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Top Trip Memories

  • Going on a dog-sledding excursion in Finland
  • Zip-lining through the Rangitikei Canyon
  • Bungee jumping or swinging over the Bhote Koshi River, Nepal
  • Exploring the dark lava cave, Buri Cave in Iceland
  • Feel the heat of Pacaya Volcano, an active volcano
  • Hiking to Machu Picchu. And if you are looking for more, hike Huayna Picchu, which projects up over 1000 ft above Machu Picchu.
  • Experiencing 1150 ft Kakum canopy walk to see the biodiverse rainforests in Ghana
  • Trekking to Everest Base camp and if that doesn’t sound thrilling enough, climb the Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world.
  • White water rafting on the Colorado River
  • Mountain biking in the Alps of France
  • Shark cage diving in the crystal-clear water of Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico
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Tour Tips

  • Make sure you’re clear on the required physical fitness level on the tour you choose. Some will be broken into tiers, but some are specifically geared to more experienced adventurers!
  • Heed warnings about what not to bring. If the tour company advises against bringing a large camera, for example, you may be doing activites where you could easily drop it or it may get damaged.
  • If you're not ready for so called "high adventure" don't despair! Many tour companies offer more "soft adventure" activities which will still give you an adrenaline rush, but are not quite so out there. Think sea kayaking vs bungee jumping. 

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High Adventure Travel Reviews & Ratings

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7,721 Reviews

  • Excellent 5,888
  • Great 1,756
  • Average 25
  • Disappointing 1
  • Terrible 9

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Tour Reviews

Outstanding experience! A few tips and thoughts on Barcelona to Rome.

Barcelona to Rome

April 2017
Recommend: Yes
As with all small group travel, your group and tour leader have a lot to do with whether or not you have an enjoyable tour. For this trip, we were lucky enough to have a great group and an absolutely amazing tour leader. Adrian (tour leader) was a huge part of why this tour was a resounding success!

Just a couple thoughts on this particular trip:

- Bring a suitcase! Don't buy the hype and strap a big old backpack to yourself. You'll regret it (trust me). A suitcase is easier and quicker to pack than a backpack. True, many streets in older areas of European cities have cobblestones. If your suitcase has wheels, you're probably ok on these streets and sidewalks. The trek between train station and hotel can be quite a haul in some instances. As long as you can safely carry your luggage up and down a flight of about 30 stairs and lift it above your head on occasion to store it in the train, you're fine. If you can't lift and/or carry your suitcase for these short distances, you have either packed too much stuff or you just might not be in shape to make this trip. We had a group of 10 travelers and 8 brought suitcases. Hauling a loaded backpack up and down train station stairs and from station to hotel and back was way more effort than it was worth.

- Don't be afraid to sample the local cuisine (sometimes). Following local customs and eating local dishes is part of why you travel. That being said, there is a reason some of these traditional dishes haven't become worldwide sensations. Some of them just aren't that great. It's hard to know what you'll enjoy ahead of time, but trust your gut and try things you wouldn't normally try at home. Just don't be shocked if, every once in awhile, you don't ask for seconds.

- Wear comfortable shoes! We're not talking about shoes that are soft and comfy while walking around the house. We're talking shoes that can keep your feet intact while walking uneven surfaces and pounding those previously mentioned cobblestone streets and sidewalks for extended distances and periods of time every single day. Imagine a strenuous 7-8km hike in the mountains over rocks of all shapes and sizes. Now imagine walking your ever-loving backside off through town the very next day, and every day after that. You absolutely need shoes that will hold up to a lot of walking. I would advise bringing two pair of shoes for this trip. Better yet, get yourself used to walking long distances in your shoes of choice prior to the trip. You'll be glad you did.

- European bandaids suck. Bring your own. You will end up with a blister, or ten. If you don't bring your own adhesive bandages, you will not enjoy the outcome.

- Bring an extra t-shirt or two, a couple extra pairs of underwear, and enough socks to last until the apocalypse. There are opportunities to have your laundry washed while on this trip but you really don't want to run short of the essentials. I also found time to sneak off to a laundromat for an hour. You don't want to be the stinky one in the group. :)

- The stars of the trip for me, supply-wise: Febreze, an awesome travel adapter with 4 USB ports, a lightweight day pack, a travel wallet that attached securely to my belt, my own soap, and earplugs.

- Things I wish I had brought with me: a couple washcloths (You won't find any in these hotels), another pair of shorts, more bandaids, and a wheeled suitcase.

- Oh, I almost forgot. Get your phone/data situation figured out ahead of time. If your cellular provider offers coverage while you're in Europe for a somewhat reasonable cost, take advantage of it. If not, make certain to plan ahead and locate a reputable big-name cell service provider store as soon as your arrive. 15-20 bucks will get you a couple GB of data. Wifi is available in your hotel but you need data to use Google Maps. You need Google Maps. Trust me on this one. Download the areas you will be visiting for offline use before your trip. If you don't know how to do this, search the internet. Do not try to navigate any of these cities without some assistance. You will get lost. Guaranteed.

That's about it, I think. All in all, awesome trip! If you are lucky enough to have Adrian as your tour leader, enjoy! Your group plays a huge role in how much you enjoy this trip. Make sure you contribute positively to the group. Make friends. Go out of your way to make sure others have a good trip as well. Try new things. Enjoy the tremendous scenery. Know your limits but be willing to push them here and there. Good luck and safe travels!

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I was really enjoying this cycling trip

Cycle Vietnam’s Backroads

April 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: Yes
I was really enjoying this cycling trip. All was organised great. The support time was the best. Thank you for all the effort and help that they did. Have to say that one of the picks of this trip for me was also a half day trip with scouters that Huyen organised and visiting Cu Chi tunnels. I was really surprised how much Huyen knows and thank you for sharing with us so much interesting stories and information about Vietnam. But unfortunately we also had two accidents on this trip and two of our group members were seriously injured. Therefore they had to leave the trip. I was on several trip with G adventures and luckily with no accidents. But in this situations on this trip I expected more support from G adventures. Since we had to book all the flights for the girl from London (Harriet). It was not a problem for me to help her but I expected faster support and more help from G adventures or CEO since you h
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My experience with g adventures was amazing helped I have to say a huge amount by having a really fantastic group of tourists on the trek

The Inca Trail

April 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: Yes
My experience with g adventures was amazing helped I have to say a huge amount by having a really fantastic group of tourists on the trek. I have been in South America for three months now and was one of my best experiences. I do have to say that somehow it was ruined for a the last day when I got really very very ill by something I had either drunk or eaten prepared by your staff. I spent a horrible train ride primarily in the toilet and it got so bad that I had to have a doctor called to the hotel. 6 out of twelve of our group got very sick which makes us pretty sure that it was something prepared by the crew. It was a really huge shame that such an amazing trip was ruined by the fact that half of the team wanted to throw up while trying to enjoy Machu Picchu. I would like to say that other than this it
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Overall, my experience with Jesus and troop 15 was AMAZING

Inca Discovery

April 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: Yes
Overall, my experience with Jesus and troop 15 was AMAZING!!!!! I would recommend GAdventures to all of my friends and family. Troop 15 was the warmest group of young men who appeared to genuinely enjoy their journey with us. They all were eager to help our group of travellers. I can't believe how hard they work to make it to all our rest stops and have everything set up and waiting for us. They were fabulous. I can't possibly say enough about Jesus. From the moment we met him at the airport I knew he would be a Superstar CEO and he absolutely did not disappoint. Jesus was a phenomenal CEO! Raul was also with us - he seemed to pay close attention to what Jesus was doing and took his speaking responsibilities seriously. He was quiet - but very supportive and fun to have around. I am sure he will make an excellent CEO in the future especially learning from a seasoned professional like Jesus.
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Suggestions (Q16=no as this text box was used for suggestions instead)

The Inca Trail

April 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: Yes
Suggestions (Q16=no as this text box was used for suggestions instead). (1) Might travelers be given the option to purchase goods from i.e. weaving project AFTER the trip.. perhaps a website- (2) Thanks to Victor we were allowed to store purchased goods from weaving project at Hotel Inca Paradise-- it would be good if this were standard and folks may purchase more if they knew they didnt need to carry in daypack for another 4 days! (3) Ever think about offering a g-adventures "on the trail - cookbook'- The team was quite impressed with the food and particularly considering this was completed without typical kitchen appliances. (4) final suggestion- might much of what was presented during orientation be provided in the welcome packet - I realize some folks are still not going to prepare prior to the trip but for those searching for details- this would be welcome! Thank you!
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Top Tour Operators and Travel Companies

High Adventure Trips & Tour Advice

High adventure gets your adrenaline pumping and may or may not involve some element of risk, though on a good guided tour safety is always the top priority. On a high adventure trip, you may find yourself rafting Class V rapids in Nepal, scaling a mountain peak in British Columbia, steering a dogsled across the Arctic tundra, riding a hot air balloon over Egypt's Valley of the Kings, crossing a glacier in Switzerland, camping in the Moroccan desert, watching whales close-up on a Zodiac in Alaska, or bungee jumping at Victoria Falls. Whatever gets your heart racing, you can find a tour to take you there.

New Zealand and Beyond

Queenstown New Zealand, the self proclaimed “adventure capital of the world,” has every right to the title. With the birthplace of commercial bungee jumping just outside of town at the AJ Hackett Bridge, jet boating, paragliding, and multiple other activities, there’s no other place quite like it for adrenaline junkies!

But that doesn’t mean it’s the only destination for high adventure. South Africa for example lays claim to the longest zipline in the world, and Slovenia is a mecca for spelunkers, with over 8,000 caves available to explore with a guide. Guided adventure travel is a great option, especially for avoiding crowds and getting the best experience possible.

Camaraderie and Achievement

If there’s two things that come out of just about every high adventure tour, it’s the sense of achievement one feels from facing fears and the camaraderie of fellow adventure enthusiasts. 

One of the best parts of high adventure is there’s always room to “level up” meaning there is a starting point for everyone. Mountain climbing for example starts on small manageable hills but once you gain confidence you can challenge yourself to tougher and tougher outings.

The Changing Definition of Adventure

If you don’t think “adventure” trips are for you, think again. While the term does bring to mind daring feats pushing the limits of what’s possible, in reality most adventure tours and activities are very safe and cater to multiple levels of experience. Obviously there is some risk involved...this isn’t lounging on the beach! But if you’re on the fence, know that the experience is well worth it.


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