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Top Trip Memories
  • Snorkeling with giant sea turtles, walking among multi-colored iguanas, and watching the blue-footed booby dance in the Galapagos Islands
  • Waking up in your safari tent to an African sunrise and a view of zebras, giraffes and elephants drinking at a nearby water hole.
  • Hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica, with camera ready to photograph colorful tropical birds. 
  • Catching a glimpse of a shy koala in the treetops while traveling through Australia, while marveling at the sheer number of kangaroos. 
  • Witnessing one of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles, the Great Migration of wildebeest in East Africa, each late summer and early fall.
  • Coming upon a herd of bison in the middle of the road in Yellowstone National Park and quickly realizing that they will cross in their own good time.
  • Spotting a bear snatching salmon out of a stream along the Alaskan coast. 
  • Visiting Komodo Island in Indonesia to view the legendary Komodo dragons,the world's largest lizards. 
  • Hearing the eerie cries of howler monkeys while traveling down the Amazon by riverboat.
  • Scanning the waters for breaching whales while on a whale-watching expedition in the Caribbean or off the Mexican coast.
  • Tracking rare mountain gorillas and chimpanzees in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. 
  • Going ashore in Antarctica to find a huge colony of penguins hanging out on the rocky beach.
  • Searching for lemurs and many other species unique to the island of Madagascar, off the coast of southern Africa.
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Tour Tips
  • If you’re especially interested in photography, consider taking a photo tour led by a professional wildlife photographer.
  • If you want to get as close to wild animals as possible, visit the Galapagos Islands, where the animals show little or no fear of humans.
  • Before booking a tour especially devoted to wildlife viewing, check the seasonal weather charts; in Africa, for instance, the dry season lures more animals to watering holes.
  • Some of the world’s best birding sites include Trinidad and Tobago, Alaska, East Africa, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos.
  • Small group tours -- quieter and less disruptive than larger tours -- are more likely to be successful when viewing wildlife.
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Wildlife Travel Reviews & Ratings
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1,668 Reviews

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4.7 Guide
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4.7 Transportation
4.7 Meals
Tour Reviews

A Great Experience

Highlights of Madagascar

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes This was an excellent trip. Very well organised. Madagascar is a huge island
and there are some long travel days to get across the country. Very varied
environments and we saw lots of different wildlife.
Being close to , seeing and hearing the Indri Lemurs was a very special
My favourite day was the walk in Isalo National Park.

Rija was one of the best guides I have ever had. Her local knowledge was
amazing. She had done this trip many times and she knew how to make it run
smoothly, sometimes in difficult circumstances. Despite her experience she
was still really enthusiastic about everything and made the trip really

Take walking poles if you usually walk with them. It was torrential rain in
the Rainforest and I could have done with my full set of waterproof clothing
and back pack cover. I should have taken a warmer jumper as well as my
fleece. The hotel at Isalo offered washing very cheaply and we got all our
wet and muddy Rainforest clothing washed and dried there.
Change all your money at the airport on arrival and when you go back through
later. The ATMs [we had two opportunities] may only allow you to change
around £50. Those who did try and change money at the bank had to queue
around 2 hours to be served!! No where took cards.
Be prepared for the unexpected...no electricity, no running water, hold ups,
bumpy roads, changes of time, unexpected encounters with local people etc

You need to have an Adventurous spirit. These sort of trips are more of an
experience than a holiday!

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Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes We travelled on the "A" itinerary. An excellent holiday, above our
expectations. The boat (Cachalote), guide and the crew were superb. The chef
was innovative and produced fantastic meals. The wildlife was extremely
varied and very accessible on the walks and snorkeling sessions. All in all
a very professional and well organised trip.
Snorkeling close up with sea lions, turtles and rays. Turquoise seas and
deserted beaches. Wildlife round every corner - iguanas, giant tortoises,
albatross, boobies, frigate birds and pelicans. Walking on the most recent
lava flows. Travelling with the sails up.

Billy' was a very personable guide. His knowledge was encyclopedic. He lives
on the Islands, knows them very well, is very willing to share his
information, answer questions, and seems to know how to avoid the few other
tourist groups we came across. We could not fault him.

Travel light. You don't need much on the boat. It's warm/hot and T
shirts/shorts are the order of the day. The coldest bit was the air
conditioning on board! The sun is almost overhead so hat and long sleeves are
a good idea.
Good firm soled walking shoes/boots are essential due to the rough nature of
the lava terrain.

We loved the boat. It is beautifully maintained, polished wood everywhere
inside, and scrubbed decks outside. Obviously well loved. We were very sorry
to have to leave at the end of the holiday.

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Bulgaria, The Realm of the Brown Bear

Bulgaria: Realm of the Brown bear

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes We had an excellent trip, learning about the evolution, distribution,
habitat, food and habits of bears. We studied and measured " bear " trees and
scats and were able to deduce the age and sex from these! The walks were well
varied through stunning scenery.
Seeing a bear from the hide for the first time.
There was also stunning mountain scenery

Julian was very knowledgeable, well organised and kind and patient.He has
built up an excellent relationship with the local villagers . I was very
impressed with his Bulgarian !

There was (for me) some quite strenuous hiking and I was very glad I had
taken good boots and walking poles.

I Love Bulgaria !

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Excellent Trip

Marine Wildlife of the Maldives

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes The Maldives is known as paradise to some, others probably wouldn't even
consider this part of the world. This trip exceeded my expectations in more
ways than one and if your looking to do something different, then give this a

I have previously done walking/hiking trips or discovery trips and didn't
think a boat trip would be exciting enough. I was wrong. I never considered
the Maldives previously as a must see destination, and had an image in my
head that said "it looks like a boring place to visit with not much to do". I
decided to book this trip due to my "give it a go" attitude, and it has been
one of my favourite trips I have done that I would go back and do it all
again. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone that likes wildlife,
great food and good company.

The corals and reefs were so vividly clear to see and colourful. The amount
of marine wildlife was staggering.
I had the privilege to snorkel with some of the most beautiful biodiverse
creatures in the world including whale sharks, manta rays and sea turtles
which were each awe inspiring and magical. I also had the pleasure of scuba
diving for the first time in my life which is an experience I will never

Kamey was a good leader and certainly knew a lot of information about the
areas we visited. He enjoyed having fun with the group and worked well with
the ships crew to ensure all needs were met. Kamey is a confident swimmer,
snorkeler and diver, so you are in safe hands!

The Felicity has a generator that runs throughout the day and night, if you
are a light sleeper or if noise disrupts your sleep then I would advise ear
plugs for this trip.
Plugs in the cabins are English (or at least it was in my cabin).
Snorkel equipment and fins are provided so you don't necessarily need to
purchase your own.
Some of the group were cold at night due to the air conditioning/fan,
therefore it might be worth packing a blanket. Alternatively you can turn the
air con or fan off.
Beach towels and bathroom towels are provided.
Beware of stormy weather - its tropical and it happens!
The sun is very strong in the Maldives, take a t-shirt to swim in. I ended up
wearing more clothes swimming than when I was on the boat!
Take a spare pair of socks - if your fins start to rub your toes (like mine
did) just snorkel with socks on :)
Underwater camera is a must if you wish to take unforgettable shots!
Factor 50 sun cream is recommended but its up to you. I used 30 and crisped
up too much and too easily.
You need to be confident in the water. You are not swimming in a milk pond,
there are currents and you can spend a couple of hours in the water at a
The water is warm day and night, even in rain.
Evenings are warm and pleasant I was unsure if I would need a wrap in case
the temperature dropped. It didn't drop much and was nice after a hot day.

Loved the trip, loved the group, loved the food. Will return in the future.

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An excellent introduction to Costa Rica

Natural Highlights of Costa Rica

4.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes This trip packs a lot into 8 days without ever feeling rushed.

We achieved our aim of seeing sloths (2- and 3-toed) and also saw many other
amazing animals and birds.
Seeing a sloth climbing down from high up in a tree to avoid the worst of a
squally shower and, as she got closer, realising that she had a baby clinging
to her was fabulous.

The Cloud Forest in Monteverde also stood out; for me it was the epitome of
what a 'jungle' should look and feel like (very green and wet!)

Our guide, Johnny, was friendly and knowledgeable about seemingly all aspects
of Costa Rica and its wildlife. Special mention must also go to our driver
Dennis who negotiated some narrow windy roads extremely safely.

Be prepared for rain in the cloud forest despite what the weather may be
doing in Monteverde itself!

For any photographers, a 400mm lens (or equivalent) really helps get photos
of sloths, monkeys etc high up in the trees.

The only disappointment for me was that the hotels in La Fortuna and
Monteverde (Magic Mountain(!) and Poco A Poco) were more mainstream and
modern than I was expecting. The trip notes (which I know have since been
updated to list these) promised small eco lodges which these two were not.

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Wildlife Trips & Tour Advice

Wildlife viewing around the globe is as diverse as the world itself. Nearly every country boasts some form of wildlife, but some countries are especially notable.

Africa, of course, is safari central -- especially East Africa (KenyaTanzania and Uganda), Central Africa (Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe) and southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar).

Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa have the most famous game parks -- Tanzania’s Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, Kenya’s Masai Mara, and South Africa’s Kruger in particular -- but don’t overlook Botswana’s Okavango Delta, Madagascar’s lemur reserves, or Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The Americas

In North America, wildlife is especially rich in the far northern reaches. Go to Alaska to see brown bears, bald eagles, whales and orcas; Churchill, Canada, to see polar bears; and to Yellowstone National Park in the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho to view elk, bison, and grizzly bears.

But the southern U.S. states draw wildlife lovers as well. In Florida’s Everglades, watch for alligators and crocodiles; birding is also excellent in Florida and throughout the Southeast and Southwest, as millions of birds make their seasonal migrations.

South America, Central America and the Caribbean are rich in tropical bird life. The Galapagos Islands, several hundred miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, provide some the of the best and most diverse wildlife viewing experiences in the world: everything from frigate birds to giant tortoises, sea lions to iguanas, little penguins to sea turtles. In the Amazon, animals can be harder to spot in the thick jungles, but going with an experienced guide should yield views of monkeys, tropical birds, pink river dolphins, and even elusive sloths.

Usually approached from the southern tip of South America, Antarctica is best known for its penguins and marine life, including huge elephant seals.

Asia and the Pacific

Australia is home to a number of unique and unusual creatures, from koalas (who like to hide in eucalyptus trees) to kangaroos, wallabies, and platypuses. You can also watch for crocodiles in the Daintree Rainforest of northern Queensland.

Asia may find you off the beaten track watching for yaks in Mongolia, komodo dragons in Indonesia, orangutans in east Malaysia (on the island of Borneo), elephants in Thailand, or Bengal tigers in India.

Wherever you choose to go to view or photograph wildlife, Stride can help you find the  destinations and guides that are right for you.

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