our highlight was Gyor. Never heard of it? We hadn't either but it's a real gem. Bratislava is really charming and Budapest is a city built on a grand scale. Vienna? We weren't so impressed. Just a little bit too la di dah for our taste but a city you have to see especially if like us you are big fans of "The Third Man." Yes, the wheel is still there and yes we did go on it. You have to, right?
Getting to the end. This is strictly cycling for beginners, but that is what we were and it was a relief to get home unharmed.

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Cuban Highlights

Cuban Highlights Ride

February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
Very enjoyable and well organised. Lovely rides through varied countryside and interesting towns which transported us back in time and gave fascinating insights into the country's history. Routes were good and the bikes ideal for the various challenges - hills, road surface etc. Pleasant helpful supportive staff always ready with water, snacks and repairs if needed.
Happy Cubans! Despite its troubled history and obvious deprivation it is a land full of fun and welcome. Whether cycling through rural villages or in towns we were always greeted with cheerful "Holas!" and waves from smiling adults and children.

Lenay was an excellent group leader and tour guide. She speaks very good English, has an extensive knowledge of her country's history and culture and is thoughtful, witty and helpful.

Just go and embrace their vibrant world of sun and salsa and have plenty of Cuban currency. Although it is not the land of plenty and the food is bland the facilities are very clean!

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Top Tour Operators and Travel Companies

Biking & Cycling Tours Trips & Tour Advice

What could be more exhilarating than exploring a country from the seat of a bicycle?

The call of the open road; the wind at your back; the views that lie ahead. Every sense becomes stimulated: You become acutely aware of the scent of freshly ripened strawberries, the panorama of distant mountains, the jolt from every bump or defect in the road, the thrill of smooth pavement, the song of a bird and the taste of salt on your lips.

Bicycle touring is truly about both the destination and the journey. It will take you at just the right pace to meet the people, enjoy the views and savor the food and the culture of your chosen destination.

And what better way is there to combine fitness with something as pleasant as a bicycle tour?

What Can You Expect from a Bicycle Tour?

The brochures show sunny days, smiling faces, gourmet lunches and plush accommodations. And while the sun may not always shine, the rest of the pictures can be a good reflection of a typical luxury bike tour (there are less plush tours for the budget-minded).

What is virtually certain is that you will immerse yourself into a new region that may come complete with new foods, wines and customs.

Fuel for the day's ride includes both food and vital information. At breakfast, maps may be disbursed and suggestions for the daily route and attractions are discussed. Somebody has already checked out the mechanical condition of your bicycle, but it's still OK to squeeze your tires and make sure that they suit your style.

Wining and Dining

Especially if it's an intended stopping point on your tour, you might find that your lunch has been prepared for you. (If you have dietary needs, notify your tour operator in advance.)

In many cases, welcome and farewell dinners are included as part of your tour. Depending on the tour operator and style of the tour, other meals may be on your own. But that provides the advantage of dining with whomever you want and at whatever time you want -- while enjoying the types of food and drink you prefer.

Don't think that because you are bicycling that you need forget about fine dining. Is there a Michelin rated restaurant in the area? How about a favorite wine that you would like to enjoy right where it is produced? What about a spectacular restaurant view that overlooks the region where you just bicycled?

Route Choices

Options provide guests with not only dining choices, but also with route choices. Are you looking for a leisurely shorter route with plenty of time for shopping, people-watching at a cafe or wine-tasting? Are you ready to challenge yourself and pedal long and hard to accomplish your own fitness goals? Do you want to take it easy one day and push yourself the next?

Keep in mind that your traveling partner, if you have one, needn't necessarily follow the same route and pace that you do. You’re likely to meet new people along the way and perhaps form new friendships in fellow cyclists or locals -- there’s just something about people on bicycles that makes them seem more approachable than other types of travelers.

At the end of the day, when you reach your final destination, you usually have free time to dine, explore or relax with your traveling partner, if you did take separate rotes or travel at different speeds.

Choosing Your Destination

Where do you want to cycle? Has following the Tour de France been a dream or yours? Or does Vermont immediately bring bicycling to mind? Perhaps you would like to enjoy a bike and barge tour or cycling combined with another sport. Maybe a long distance journey suits you best. 

You may be surprised by the number of appealing destinations. Popular destinations include France and Italy, but almost every country in Europe offers cycling. The Netherlands offers relatively flat areas, while Ireland takes you through those thousand shades of green.

Riding along canals or waterways, such as the Danube River, is another pleasant possibility. Of course both the U.S. and Canada offer varied terrain for exploration, but don't forget more far-flung cycling destinations like New Zealand, South Africa, Scandinavia and parts of Asia.

Once you’ve weighed all your options and settled on the  right bicycle tour for yourself, you’ll have the advantage of knowing just what to expect – and chances are your adventure will be exactly what you had hoped for and dreamed about.

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