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Top Africa Experiences

Viewing the majestic Victoria Falls

Witnessing the Great Migration

Exploring Namibia’s Sand Dunes

Wine Tasting in South Africa

Experiencing the scenic Sahara Desert

Gazing at Madagascar’s abundant wildlife

Exploring historic cities in Morocco

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Top Africa Attractions

The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Kruger National Park in South Africa

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

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Africa Attractions And Landmarks Guide

Expansive and diverse, Africa is a land unlike any other. Offering the chance for incredible wildlife viewing, an African safari is the classic bucket list item. But Africa also offers so much more, like meeting local tribes, wine-tasting, and scenic ocean drives. Let Stride be your guide for finding the perfect trip, combining both comfort and excitement. 

Africa adventure traveler, I presume? You’re not alone. Doctor David Livingstone, Henry Stanley, Sir Richard Burton, Ferdinand Magellan . . . explorers have long been drawn to the wonders of Africa.

But your trip will be worlds easier than that of past adventurers. Stride has found the best African tours: vacation packages that showcase the continent’s top attractions, offering adventures, photo ops and memories galore.

Safari Dreams

The second-largest continent, Africa is definitely big in size -- but to many outsiders it’s an even bigger mystery. We’ll fix that. What adventuresome person hasn’t dreamed of taking an African safari, gazing upon the pyramids of Giza, haggling in a Moroccan souk or trekking across the Sahara? It’s time to get your “Dr. Livingstone on.”

A safari is the first thing that usually comes to mind when you think about visiting Africa. Translating as “to journey” in Swahili, “safari” tours offer opportunities to see animals found nowhere else.. The big ten of African wildlife are elephants, lions, hippos, Cape buffalo, crocodiles, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, cheetahs and leopards. But don’t overlook the thrill of possibly encountering a mountain gorilla, watching an ostrich sprint across the Savannah, or looking up to see a long-tailed widow bird streaking through the air.

Expert Tour Operators

Stride Travel’s knowledgeable tour operators know the lay of the land and ensure that you see as many of these majestic creatures as possible. Lions may average 20 hours of sleep per day, but veteran guides can track them down. You may spot leopards (after all, they’re notably spotted) or hippos, humongous vegetarians that can reach breakneck speeds of 20 miles an hour (one reason they’re considered the most dangerous of all African animals). Your tour vehicle may even stay neck and neck with a herd of giraffes, or come upon elephants noisily feasting on the local vegetation.

Are Egypt’s pyramids and Nile River cruises off your radar? Then we say “tut-tut.” Taking a tour to the Cairo’s Giza pyramids – also site of the inscrutable Sphinx -- treats you to an unparalleled history lesson in the marvels of ancient engineering. And a Nile River cruise will transport you in comfort to the architectural wonders of fabled Luxor while drinking in the passing panorama of rural Egypt.

Desert Treks

Desert treks can be a memorable feature of the Africa tour experience. The Sahara is as large as the U.S.’s Lower 48 and -- at just three inches of annual rainfall – is one of the driest spots on the planet. But you’ll also find incredible beauty and remarkable people who have adapted to living amid all that sand. And far to the south, watching the breeze shape the pink-hued dunes of Namibia is also pure magic.

And that’s just a taste of what you can discover on an Africa tour. Did we mention Indian Ocean beach holidays that afford romantic getaways by turquoise seas? Pointing your compass to an Atlas Mountain hike in Morocco? Visiting castle-like mud houses in the wilds of West Africa? The list of unforgettable experiences is nearly endless.

Ultimately, taking an Africa tour becomes part of who you are -- luring you back to this spectacular continent again and again.

Once you’re on your way…

• Pack some warm clothing for high-elevation areas, such as Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,000-feet-plus) and Ngorongoro Crater (5,900 foot elevation). And nights can get downright chilly anywhere in Africa, even near the Equator.

• The African sun is hot. Bring wide-brimmed hats, lightweight long sleeve shirts and, of course, good sun block for your safari.

• Be prepared to get up early and out into the game park as near to sunrise as possible, while the air is still cool. That’s when the animals are up and about – but not all the competing safari vehicles will be.

• As a buffer against long hours of riding on bumpy, unpaved roads, consider bringing a seat cushion along. Cameras take a beating, too, especially from the dust (protective plastic bags help).

• As for keeping the camera steady in a safari vehicle, a tripod is best but bean bags (if supplied by your driver/guide) fit easily across the edge of roof openings and reduce shake.

• Bring a good pair of high-powered binoculars – you won’t regret it.

• Don’t ignore some of the “lesser” creatures in the wild, such as hyenas and lizards, or the bird life: ostriches, cranes, flamingos, secretary birds (named for their quill-like feathers) and nest-knitting weaver birds.

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Pyramids at GizaNile RiverMasai Mara National ParkOkavango DeltaVictoria FallsKruger National Park, Cape Town, Mt. KilimanjaroSerengetiNgorongoro CraterZanzibar and many more.

Top Activities:

Viewing WildlifeSafari and Game Drive 

Africa Tour Reviews - Summary

4.7 out of 5



5,319 Reviews

Excellent 3,284 Great 1,068 Average 16 Disappointing 3 Terrible 5

Rating Details

4.7 Guide
4.7 Activities
4.7 Lodging
4.7 Transportation
4.7 Meals

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route and Safari

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route & Safari

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes Great trek to the 'Roof of Africa' followed by a enthralling safari taking in
the Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge and the Serengeti.
Standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro was amazing and Summit day was the
hardest piece of trekking I have ever done - quite literally breaktaking! But
there were great views and experiences along the way too - a stunning view
from Shira Cathedral of Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru and the Shira plateau and I
loved climbing the Barranco Wall and then discovering an absolutely
delightful valley a little later the same day - it was my favourite day of
trekking - I loved it! The view of the Ngorongoro crater from the view point
on the crater's edge was astounding and the Olduvai Gorge - the cradle of
mankind - was incredible. And on Safari the sights and sounds both day and
night were magical at times. We saw so many different animals and birds that
I lost count.

Meke our group leader was fantastic. So cheerful and encouraging and showing
real concern for all of us. I would not have made it to the summit without
him and the other guides in our group (Wilfried and Said), they were great.

Some physical preparation before the trip will pay off and make the whole
trek more enjoyable. Listen to your guides - they are experts and know what
they are talking about.
You don't need to change your currency to Shillings, US dollars are accepted
everywhere that you go on this trip, just make sure they are newish.
The drive across the Serengeti was very, very bumpy - just be prepared for
it, after all it is a Safari in Africa.
Be prepared to come home dirty and dusty but very happy!

I have just had the time of my life! Everything was well organised, trouble
free and I always felt safe and looked after - without being molly-coddled. I
can't wait to do another trip and would definitely book with Exodus again.

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Kilimanjaro by lemosho and safari

Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route & Safari

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes The climb and safari exceeded our expectations. Yes Africa worked it's magic
but the local Exodus staff did a brilliant job to make experiencing it easy!
Dawn on the rim of the crater.

Charles on Kilimanjaro was excellent. Knew his stuff and organised his team
with quiet efficiency. Also supportive of all his customers, and helped us
achieve our goals. 100 per cent to the roof of Africa was not a surprise.

A bit of fitness before hand helps. Know your kit. Listen to your guides,
there knowledge is vast and they want to share it!

Exodus flight arrangements could be better. Why were we given a 7 hour
changeover at Heathrow on the way back when there was an earlier flight with
a still generous 3 hour transfer which others were offered? When we found
this out we could not change with BA.
Outbound through Addis there was no food or drinks in transit. This should
be flagged in advance.

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Fascinating experience

Trekking in Madagascar

4.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes The trip was a great experience. Madagascar is very different to anywhere
else I've been in Africa. The tourist industry is less developed, which in
itself added to the 'adventure'. This does mean that there was no
alternative to eating in the hotels along the way. We covered a lot of
ground, which leads to long hours in the bus, but there is lots to look at
along the way, and it's the only way to see all the different locations that
we visited. The unmade road to Andringita National Park was an experience in
itself - in 4x4 jeeps, with planks on top, in case they are needed (and they
were) to enable us to cross basic wooden bridges. We saw less wildlife than
I had hoped, but never had the dispiriting experience of seeing nothing!
The trekking days were great. The countryside varies - the granite in
Andringitra is very different from the sandstone in Isalo. Some of the
trekking gradients, particularly in Isalo, were more challenging than I had
expected from the trip notes. Be prepared for hills up and down throughout -
and some steep drops at the side of the path. It was hot, we needed lots of
water. The trekking guides were attentive, very knowledgeable and keen to
share information. The porters singing and dancing in the evening in
Andringitra was very special, and not just because of the local rum!

The night wildlife walk was busy with chameleons, mouse lemurs and a rat, and
the local guide's enthusiasm was infectious.

The rain forest of Ramomafana was beautiful, but really brought home how
horribly deforested Madagascar is.

The Madagascan people are lovely, and keen to make contact. The children
love having their photo taken, and then seeing themselves on the camera
screen. Crayons, balloons etc are very welcome gifts - but take advice from
your guide how to give them, as you can provoke a feeding frenzy if you're
not careful, or provoke begging. The guided visit to the fishing village was
really interesting, with the opportunity to ask questions about local life.
The local shop was amazing.

Rija worked hard for us, and was always positive and enthusiastic. We
sometimes could have done with better details of the day's activity - for
example, we didn't know that we would be spending nearly 3 hours at the
natural swimming pool in Isalo.

Be prepared for long days on the bus. There is always plenty to see outside,
but I was glad to have an iPod with me for some of the longer journeys.

We had a number of power cuts, and some of the hotels switched off
electricity overnight. Be alert to charging batteries when you can. A
powerbank is a useful backup, and removes some of that stress.

I was surprised by the blandness of the food. If you crave something a
little spicier, you can ask for chilli sauce ('sakay') at any meal -
including breakfast!

The first night camping at Andringitra is cold, you do need a warm jacket,
gloves, etc.

Change your money at Tana airport, the rate is fine and it's much quicker
than using a bank. There is very little opportunity to spend money on this
trip, around £200 was ample for me. You need a minimum of 50 Euro to change
money back on your way out of the country, and the change back rate is poor.

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Trekking in Madagascar (September 2016)

Trekking in Madagascar

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes A very busy but well paced trip that I thoroughly enjoyed. The trekking is
tougher than I'd expected, due to the heat, and there were some stiff
climbing and descents, but the paths were very good and the views en route
were stunning. Both Isalo and Andringitra, where the majority of the trekking
takes place, are very different and offer very different experiences.

Madagascar is an interesting country, quite different to other places in
Africa that I've been too, but sadly, almost totally deforested nowadays, so
the distances between the various national parks are several hours drive
apart, meaning some long sessions on the bus. However, the scenery is very
interesting nevertheless - Madagascar is not a flat country so there is
plenty to look at while you drive. A nice touch was that the bus would stop
one side of a village, you'd all get out and the bus would drive a couple of
miles up the road allowing you to amble through the village to break up the
journey - we did this several times and they were very welcome breaks.

This did mean, however, that there was very little wildlife to see outside of
the parks, and indeed, within them sometimes. I had expected more if I'm
honest, however, our tick list of Lemur spieces was still good - around 6-8 I
think. In Ranomafana, the rainforest, we saw quite a few, although they
tended to be high up in the canopy. The night walk we did here was excellent
though - our guide managed to find 2 mouse lemurs in the dark, and there were
lots of Chameleons, and this was definitely worth doing.

The beach resort at the end was paradise. You have a free day and although
the whales had gone, so that trip was out, some of us elected to visit the
fishing village just up the coast, which I loved. You can easily walk to the
village, by turning left out of the lodge, but the paid for visit allows you
to wander around the village itself, rather than just watching all the boats
on the beach. In the afternoon, we visited the "Spiny Forest", which was
actually more of a botanical garden, but still interesting.

On the camping portions on the trip, the first two nights (in Andringitra)
were very basic, and it got quite cold at night, but the 3rd night was at a
lodge, which was lovely - and they sold beer there - so was a very welcome
place to end the time in the national park. In Isalo, the camp site is in a
lovely location, and the porters had kindly brought a couple of crates of
beer with them, so we had beer that night too, so it was only the first two
camping nights were we had no beer and very basic facilities.

The hotels were all excellent and tourist standard for Madagascar. They all
had patchy Wi-Fi and the restaurants and bars were good and all sold beer, so
we didn't need to leave the hotels in the evening to eat or drink. However,
there is only 2 places where you stay for 2 nights, and we tended not to
arrive until tea-time, so there was very little unpacking. I think I only had
one cold shower during the two weeks.
I loved seeing the mouse lemur on the night walk in Ranomafana, as that was
very unexpected.
In Anja reserve, you WILL see a lot of ring tailed lemurs, which are great
fun, and I loved the time we spent with them.
The scenery in the two national parks was stunning and worth the effort to
get there.
The beach resort at the end was lovely and I really enjoyed the visit to the
fishing village
Although not a particularly hard slog, getting to the top of peak boby and
enjoying the amazing views was also great.

Rija was delightful - she always had a smile on her face and was unfailingly
nice and polite and it was lovely to meet her.

1. The beer is quite strong. THB, the national beer, is 5.5%. Even the Skol,
the weakest we found, was 5% and there are beers stronger than this. Don't
get caught out thinking you are drinking Fosters, or you will regret it the
next day (speaking from experience I'm afraid).
2. The first two nights of camping were quite cold, so take some warm clothes
for the evening, and something you can sleep in.
3. The food is good generally, and the beer reasonably priced. Just after
Brexit the currency had dropped from around 5,000 Ariary to the £ to less
than 4,000, but the beer was still around 5000 for a large bottle. A main
course for dinner was around 15,000, so still good value. I made do with
£300 worth for the whole trip.
4. Get currency at the airport when you arrive as the banks are VERY slow -
it took 3 or 4 people about 2 hours to change money at the first money stop,
making us very late for the hotel on day 2.
5. During the day it was very hot, even if the evenings were cold, so you
will need plenty of water - so take a bladder to put in your rucksack as
you'll go through bottles very quickly.
6. When camping, you leave a chunk of your luggage behind. If you have a
second Exodus bag, which folds up small, take this to put what you won't need
while trekking. The porters will take up to 10kg for you, leaving you with
just your day sack to take while walking.
7. washing in the rivers is possible, but awkward. The first couple of days
it was too cold in the evenings, but the final two were fine for washing as
it was still warm (there were hot showers at the 3rd campsite).
8. On the last day in Isalo, you visit the natural swimming pool, so this is
the day to take your cozzies. You will have a couple of hours to rest / swim.
Porters bring your lunch to this spot - as it is only 45 mins walk from the
9. I opted not to do the early walk on the last day in Isalo, as you return
to the campsite for breakfast, but they saw some lemurs on this walk, so I
was gutted to miss that.
10. take a few little gifts for the kids - balloons, pens etc. - they will
greatly appreciate it, particularly if you plan on doing the village walk in
11. There was very little opportunity for souvenir buying, apart from the
village we visited on the first walk, and on the beach by the beach resort -
although one of the masks I bought turned out to be riddled with woodworm, so
check this if you buy anything.
12. Ignore the height gain / loss that the trips notes give for the Isalo
trek, it's another two days of steep ups and downs, but the scenery is again
13. Take loo roll for the camping, and wet wipes if it's too cold to wash in
the rivers. Pack as lightly as possible, as you don't see your luggage during
the day as it's on the roof, and you have to leave quite a lot behind when

I really enjoyed this trip and I think it had a nice balance of wildlife and

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Trekking in Madagascar

5.0 August 2017 Exodus Travels Recommend: Yes I kind of expected to be 'wowed' by the wildlife, the baobabs (one of
the reasons I had wanted to visit Madagascar for so many years), the
landscapes and the whole experience, but it was the ability of our guide
Armel to provide opportunities to get us close to local people in various
situations (e.g. an unscheduled visit to the zebu market) that really stood
out for me as the highlight of the trip.
Apart from the zebu market, it was also great to have a chance to look round
the market at Camp Robin - again having been briefed by our
guide beforehand for what to look out here, especially regarding
the local custom of the young women and men meeting their potential marriage
partners there!  For me though, having a keen interest in folk and
traditional music, the absolute highlight was probably experiencing the joy
and enthusiasm of the Malagasy song and dance traditions with our guides and
porters around a campfire under a billion and more stars in the dark African

Our guide Armal was brilliant in all regards - and in particular for
his in-depth knowledge of the indigenous wildlife, his tireless
enthusiasm for wanting to share his country and its culture and customs
with us, and his good humour throughout. He also handled some occasionally
tricky and unexpected situations with great sensitivity and
care coupled with professional diligence, while keeping us
informed of the situation as it unfolded.

Always carry your personal medicines, toiletries and a change of
underwear/clothing in your cabin baggage in case your bags get lost, or
delayed, in transit...

Each day we wondered how Armel our guide was going to top that day's
experiences - and each day we were not disappointed. The various places we
stayed in, the hotels and campsites along the way, were all really well
chosen and each had an attraction and character of its own; the food
surpassed expections thoughout and THB beer was great too... Marvellous!

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