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Top Trip Memories

  • Losing yourself in the largest single religious monument in the world: Angkor Wat.
  • Walking past Angkor Wat’s Hindu and Buddhist temples that have lasted almost a millennium as you take in the majesty, curiosity, and grandiosity of one of the world’s most impressive archaeological ruins.
  • Sailing down the Mekong on a river cruise from Vietnam to Siem Reap, near Angkor Wat.
  • Diving into the tranquil, emerald green splendor of the 700,000 year old crater lake in Yeak Lom, after listening to local legends about the mythical creatures that are said to call the lake home.
  • Discovering incredible birdlife -- including large storks and pelicans -- in a unique biosphere at Prok Toal Bird Sanctuary.
  • Contemplating the darkest aspects of our human history at the informative but respectful memoirs found at the Killing Fields Museum.
  • Becoming inspired by true changemakers, such as the volunteers at the Elephant Valley Project who prepare overworked elephants for a return to natural habitat.
  • Lapping up the sun on the beautiful and vibrant beaches of Sihanoukville, either during a mellow sunset or the flurry of activity in the tropical heat of day.
  • Exploring the fascinating exhibitions in the beautiful terracotta villa that makes up Cambodia’s national museum.
  • Visiting the traditional Khmer designed royal palace of King Sihamoni in the capital and cultural hub of Phnom Penh.
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Tour Tips

  • Prepare for adventure. Cambodia is at once a rewarding destination nestled in a country that is still very much developing. Rely on Stride travel tour operators to help you wade through the confusion of the country’s many quirks.
  • Explore all Cambodia has to offer. Many tourists just go to Angkor Wat as a side trip from Thailand, but the country has a lot to offer to those willing to go a bit outside their comfort zone.
  • Learn a few words of the fascinating local language: Khmer. The locals will appreciate the gesture and you will gain insights into Cambodia’s unique linguistic culture.
  • Put Cambodia’s second most impressive temple, Prasat Preah Vihear, which was built by the same monarchs who built Angkor Wat, on your list. Preah Vihear provides a mystical experience that’s less impacted by tourism.
  • Consider volunteering while spending time in Cambodia. Cambodia has a troubled past but a rich soul and is teeming with opportunities to solve the challenges of a country on the rebound.
  • Consider taking in some of the city sights and other locations by bicycle. Not only is it the local way to travel, but it is a relaxing and beautiful way to connect with the splendors of Cambodia’s cities and countryside.
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Cambodia Travel Reviews & Ratings

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Tour Reviews

Superb entry into cycling abroad

Cycle Indochina & Angkor

February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
The was to be my first cycling holiday abroad and I didn't know what to expect. The organisation of the trip, the bike teams who provided superb snacks at every stop, the excellent bikes, the superb leader, the amazing views.. they all helped make it an enjoyable experience.
Several members of the group didn't really cycle much at all but we all managed it, with the more experienced cyclists offering help and advice as needed.
I personally loved cycling in Vietnam. We were out in the villages more and every kid and some of the parents would say hello. The kids would even line up to get "moving hand slaps". It was all great fun and we felt incredibly welcome.
The Angkor wat temple complex was amazing too and cycling around it was a great way to see it.

Is was one of the best tour leaders I've every had on a group trip. All of the bike teams in the three countries were superb too.

First off, do not take Stirling currency. Take usd instead. In terms of fitness preparation, I'd recommend at least doing 4-6 spin classes but ideally do some cycling too to get your butt used to the miles! I'd also recommend cycling shorts - which are acceptable to wear - and a gel saddle. You'll also need a pair of "temple shorts" which are below the knee to put over the top and shoulders will need to be able to be covered for temples too. If you have very fair skin like me, get used to be adding suncream very regularly. Alternatively, take long sleeved tops or separate "cycling sleeves".

Everyone except serious cyclists will wonder if they can manage this. You can! Just do some prep back in the uk and you'll manage.. and love it!

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February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
A great trip through 3 very different countries.
Cycling on sandy tracks through the jungle alongside the walls of the ancient temples around Angkor away with monkeys watching our every move. A real mix of straight roads, paddy fields, jungles, history and cities.

Nice guy

Take less than you think you need - it's easy to get washing done.

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Cycling Indochina

Cycle Indochina & Angkor

February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
Fantastic trip, see so much of 3 different countries
Difficult question as see so many fantastic things! But loved the Mekong delta, the home stay and cycling through the little villages in Vietnam

Nut was brilliant and very supportive

Take your own saddle or saddle cover and chamois cream is a must

I was worried about the distances you have to cycle in the heat. But no need to have, as the support vehicle with you most of the trip. So if you feel hot or tired you can pop in for a rest and miss a section out. The team don't mind at all and pop your bike into the truck

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Alternative Christmas

Cycle Indochina & Angkor

February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
Thailand to Vietnam via Cambodia on bikes over the festive period
Visiting the spider market

He showed what our younger generation are capable of

Don't ride to fast and enjoy your surroundings

This trip is for everyone with a average fitness ability as if at any stage you need a break the support vehicle is on hand

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Indochina and Angkor Watt

Cycle Indochina & Angkor

February 2017
Exodus Travels
Recommend: Yes
The holiday was wonderful. Great cycling, an exceptional leader and a culturally rich experience through three countries.
The visit to the Killing Fields and prison in Phnom Penh was the most moving moment. The Mekong Delta was a whirlwind of activity, vibrancy and colour which made an indelible impression on me.

IS was the best guide on any holiday I have been on. She inspired us with enthusiasm for all the areas we passed through, was a great cycle leader and sorted any problems we had, big or small.

Get used to cycling a mountain bike.

More information on the cycling involved should be given in advance by Exodus. I got the impression from the daily mileage given that the cycling would be quite leisurely. However, it was not clear that the cycling would be only for a few hours in the day, on a mountain bike, at quite a good speed. I had asked Exodus in advance if I could get a woman's bicycle without a bar from the handlebars to below the saddle. Instead of being told that this was not possible (which is the case), the response I got was that Exodus endeavours to give their clients bicycles appropriate to their gender. Had I known the true situation, I could have practised on a mountain bike with a bar. Notwithstanding this, however, I really enjoyed the cycling and after a couple of days got used to the bike.

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Cambodia Trips & Tour Advice

Cambodia is a small country with a big heart. Though recovering from a troubled past, Cambodians maintain a positive spirit and rich soul.

Cambodia is famous for the unparalleled Angkor Wat, but many visitors leave just as deeply impacted by the fortitude and courage of the Cambodians themselves. Come to Cambodia with an open mind: it provides at once a connection to an ancient past and a perspective on the modern challenges of the developing world. In short, though it is not the easiest country to explore, it is one of the most rewarding.

Angkor Wat

Simply put, nothing in the world can be compared to Angkor Wat. The towering gopuras that top the city’s temples are so famous that they adorn the Cambodian flag. The massive temple-filled city seems to contain an infinite level of mysteries and wonder.

Though built as a Hindu temple, as evidenced by the scrawling Sanskrit that adorns the ancient stones, Angkor Wat became a Buddhist temple during the height of the Khmer empire. The temple mountains have no equal in the world and provide an open and expansive format that allows you to explore for hours or days.

Temples and More Temples

Angkor Wat itself is the main temple and the single largest religious complex in the world. However, it is but one of dozens of elaborate and fascinating ancient temples in the area. The “city of temples” boasts more than ten unique architectural styles spanning over a thousand years. Going to the different temples, some brick, some sandstone, some laterite, is like walking through time.

Bayon boasts realistic and iconic faces pointed in the cardinal directions. Diving further in, one can find Beng Melea, or the Jungle Temple, which archaeologists decided not to restore in favor of leaving the snaking vines and squeezing tree roots that give the temple a haunting and natural beauty.

Though most tourists stick to the “main” temples, tour guides often help visitors find hidden secrets of Angkor Wat: the island temple, the temple of the sacred cows, the exquisite untouched details of Neak Pan, or the best sunrise vista from the heights of Phnom Bakheng.

Natural Cambodia

From the beaches on the gulf of Thailand to the majestic Elephant Mountains to the biodiversity hotspot of Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia has a host of natural gems.

Natural landscapes are dotted with charming “real Cambodia” towns like the relaxing Kampong Cham, a countryside village that takes pride in its natural beauty aside the Mekong. Close by is Yeak Lom, a near perfectly spherical crater lake that was formed by a meteor impact 700,000 years ago and is endowed with mythical legends by the local town.

Tonle Sap is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and a unique wonder. Nature lovers often stay on floating villages to discover the superlative diversity of fish, birds, reptiles, and other wildlife that call the UNESCO-protected lake home. The bird sanctuary at Prek Toal, in particular, provides a unique opportunity to watch abnormally large storks majestically take off in flight.

Cultural Cambodia

Cambodia’s landscape is punctuated by reminders of its long and complicated history.

Preah Vihear, a temple which predates Angkor Wat, summits a hilltop vista that will mesmerize you. Climb the 162 steps to explore the gopuras that adorn the temple. After exploring Preah Vihar, you can fast forward to the French colonial period at Bokor National Park. The park’s natural beauty is centered around the ruins of the Bokor Palace, a former hotel that has been made famous as a popular set for Hollywood movies.  

You cannot fully visit Cambodia without coming to terms with the raw, emotional vestiges of the country’s turbulent 20th century. Close by Siem Reap is the Cambodia Landmine Museum, which plays a role in helping people understand the true cost of war. The killing fields museum also causes pause for reflection on the nature of humanity.

However, it is not hard to find a strong and courageous side of Cambodia, determined to learn from the scars of its past. The best way to see modern Cambodia and its resolve is in the vibrant Phnom Penh. Once known as the “pearl of Asia,” the French-built capital is full of national architectural monuments. Temples and colonial villas compete with high rises and commercial centers to make for one of the more unique Asian capitals.

After seeing the terra-cotta structure that houses the national museum, you  can appreciate the local Khmer-inspired architecture of the royal palace. Most notable, however, is the steely resolve and warm hospitality of the Cambodians themselves, the most likely reason why you will be so glad you journeyed to this vibrant, dynamic, and beautiful country.

Once you’re there...

  • Crime is an issue in some cities. Stick close to your travel guides and follow their instructions to maintain your safety.
  • Be careful what you eat since some local plates can contain food-borne illness.

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