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Top Trip Memories

  • Snorkeling with giant sea turtles, walking among multi-colored iguanas, and watching the blue-footed booby dance in the Galapagos Islands
  • Waking up in your safari tent to an African sunrise and a view of zebras, giraffes and elephants drinking at a nearby water hole.
  • Hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica, with camera ready to photograph colorful tropical birds. 
  • Catching a glimpse of a shy koala in the treetops while traveling through Australia, while marveling at the sheer number of kangaroos. 
  • Witnessing one of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles, the Great Migration of wildebeest in East Africa, each late summer and early fall.
  • Coming upon a herd of bison in the middle of the road in Yellowstone National Park and quickly realizing that they will cross in their own good time.
  • Spotting a bear snatching salmon out of a stream along the Alaskan coast. 
  • Visiting Komodo Island in Indonesia to view the legendary Komodo dragons,the world's largest lizards. 
  • Hearing the eerie cries of howler monkeys while traveling down the Amazon by riverboat.
  • Scanning the waters for breaching whales while on a whale-watching expedition in the Caribbean or off the Mexican coast.
  • Tracking rare mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. 
  • Going ashore in Antarctica to find a huge colony of penguins hanging out on the rocky beach.
  • Searching for lemurs and many other species unique to the island of Madagascar, off the coast of southern Africa.
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Tour Tips

  • If you’re especially interested in photography, consider taking a photo tour led by a professional wildlife photographer.
  • If you want to get as close to wild animals as possible, visit the Galapagos Islands, where the animals show little or no fear of humans.
  • Before booking a tour especially devoted to wildlife viewing, check the seasonal weather charts; in Africa, for instance, the dry season lures more animals to watering holes.
  • Some of the world’s best birding sites include Trinidad and Tobago, Alaska, East Africa, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos.
  • Small group tours -- quieter and less disruptive than larger tours -- are more likely to be successful when viewing wildlife.
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Wildlife Travel Reviews & Ratings

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Tour Reviews

Discover Chile

Discover Chile

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
Excellent place to visit
The Torres Del Paine national park. We were fortunate enough to arrive with good weather and could see the range in all its glory.
Easter Island whilst expensive is worth the trip, the island is beautiful and the Moais amazing.
In all honesty the places visited as a whole were fantastic.

Alex was great, he was always there when we or any of the group needed him. In every place we visited he smoothed the way and ensured we all enjoyed it.

As other travellers have noted there are some long days. I am sure some of this could be changed with different flying times etc. but you do lose a lot of time on buses and in airports. Be prepared for some stunning scenery and don't get caught out with the different climates at each area that is visited.

Chile is a great place, the people are friendly and in some respects its like stepping back in time. Be aware that dollars are the currency of choice in the Rio Serrano Hotel (or credit card). We never had any problems changing money except in Easter Island. If you decide to do the extension be aware that there are ATM's but no money changing facilities and that some of the restaurants are shut on a Sunday.

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Discover chile

Discover Chile

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
It was an excellent holiday and Alex was a very good guide and went out of his way to make us all comfortable.
There were such contrasting landscapes it is difficult to decide on one, but perhaps on reflection I would have liked to have done more trecking in Patagonia. Also it was not apparent from the trip notes that the best sight of the glaciers is from a boat and not from a landbased viewpointso I am glad I took the zodiac.

As said before Alex was excellent but ought to ask for insurance details - my first Exodus trip when this wasn't done

Yes on the way from Punta Arenas to to Puerto Natales there is one cafe and loo stop where one gets charged for the toilet. Go to the shop on the right with the blue roof, which had an indoor loo and only charged 200 pesos, whereas the one on the left has an outside loo very dilapidated and charged 300!

There was one day when we could take a cable lift to go up and down. It is cheaper if you are over 65 but Alex didn't seem to know this. Also he didn't forewarn us of the likely charges, so if you are like me and only take out for the day the money you are going to spend you could get caught out. Also it was not apparent that the hotel in Torres Del Paine much preferred receiving US dollars, so I was annoyed that I had converted dollars to pesos when in the Lake District! This should have been explained more carefully.

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Andes to Amazon

Andes to Amazon

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
A wonderful introduction to a hugely diverse country in terms of people, culture, nature and landscape. We came expecting a developing country and found a first-world one with a wealth of natural resources.
The diversity of the flora was amazing - particularly ferns and the general greenness of the diverse topography. The constantly changing landscape and ecology that the trip itinerary presented was quite breathtaking.

Pablo Molveda was one of the best tour leaders we have experienced in nearly 20 years of travelling in small groups. He was patient, humorous, knowledgeable, kind and inspired confidence - the perfect guide to a new country.

Despite your grading of leisurely/moderate we found the trip relatively full-on compared with others we have experienced. Whilst we were happy with the pace of the trip, others may find it a little strenuous with respect to activities and the amount of travelling/moving on between hotels and the relative lack of free time.

The driver (Mauricio) was probably the best we have encountered and everyone felt supremely safe in his hands.

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Andes to Amazon

Andes to Amazon

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
This was an amazing journey through all the different regions of Ecuador.
We started in Quito, went to the cloud forest, through hot springs, markets in Otavalo, to the jungle, up to Chimbarazo - the point nearest the sun, to the lovely city of Cuenca up to the high plains of Cajas national park, back to the mangroves and dry tropical forest.
Our guide and driver were amazing, the food was lovely and I would not believe it was possible to fit so much into two weeks. It was not for the feint hearted - we had very long days of travelling and went up and down in terms of altitude and temperature. Perhaps some shorter drives and longer time in the lovely places we stayed would have made it a bit more like a holiday! Not sure how it could be changed though.
Can't pick out one? I loved traveling down river in the jungle and the Mangroves, and being up in the Cajas National Park. Cuenca was a lovely city and joining in the Mardi Gras celebrations as we went along made the trip very special.

He was excellent. He was very good at including everyone and dealing with various illnesses suffered by the group. He had heaps of local knowledge.

Keep luggage to a minimum. Lots of outdoor wear clothes which protect from sun and insects. Make sure you are fit for the walks which are quite hard, and be prepared for very long journeys.

Only that cutting out one or two activities or stays may have made it more relaxing. Personally the jungle activities were my least favourite although I enjoyed staying in the lodge.

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Trails of New Zealand

Trails of New Zealand

March 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
We had promised ourselves this trip for some time and had high expectations. We were looking for a good mix of activities to see and experience the country.
Trails of New Zealand went way beyond our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed the amazing places, the range of walks in different landscapes, the fun of jet-boating, sailing and cruising, and luging, and the unique birds and wildlife.
We had so many experiences which will stay with us: walking the stark volcanic landscape of the Tongariro Crossing; walking to and flying over Mount Cook and landing on pristine Fox glassier; sailing a catamaran; or travelling at 80mph up a braided river; the magnificent kauri and redwoods, and not forgetting the kiwis.
On our way to Milford Sound on the South Island it poured with rain and we were not expecting to see much. However, soon after we boarded the boat the skies cleared and the fiord was filled with magnificent waterfalls. It was magical as we explored Milford Sound in boats and kayaks, and our ship nosed its way past and into the silver cascading water against a backdrop of majestic snow covered peaks.

Josh and Haley were superb leaders. They were very organised and ensured that we knew all we needed to know. They provided supplements to our meals and provided a super spread when they catered for us. They were great at sharing additional information and encouragement to the slower and faster members of the group.
When they found that an unknown walker had had a serious fall they ensured that she returned down the mountain safely while continuing to look after our group. When the bus developed a technical fault it was dealt with quickly and efficiently.

It is a long way so pace and prepare yourself, but it will repay you many times over.
The country is very varied and so is the weather, so go prepared for everything - it was coldest and wettest at sea level and hottest in the mountains.

This trip is a good balance of activities. You should be reasonably fit and prepared for the unexpected. We were delayed for two hours when a giant kauri fell across the road, and there are no alternatives. So we had a great time chatting with everyone including the fire brigade and police. It is that sort of country.

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Top Tour Operators and Travel Companies

Wildlife Trips & Tour Advice

Wildlife viewing around the globe is as diverse as the world itself. Nearly every country boasts some form of wildlife, but some countries are especially notable.

Africa, of course, is safari central -- especially East Africa (KenyaTanzania and Uganda), Central Africa (Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe) and southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar).

Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa have the most famous game parks -- Tanzania’s Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, Kenya’s Masai Mara, and South Africa’s Kruger in particular -- but don’t overlook Botswana’s Okavango Delta, Madagascar’s lemur reserves, or Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The Americas

In North America, wildlife is especially rich in the far northern reaches. Go to Alaska to see brown bears, bald eagles, whales and orcas; Churchill, Canada, to see polar bears; and to Yellowstone National Park in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to view elk, bison, and grizzly bears.

But the southern U.S. states draw wildlife lovers as well. In Florida’s Everglades, watch for alligators and crocodiles; birding is also excellent in Florida and throughout the Southeast and Southwest, as millions of birds make their seasonal migrations.

South America, Central America and the Caribbean are rich in tropical bird life. The Galapagos Islands, several hundred miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, provide some the of the best and most diverse wildlife viewing experiences in the world: everything from frigate birds to giant tortoises, sea lions to iguanas, little penguins to sea turtles. In the Amazon, animals can be harder to spot in the thick jungles, but going with an experienced guide should yield views of monkeys, tropical birds, pink river dolphins, and even elusive sloths.

Usually approached from the southern tip of South America, Antarctica is best known for its penguins and marine life, including huge elephant seals.

Asia and the Pacific

Australia is home to a number of unique and unusual creatures, from koalas (who like to hide in eucalyptus trees) to kangaroos, wallabies, and platypuses. You can also watch for crocodiles in the Daintree Rainforest of northern Queensland.

Asia may find you off the beaten track watching for yaks in Mongolia, komodo dragons in Indonesia, orangutans in east Malaysia (on the island of Borneo), elephants in Thailand, or Bengal tigers in India.

Wherever you choose to go to view or photograph wildlife, Stride can help you find the  destinations and guides that are right for you.

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