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Top Trip Memories

  • Seeing breathtaking views of the colorful towns of Cinque Terre.
  • Ascending the Inca Trail to be rewarded with views of Machu Picchu.
  • Hiking through stunning mountains in Austria to castles with views of glaciers.
  • Eating lunch at a beautiful lake.
  • Getting in a tough workout from the outdoors, no gym required.
  • Taking time to relax and explore nature.
  • Seeing animals in their natural home.
  • Enjoying lunch in a local village and getting to know a new culture.
  • Admiring the islands of the Dalmatian Coast on the Adriatic Sea.
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Tour Tips

  • Make sure to bring your camera to photograph the diverse wildlife and beautiful scenery you'll see.
  • Check out 50+ tours to be in a group to explore the tours, but at a slower, leisurely pace.
  • Break in your hiking shoes you will be wearing for the trip well beforehand to prevent blisters.
  • Hiking tours vary in the fitness level required and there is a wide variety available to find what's right for you. However, it's always a good idea to start getting in shape beforehand by going on some local hikes or the gym to get your endurance up for your trip.
  • Apply sunscreen before your hike and reapply throughout. You have a better chance of being burnt the higher you go.
  • Research the weather in the area for the time of year you're going. Would you be okay doing the trip if it rains often?
  • Dress in layers, as the weather may change the higher up you go. Even in warmer climates, layers, especially fabrics that breathe well, help with sun exposure.
  • Bring a supportive backpack to carry your gear. Test the backpack out before to make sure it sits comfortably on your shoulders and back and doesn't rub.
  • Stock up on water and snacks to keep you fueled.
  • Check out the activity level and miles covered per day before picking a trip to make sure you will physically be able to handle it.
  • Be flexible. The weather cannot be predicted and your plans for the day may change.
  • Always a good idea to have a small personal first aid pack, though your tour guide will usually be well equipped. You never know if you'll need it for a fall or some other ailment.
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Hiking & Walking Tours Travel Reviews & Ratings

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4,816 Reviews

  • Excellent 3,390
  • Great 1,175
  • Average 188
  • Disappointing 45
  • Terrible 18

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  • Activities
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  • Transportation
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Tour Reviews

April 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
A good trip all round.The welcome at the Naples air port was just wonderful, it set the right atmosphere for the whole holiday,very important.The week was well managed, and exceeded my expectations through out.Hotel Due Torri,in Bomerano,was excellent, Albert Callewaert superb, what more can i say. Well done,will most certainly use Exodus again.
Walking Around Vesuvius.

First class man,Albert was the best.

Avoid BA.

Keep it coming,loved the holiday.

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Trails of New Zealand

Trails of New Zealand

April 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
A perfectly balanced blend of touristy sightseeing activities, incredibly beautiful, varied walks and exciting, unforgettable experiences. We were blessed with fantastic weather, too!
Standing under the 80m high Fairy Falls on the bow of the Milford Wanderer, water pummelling down on our heads, totally surprised, completely exhilarated and utterly happy.
I have to add first seeing Red Crater on the Tongariro Crossing, jetboating, catamaran sailing on the Tasman Sea, walking through Tiritiri Matangi Island’s gorgeous native woodland ringing with exotic bird calls and cicadas, the joy of seeing the glorious colour of Huka Falls. The trouble is that every day had moments like these, so how do you choose!?

Hayley and Josh are an extraordinary young couple, calm, cheerful, incredibly hard working and competent. If everyone drove like Josh, the roads would be safer places. Every suggestion regarding where to eat or shop or what to do in our free time turned out to be good. In his review, Martin mentioned the lady stranger who had a fall, but not that Hayley actually carried her most of the way down a steep mountain after giving first aid! There were, inevitably, some long drives, but Hayley and Josh arranged an enjoyable short walk or other activity at least every two hours. I think I’d trust these two in almost any situation.

Don’t scratch your Blackfly bites! They really are the scourge of South Island, but DEET does deter them so use it. I kept leaving it too late. Bites I managed to resist scratching settled down quickly, those I took the tops off had scabs for weeks and have left scars.
Be prepared for the jet lag - it took us a week to get over it after coming home.
Take lots of notes as well as taking photos -see below!

It has been five weeks since the end of our holiday. It has taken this long to go through all my photos and notes, remembering more and more things that we did, to do research on the internet and to write a journal. Only now do I feel able to take an overall view and write this review. This holiday is a full-on three weeks of new experiences and it is almost impossible to take it all in at the time. For us and, I imagine most people, this was a holiday of a lifetime and I really do recommend making a photographic journal to fix those memories. It is a lot of work, but rather like having the holiday again!

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My experience with g adventures was amazing helped I have to say a huge amount by having a really fantastic group of tourists on the trek

The Inca Trail

April 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: Yes
My experience with g adventures was amazing helped I have to say a huge amount by having a really fantastic group of tourists on the trek. I have been in South America for three months now and was one of my best experiences. I do have to say that somehow it was ruined for a the last day when I got really very very ill by something I had either drunk or eaten prepared by your staff. I spent a horrible train ride primarily in the toilet and it got so bad that I had to have a doctor called to the hotel. 6 out of twelve of our group got very sick which makes us pretty sure that it was something prepared by the crew. It was a really huge shame that such an amazing trip was ruined by the fact that half of the team wanted to throw up while trying to enjoy Machu Picchu. I would like to say that other than this it
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Suggestions (Q16=no as this text box was used for suggestions instead)

The Inca Trail

April 2017
G Adventures
Recommend: Yes
Suggestions (Q16=no as this text box was used for suggestions instead). (1) Might travelers be given the option to purchase goods from i.e. weaving project AFTER the trip.. perhaps a website- (2) Thanks to Victor we were allowed to store purchased goods from weaving project at Hotel Inca Paradise-- it would be good if this were standard and folks may purchase more if they knew they didnt need to carry in daypack for another 4 days! (3) Ever think about offering a g-adventures "on the trail - cookbook'- The team was quite impressed with the food and particularly considering this was completed without typical kitchen appliances. (4) final suggestion- might much of what was presented during orientation be provided in the welcome packet - I realize some folks are still not going to prepare prior to the trip but for those searching for details- this would be welcome! Thank you!
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My most awesome week of adventure

Mt Toubkal Winter Climb

April 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
I would highly recommend this trip. I had the time of my life. It was a perfect balance of adventure, fun, challenge, teamwork, culture and relaxation. First time using Exodus - very impressed, can't wait to book my next adventure!
Climbing the steep snow/ice slope with crampons and ice axes for a superb view and awesome feeling of accomplishment!

Our group leader was THE BEST. He guided us easily, we trusted him fully, he provided us with excellent information and was always available - nothing was a problem! He was also so much fun and easy to get along with - I miss him and everyone on the trip!

My advice would be do some winter walking if possible, if not walking and I'd also highly recommend a taster ice climbing session just to get used to crampons and ice axes. I did this and felt it was very helpful.

I had the BEST time!

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Top Tour Operators and Travel Companies

Hiking & Walking Tours Trips & Tour Advice

A hiking tour is one of the most rewarding ways to see a country, both in the physical accomplishment and the fabulous views. Hiking brings you close to the earth, as you wind through natural habitats, feeling the weather and smelling the air. And many options now exist to satisfy even the most cautious traveler.

Choosing a Route

It's important to make sure you look at the tour's activity level before picking the trip. If you're already physically fit and are looking for a challenge, a trip such as Machu Picchu might be a great fit for you. While no hike is going to be 100% comfortable (this isn't sailing through the British Virgin Islands on a luxurious cruise ship!) it is possible to find less intense outings. And not all hikes are up and down. For example, Mt. Cook in New Zealand is a mainly flat hike, though long. A good option for those worried about elevation or wanting to avoid a strenuous hike. If that still sounds like little too much, consider starting out with a walking tour!

What to Pack

The most important thing to have before you start packing is a sturdy backpack that you have tested out before the trip. Walk around with it at home and make sure it sits properly on your shoulders and back. Next, make sure you have a mix of long and short sleeve shirts, as well as shorts and pants. Depending on how long your trip is, a few of each should be enough. You don't want too heavy of a pack that weighs you down. Sunscreen and a collapsible water bottle will be something you can use everyday as well.

How to Dress

The most important things to consider when dressing are the activity level, the weather where you're going, and the time of year you're going there. The hike might start off early in the morning when it's cold, but dress in layers so you can easily peel them off as the day goes on and you warm up. A good waterproof coat will be essential as well. It can easily fold up in your backpack, but will save you from soaking through your clothes should a downpour happen.

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