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Top Trip Memories

  • Taking a Safari in Tanzania and witnessing the incredibly diverse African wildlife
  • Following in the footsteps of Darwin on a tour of the Galapagos
  • Local guides relaying their personal stories and experiences adds a layer of authenticity and immersion.
  • Taking a food tour from Barcelona to Berlin
  • Visiting a Maori village in New Zealand, learning about their culture and seeing a traditional Haka performed
  • Getting up before dawn in Alice Springs, Australia and taking a drive out to watch the sunrise over Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
  • Satisfying your inner Indiana Jones on a guided tour of the Pyramids in Egypt, led by professional Egyptologists
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Tour Tips

  • Decide how much flexibility you ideally want in a tour. For no-hassle planning, do you want every fine detail to be taken care of? Or would you rather pick and choose among optional activities as well as decide what restaurants to eat dinner at each night?
  • Make sure the pace of the tour is a good fit for your travel style. The best experiences happen when you don’t feel like you are being slowed down or slowing down others.
  • Ensure the hotel quality meets your expectations. Many times, a 3-star property in China is very different than most Western standards. If in doubt, ask the tour operator to see photos or find out the hotel names and search for them yourself.
  • Where are you going and who are you going with? For example, if you are visiting Southeast Asia, you might consider a specialist such as Insider Journeys. Ditto if you’re visiting Africa, you might want to check out a safari specialist.
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Guided Group Tour Travel Reviews & Ratings

4.7 out of 5



54,712 Reviews

  • Excellent 41,683
  • Great 12,849
  • Average 534
  • Disappointing 129
  • Terrible 91

Rating Details

  • Value
  • Guide
  • Activities
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Meals

Tour Reviews

Providing less at more cost

G Adventures Company Reviews

May 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: No
The requirement for emergency medical and travel insurance, hidden in the fine print to maximize limited choice. Is the prime example. I am not aware of any other tour company requiring such proof of insurance. FMCA provides emergency medical evacuation as a part of basic membership with fewer exclusions at 27 cents per membership. Compare that to the G Adventures plan. And despite the threat of denying attending the trip I have never had a CEO request the information.

Cutting corners with lodging (cheap digs with reduced perks and increased prices). Hotels normally with free WIFI - except for G Adventures. Making most activities and sites optional, to keep costs out of the advertised price.. Very few meals included to keep true costs out of the advertised price. Making you haul your own bags and using public transportation or cramped "private vehicles" – you become an unpaid employee. All are marketing techniques to keep costs out of advertised prices. They are, like the credit card provides, masters of sneaky traps for the unwary consumer.

Compare with mainline tour companies and you will find G Adventures an expert at providing less for more!

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Truly fake. Similar to visiting ‘Paris’ in Vegas.

Costa Rica – The Sea Turtle Initiative

May 2017
Discover Corps
Recommend: No
Truly fake. Similar to visiting ‘Paris’ in Vegas.

It is advertised as volunteering, family friendly and building international network to help undeveloped countries and nature where scientists are involved. The reality is that it is a typical student back-pack trip. There are no activities for children under 12 to participate too either fun or educational. Young, good natured girls are not scientific personnel and the local people disliked anything American. It felt like a prison and a ‘ghetto’ where you devise a cause, do something without the community’s support that deeply affects their lives (ex-poachers) and be high-minded that you are actually helping. Social division, looking down on people and experiencing poverty is not what I wanted to participate in. I am very upset that this has happened and that no one was interested afterwards.
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Wildflowers, empty roads and big, big hill climbs!

Cycling in Sicily

May 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
Sicily is an intriguing place full of history that is very much alive all around you. The highlands, with empty roads and big views, were lovely. In April there were very few tourists and there were amazing wildflowers everywhere. The weather was rather 'English' though! The food was amazing.
In Syracuse, walking down a little alley, an operatic aria was playing on a sound system somewhere, and all the street traders suddenly started singing along, joining in one by one, with beautiful voices. It was magical!
Everywhere we went there were beautiful wildflowers like I've never seen before. Definitely recommend going in April for that reason, as well as the fact that the tourist draws and beaches are very quiet.

The group leaders were excellent, really worked hard to look after us and passionate about their homeland. The picnic lunches were outstanding.

Make sure you practice riding up hills! Overall level 3 is fair, but there are some really hilly sections, with sustained climbs. Also, in April, bring clothing for a range of weather.

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Consistently good travel experience

Intrepid Company Reviews

April 2017
Recommend: Yes
Consistently , a good travel experience. Basix trips take care of all the logistics but allow plenty if free time to do your own thing once at destinations. This is especially important if you are travelling in short durations ie: in the usual 2-4 week vacation time. Don't waste time spending a day just to find out what the transport schedule is or slogging round towns looking fir the cheapest accomodation or wondering how you are gong to transition from the ferry wharf/ jetty to that Hostal you did not realise is actually further away than the distance you really wanted to walk with your heavy bsckpack. travel Intrepid instead.
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100% recommend. Experience a country. Not just see it.

Intrepid Company Reviews

April 2017
Recommend: Yes
I got exactly as expected.
Well organised.
Good operators.
Low impact.
grea of you want to experience travel, not just see a country.
Use them!
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Top Tour Operators and Travel Companies

Guided Group Tour Trips & Tour Advice

The old image of guided group tours as endless on-again, off-again bus stops is mostly long past. Today's guided group tours may spend days walking the Irish countryside or biking the Greek Islands, boarding a Zodiac in Antarctica, or delving deeply into the cultures of distant lands. Group sizes are often smaller -- as few as 10 to 16 per trip -- guides are better trained, and potential destinations are increasingly far-flung. Guided group tours also allow you to focus on the sights rather than the logistics of travel, help provide companionship on the road, and can save you money as well by securing group rates. They remain the most common type of tour, but they now offer uncommon benefits.

Flexible Itineraries

Gone are the days when group travel only meant following your flag-waving guide aimlessly from museum to museum. Sure, guided travel means traveling on a pre-set, multi-day itinerary. If you miss the plane, bus, or train, you’re in trouble! However, these days, guided tour companies like Explore! actually schedule free time into the itinerary, which encourages travelers to explore on their own. For example, you might join your group on an orientation walk around Marrakech in the morning, but then have the afternoon free to explore Djemaa el-Fnaa square. On longer excursions, you might even get an entire ‘free’ day to lounge on the beach or go for a day hike.

Comfortable & Local Transportation Options

While coach tours do exist and are great for some people, they are hardly the only option in the guided travel category. Many travel operators such as Abercrombie & Kent, offer transportation options like private luxury vans that hold only 16 people. Other companies, such as G Adventures and Intrepid Travel, use local transportation, such as tuk-tuk, felucca, and even camels to get you from point A to point B. Not only does this usually result in lower costs for you, but it provides an opportunity to mingle with locals vs. being stuck in a stuffy coach with your fellow travelers.

An Opportunity to Socialize & Make Friends

You’ll find that you actually have a lot in common with your travel companions. Most group travelers are like-minded and choose group tours for the same reasons: to get an authentic taste of a destination without having to worry about planning the logistics of an international vacation. Whether you’re in a group of 10 or 20, chances are you will connect with someone who you share something in common with. And you never know, maybe you will make a few life-long friends along the way!

Smaller Groups

These days, many guided tour operators are offering ‘small group’ tours. This means traveling under the radar with groups as small as 10 travelers. And, if you choose the right tour operator, traveling in this intimate style doesn’t need to equate to high prices. Small groups mean you can be more nimble and flexible, and they make the group feel more accessible to the local people. It’s also much easier to make true connections with your fellow travelers.

Authenticity and Local Flavor

A group tour can be just as authentic and eye-opening as independent travel; perhaps even more so if you’re lucky enough to have a local tour guide. Think of your guide as a friendly local who can ‘unlock’ the destination for you - showing off favorite restaurants, markets, photo spots, boutiques, etc. Some tour operators like Exodus include homestays in their itineraries. What better way to experience France than by staying in the home of a local winemaker? You'll have the chance to chat with locals on public trains, play in a random soccer game with a bunch of children, and learn about local spices from a market vendor. What’s more authentic than that?

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