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Top Trip Memories
  • Chatting to locals in broken Spanish at a pub in Cordoba.
  • Trekking alone through the peaceful Patagonian mountains in El Chalten, Argentina.
  • Asking a stranger for a tango in a Buenos Aires milonga.
  • Making new friends in the middle of the Amazon, on group tours to the Pantanal in Brazil and the Pampas in Bolivia.
  • Wandering through Himalayan villages in Nepal, and being invited into a house for tea.
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Tour Tips
  • Join traveler forums such as Couchsurfing. They're a great place to get in touch with fellow travelers and locals who want to meet up. Also, they often put together social events specifically aimed at travelers, such as foreign language practice or simply an evening out.
  • Stay safe. This is important for every traveler, but especially for those going solo. Avoid unsafe areas and don't walk alone at night. Let your hotel know where you're going and when you'll be back. If you're going to be out of contact for a while, such as when trekking or camping, let someone close to you know where you'll be and when you will next contact them. Also, be aware that scam artists and thieves are more likely to target people who are on their own- keep your belongings secure, and read up about scams that are common in the area and how best to avoid them.
  • Make new friends. Just because you arrived on your own doesn't mean you have to stay that way. Group tours, local activities, and hostel common rooms all offer the perfect chance to meet new people. Even if you're not naturally a very outgoing person, now's the perfect chance to find your sociable side.
  • Keep in touch. Solo travel can get lonely, even if you're surrounded by new people, but it's easier than ever to contact friends from home. So make Skype dates, update group chats, and be sure to post enough photos to keep everybody jealous.
  • Have fun! Traveling alone can be a rewarding experience, whether through making new friends, or finding comfort in your own company.
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Solo Travel Travel Reviews & Ratings
4.7 out of 5



44,934 Reviews

Excellent 33,535 Great 10,485 Average 166 Disappointing 30 Terrible 22

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4.7 Guide
4.7 Activities
4.7 Lodging
4.7 Transportation
4.7 Meals
Tour Reviews

Not a bad trip, but could have been better without Intrepid

Intrepid Company Reviews

3.0 June 2017 Intrepid Travel Recommend: Yes The benefits of Intrepid are taking most of the hassle out of organising a trip and giving solo travellers a group to travel with. They're reasonably good at this, but you pay a lot for the privilege. That's not so bad in itself, since you know the price up-front, but it's very obvious that they put profit first and try to save money wherever they can - using too-small minibuses and cheap hotels, for example. Nearly all group tours publish all the hotels used. Intrepid publishes only the first and last hotel, which happen to be the best ones of the trip. Coincidence?

I still had good trips overall, but they could have so easily been better if I'd organised them myself and I would have saved a lot of money, too.

Much depends the guide you get, but this is hit and miss. Some guides are great, some aren't.

Also, reviews on Intrepid's own website are filtered to hide any reviews with a rating below 4 stars! You can submit one - it just won't ever be shown to the public!
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Classic Japan

Intrepid Company Reviews

5.0 June 2017 Intrepid Travel Recommend: Yes Classic Japan is an excellent introduction to Japan with a good balance of locations, interesting activities and mostly comfortable accommodation. Highlights for us included the temples of Kyoto, the monastery at Koyasan, Matsumoto, Tokyo and the variety of food experiences. The tour leader Kazutomo Akeda did an excellent job taking into account the interests and preferences of group members. We really appreciated Kazu's careful planning and organization, which ensured we made the most of our time, and had fun too. Thank you also to our fellow group members! Read more

Shambles of a booking process

Intrepid Company Reviews

2.0 June 2017 Intrepid Travel Recommend: No I booked a trip to the middle east for next year which I was really looking forward to. I'd never travelled with Intrepid before and had always travelled with G Adventures, however I thought I would give them a go this time.

I then wanted to delay my trip by a month so got in touch via email. I was told this was not a problem at all, and I was sent through a new invoice.

I then looked at the invoice to see this new trip was £400 more than the previous month, and the consultant completely failed to mention this, which I thought was a little underhand.

After several phone calls, one with a consultant who was completely clueless, I finally spoke with one guy who said he would speak with his manager and call me back the following morning....guess what, no phone call.

I was able to move my deposit to another trip or lose it completely. Begrudgingly, I am now going to Cuba with them in December 2018 for 7 days, and will go on my month long trip to the middle east with G Adventures instead.
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Overpriced. Is this where Intrepid is going?

Intrepid Company Reviews

3.0 June 2017 Intrepid Travel Recommend: Yes I have been on three Intrepid tours and found them great, and our guides were totally involved. The review I am doing is for Code ZMSP from Rome, Italy, through Switzerland and into France. I felt it was a very expensive tour for what we got back. For the price I would have liked to have seen the accommodation a bit more up market, more inclusions like meals and entry fees paid. Yes, we got to see a lot of places but I felt that all our orientation tours were far too rushed and it seemed to be a bother to our guide that we wanted to slow them down a bit and take an odd photo or two. There could have been a bit more interaction between the guide and the group and perhaps a bit more care on our guides behalf to stay with the group rather than racing out the front and us trying to keep us. Read more

This was such an amazing experience

Intrepid Company Reviews

5.0 June 2017 Intrepid Travel Recommend: Yes This was such an amazing experience, made all the better by having the best tour guide in Siem reap - Sokhom Meas.
Visiting the temples was an amazing experience but it was the conversations and that I had with Sokhom that really made this tour incredible.
It also didn't hurt that I was the only person on this tour so had Sokhom all to myself for the 2.5 day tour.
I would highly recommend this tour to anyone of any age.
Thanks Intrepid and thank you Sokhom.
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Solo Travel Trips & Tour Advice

As a solo traveler, you go by yourself but you don't necessarily have to stay by yourself as you travel. One good option for solo travelers who want company is a guided group tour. Or you could take a cruise, ensuring that you will be surrounded by other passengers. Many cruise lines will waive the often-hefty single supplement charge -- the bane of many solo travelers who occupy a room that would otherwise be occupied by two paying customers -- if you agree to be matched up with a roommate of the same sex. And a few companies charge no solo supplement at all. You can check them all out at Stride. 

While even seasoned travelers may shy away from the idea of traveling alone, those who try it often find it to be a rewarding and exciting experience. Admittedly, solo travel does have its downsides, for example, it can be lonely at times, or dangerous in certain places. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. Among many advantages are being completely in charge of your trip and getting to make interesting new friends from all over the world.

And of course, traveling alone does not mean being alone. Whether you are traveling independently or on a tour, as part of a group or on a solo itinerary, you will constantly find yourself surrounded by new friends. Here are a few travel options for those going solo:

Independent Travel

Traveling alone independently can be tough, but rewarding. Yes, you have to make all the arrangements, but you also get to make all the decisions. Landing in a foreign country and going wherever the mood takes you can be thrilling, and lead to new and exciting experiences you didn't anticipate. It can also be empowering to head off trekking into the wilderness by yourself, alone with nature and your own thoughts. However, while independent travel allows for greater flexibility than traveling as part of a tour, it does come with a lack of security. That solo trek becomes a lot less fun if you twist your ankle and have no one to help you.

For independent travelers looking to meet new people, hostels can provide the chance to stay with like-minded travelers. It's also useful to book a few group activities, such as lessons, shorter group tours, or group adventure sports. A cooking class in Thailand, a jeep tour of the Bolivian salt flats, and white water rafting in Costa Rica are not only thrilling experiences, but chances to meet new people while abroad. The most important thing to remember is to be sociable. Approaching a complete stranger, whether they are a local or a fellow traveller, may seem intimidating, but can lead to some of the best travel memories. So just pull up a chair and start chatting!

Solo Tours

For those who want travel arrangements taken care of, a tour is a good option. As well as sorting out travel details, tours offer great security than independent travel. For example, you won't find yourself wandering around a new city looking for somewhere to stay, or stranded at a bus station when you find your route fully booked.

Solo tours offer the benefits of security and hassle-free travel, yet still allow travelers to remain completely in control of their itinerary. Hanging back to get that perfect photo on a Kenyan safari, haggling over a souvenir in a Marrakech bazaar, or even staying in bed for an extra few minutes becomes a lot easier when you aren't surrounded by a group that wants to get moving.

When deciding between a solo or group tour, it's worth factoring in the price difference. Also, traveling on a solo tour can get lonely, so if you're hoping to meet new travel companions, it may be better to book as part of a group.

If you do want to book a solo tour, but want to ensure you are not on your own all the time, look at packages that include some group activities. For example, many South American tour operators will arrange private tours that include some group Spanish or dance lessons, where you can meet both locals and other travelers. When booking your tour, make sure to ask about which activities you will be doing alone, and which activities you will be doing as part of a group. It's also worth remembering that when booking a solo tour that includes a guide, such as a trip to Machu Picchu or a tour in the Amazon, the guide will likely be your constant companion. It may be possible to meet your guide in advance, or correspond with them beforehand, to get to know them.

Group Tours

A group tour is perfect for solo travelers who don't want to remain alone for their journey. While joining a group of new people may seem daunting at first, you'll likely find that everyone soon becomes friends. After all, you already have a love of travel in common, and it's hard not to enjoy the company of people when you're sharing a new adventure with them!

One option is to book a group tour for your entire trip, and another is to book shorter group tours within an independent trip. While the complete package of a two week tour of South Africa may appeal to some, an independent trip that includes a few days on a group safari through Kruger National Park may suit others.

When booking a group tour, ask about the other people in the group. For example, do they speak the same language as you? Are they traveling by themselves too? Will you likely be spending your downtime with them (i.e. your time outside of organized activities)?


Meeting new people on your travels is, of course, not limited to meeting other travelers. After all, you're there to experience another country! Homestays are a wonderful way of getting immersed in local culture, as well as getting to know local people. Living like a local at a family farmhouse in a remote village in Nepal is an eye-opening experience, as is staying at an apartment in Rio de Janeiro with a resident who can show you all their favorite spots.

When booking a homestay, be sure to ask about what exactly it entails. Try to look for those that allow you to live as part of a household, rather than merely renting a room. Ask about the people you will be staying with, as well as finding out what activities will be included. A completely immersive experience will allow you to live the way a local does, get to know the people you are staying with, and join in the best experiences that the area has to offer.

Whichever solo travel option you choose, you will get to experience both the freedom of traveling alone and the fun of meeting new and interesting people. So decide what works for you, start looking for your perfect trip, and enjoy your solo adventure!

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