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Top Trip Memories

  • Learning about the Inca civilization in Peru
  • Visiting the 3000 years old Pyramids of Giza
  • Seeing the Colosseum and the Forum in Rome
  • Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, once a protective fortresses now a beautiful castle
  • Listening to the various theories of the purpose of Neolithic monument, Stonehenge
  • Seeing the magnificent Great Wall of China
  • Finding yourself travelling back to ancient civilization while the tour guides narrate the stories
  • Taking a small ship cruise to explore the surroundings
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Tour Tips

  • Choose a tour that has a heavy historical focus, and make sure the activities are going to be enjoyable for you. Some tours may be more museum focused, and others may involve a lot of walking.
  • History tours tend to be information heavy, and guides are always open to answering a lot of questions. Be prepared for a more wordy experience, and perhaps think up some questions beforehand!
  • If traveling with young children, look into interactive tours with hands on activities, or tours that showcase re-enactments. 
  • Museums and other such temperature controlled environments can be chilly, so dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes.
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History Travel Reviews & Ratings

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2,818 Reviews

  • Excellent 1,958
  • Great 680
  • Average 125
  • Disappointing 30
  • Terrible 12

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Tour Reviews

Lovely island and well organised tour

Cuba: La Isla Grande

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
I travelled with my wife and we both reach 70 this year. Hitherto we have travelled independently through many countries around the world. We have discussed the merits of a small group tour as we get older. We decided on this trip quite late and rather than rush my preparation we decided to trial the Exodus offering.
The Exodus itinerary was well laid out but even with this mental preparation we found the amount of coach travel in the first days of the trip quite daunting. Travelling independently we would probably have taken 3 weeks on this itinerary. There was no location that we would have wanted to miss and the tour leader was excellent in outlining the history, politics, economics and geography of each place visited, Often accompanied by a rum punch! The hotels were a mixed bag - we would have been happier with more homestays at the Casa Particulares and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 we visited. Food was middling but far the best was to be found in the small "pop up" restaurants to which our tour leader introduced us.
Other members of the party were a mixed bunch and easy to get on with. Even so, where possible we tended to eat independently although the majority were happy to eat as a group. For us, the inevitable downside of group travel was the limitations imposed by timings that required 18 people to gather, travel and do things at broadly the same time. We've learned that we're not quite ready for this type of holiday. But when we are I suspect that it will be Exodus to whom we return.
I'm not sure that we were "inspired" at any stage. We did particularly enjoy discovering the political history of Cuba from a Cuban perspective. In this our tour leader was particularly effective.

Very good

Think hard about the balance between the difficulty of arranging independent travel and the inevitable constraints of collective arrangements in a small group.

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More than just cocktails!

A Taste of Cuba

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
A fantastic introduction to Cuba, its culture, history, music, dancing (and cocktails!)
Loved it all!

Ray is the best leader I've had on any group holiday. Informative, funny and encouraging during our attempts at dancing. I couldn't rate her highly enough. She made it a memorable trip.

Don't expect too much of the Casas and then you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Take the optional Cadillac ride; it was great fun!

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Culture and Kremlins in the Wintertime

Moscow to St Petersburg

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
This was an opportunity to experience some of the many faces of Russia, from the austere grandeur of Moscow to the opulence of St Petersburg, as well as the quieter charms of Novgorod and Pushkin. Traveling on the overnight sleeper train from Moscow provided a taste of real Russia away from the everyday touristic experience, as well an opportunity for plenty of group bonding. Russia in wintertime is magical, from Red Square at night to the frozen lake at the Catherine Palace and the canals of St Petersburg.
An afternoon trip to the Museum of Wooden Architecture near Novgorod provided an opportunity to see country life. It was so quiet and peaceful with some amazing buildings in a spectacular woodland setting.
A musical evening at the Bolshoi Theatre also provided an opportunity to experience the friendliness of Muscovites. Lost at the bar, we were befriended by a Russian lady who was intrigued that we had chosen to visit Moscow and eager to help us.

Eugine's organisation was faultless. He enabled us to to enjoy a holiday that would have been difficult to organise ourselves. He led the group with good humour and his insights into Russian life, history and culture transformed our experience.

The first couple of days in Moscow involve a lot of walking. Make sure you have comfortable footwear and are prepared for this. The pace in Moscow is quite hectic but relaxes considerably once you get to Novgorod.

An unforgettable holiday with lots of culture, good food, good company and an insight into Russian life.

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A great way to get a flavour of Russia

Moscow to St Petersburg

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
This is a typically busy Exodus trip which covers a lot of ground in a short period. Despite having a lot to fit in, it's well structured and certainly lived up to our expectations. Going in February means that we avoided what are, apparently, huge crowds in St Petersburg and if you're lucky with the winter weather (we were) then its very beautiful.
Sitting in the Kazan Cathedral in St Petersburg as a service took place - incense, music, and the incredible interior made it very moving.

Our tour leader was excellent - efficient, friendly and eager to assist without fussing.

If you've been on an Exodus trip before you'll know that you pack a lot in and you have to be organised and prepared for being on the move and getting around by a variety of means. Lots of walking between sites and not much down time - but that's how you pack so much in. Emphasis is on the cultural and historic sites - museums, churches and so on, so that needs to be your main interest to get the most from the trip. You have a night on the train from Moscow to Novgarod which is fine but do bring your earplugs and eyemask if you want a night's sleep.

We really enjoyed the trip - its more conventional than some because Russia itself is a more familiar cultural experience than many parts of the world - but with so many people talking about our relationship with Russia at the moment its a great time to have a look.

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moscow to st petersburg

Moscow to St Petersburg

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
how could you not enjoy snow, amazing history, stunning museums and buildings ? Be prepared to walk lots, wrap up well and enjoy the big variety of food. You can get a little peak at the enormous history of Russia and its neighbours. going in winter , you also get time and space free from crowds to enjoy the sights.
Loved the visit to outside the cities to see a local wooden house museum. got a real sense of both how hard and how beautiful life can be in the winter.
Also really enjoyed our night on the train- the experience is worth it.
Moscow's centre in winter was lively with entertainment and lights- you can go skating at 11pm if you want.

good mix of knowledge, humour and helpful without needing to be bossy.

if you go in February make sure you wear warm outer layers, but can be comfortable in very warm interiors. We became very practised in putting all the layers on and taking them off again quickly. Be careful of your valuables as there are expert pickpockets in abundance.

Very glad I combined the visit to the culture with winter sights.

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Top Tour Operators and Travel Companies

History Trips & Tour Advice

Many tours and small ship cruises have an element of history in their itineraries. For true history buffs, however, some destinations especially lend themselves to making history the focus of the trip: Rome, Athens, Angkor Wat, and Egypt to name a few. You can find specific tours and trip itineraries that cater to historically minded travelers, and even some tour operators who specialize in the field.

Going Beyond the Museum

For a truly immersive historical experience, it’s far more interesting to trace the footsteps of ancient people and cultures, than staring at artifacts encased in glass. The pasts represented by said artifacts come alive after experiencing the history outside the museum walls. On the other hand, the definition of museum has loosened in recent years. Many are outdoors, more interactive than they used to be, and also more specific. Could you believe that a museum exists in Portland, Oregon just about hats? Or a museum dedicated to vampires can be found in France

There’s so many avenues through which to get a sense of culture and history, and your tour will hit on many of them. Food, art, architecture, clothing, even where water sources come from, all feed into the history of people and places. The information you learn on a history tour will enhance your appreciation in countless ways.

Interactive History

Discover how ancient people used to build their dwellings, eat food prepared from ingredients that would have been available to middle class families in Victorian England, learn how to dance traditional folk dances, trace the footsteps of famous authors and artists. No matter where you're traveling, interactive history tours provide an exciting link to the past. Especially if you’re traveling with children, activities where “history comes alive” are an absolute pleasure, and are often included on tours which are not history specific.

Temples, Ruins, and Castles

From the spectacular Angkor Wat temple, to the proudly standing ruins of the Forum in Rome, to every anglophiles dream at Lancaster Castle in the UK, history tours will undoubtedly showcase impressive architecture. Buildings such as these, whether they still exist intact or are mere skeletons of their former glory are always engaging and interesting to visit. They also offer spectacular photo opportunities!

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