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For Love of Travel

By Samantha Scott
February 12, 2019

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we've been thinking about the top reasons we love travel.

What is it about leaving home and visiting other places as a traveler that is so appealing? Why do we constantly feel itchy feet desiring to roam and discover new places?

Here are the Top 10 reasons we love travel, plus some bonus comments from our team!

1. Exploring our curiosity

Algarve Portugal photographer and traveler

Travel is all about getting to know someplace new - through many different avenues. Whether it be exploring on foot through amazing natural landscapes, meeting locals in a homestay, or exploring deeper into the culture through museums and historic sites. Learning through travel is contagious. It keeps us curious and interested in continuing the journey of meeting new people, new friends, and new places.

2. Challenging ourselves


When we challenge ourselves to step outside our comfort zone, the true delights of travel are revealed. And it doesn't have to be an extreme challenge either. But as you continue to travel, you'll fnd that your comfort zone gets wider, as does your ability to approach travel experiences with an open mind. Group travel in particular, is a fantastic way to stretch your comfort zone with the support of other travelers and a guide. 

3. Celebrating

Group of friends toasting on food tour

Travel isn't all a heady exercise of stretching comfort zones and self reflection. It's also a heck of a lot of fun! Take your vacation time to celebrate what you love about the world - perhaps a yoga themed trip for rejuvination, or a food & wine tour to experience local tastes, or an invigorating hiking tour where you camp under the stars. Celebrate and make the most of your time out of the office. 

4. Appreciating

Appreciating different cultures

Traveling to new and unusual places can be a profound experience. As we encounter different ways of life and different cultures around the globe, we gain an appreciation for other people - and notice our similarities above our differences.

We gain an appreciation for our guides, who help us discover cultural nuances and introduce us to local customs. And we also gain an appreciation for where we come from and where we will return to after our trip. Sometimes this leads us to wonder: how would a traveler appreciate our hometown?  

5. Discovering surprises

Young woman looking at hot air balloons in Turkey

Travel is nothing if not surprising! And it is when these surprises continue that our love of travel grows. Surprises along the way can be uncomfortable, but they often lead to circumstances that make the trip even more memorable.

Or sometimes a surprise is something pre-planned by your guide or your tour companions: a birthday celebration, a dinner at a local home, a short hike not included on the itinerary, but that your guide knows about because they grew up in the area - what is a surprise you've encountered on your travels?

6. Reconnecting with loved ones

Reconnecting with loved ones through travel

Sometimes leaving the comfortability of our home is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with family members and friends. Multi-generational travel continues to grow in popularity and it's a great way to re-establish ties, or establish new ones - particularly if the age range is wide.

As you experience the newness of your travel destination, you can learn more about eachother though the conduit of cultural activities, interesting meals, and exploring the outdoors. (Traveling to reconnect is particularly recommended if you've got a surly teenager in tow!).  

7. Connecting with people who have differening experiences and views

Man in India during cultural ceremony

It's only natural that sometimes we approach traveling with some trepidation or preconceived notions about a destination or culture. But the great thing is when you travel, those walls almost inevitably crumble within the first few days of your trip. 

There are multiple touch points as you travel that help provide new ways of seeing the world. Through the people you meet and the personal stories your local guides can relate you develop a new understanding of viewpoints and customs that differ from your own. Yours may not change but you have more information available to you for drawing conclusions.

8. Relaxing and reinvigorating our souls

Rejuvinating hike in Iceland guided tour

At Stride we like to encourage travel that inspires, is experiential, and adds zest to life in numerous ways - as opposed to a standard resort vacation with a book and a beach. That's all well and good, but we feel that travel can revitalize in so many other ways. Through meeting new people, encoutering new flavors, and jumping into new experiences, we engage in a positive feedback loop with ourselves.

Of course, relaxation is a key component to feeling revitalized, and that's where a nice hotel room, and some free time to shop or enjoy a lingering glass of wine at a local cafe is crucial - be sure to read the tour itinerary thoroughly to determine if the amount of free time is acceptable to you.

9. Reflecting 

pristine pond reflection

If you are facing a change in your life, or considering making one, or simply feeling a bit stuck, the change of place and pace that travel provides can be the perfect opportunity for reflection. Travel is a powerful avenue through which our personal visions become realigned with the bigger picture. It's a great opportunity to uncover unique ideas and thoughts you may not have even considered before.

10. Adventuring

Adventure in travel

Lastly, the adventure! Life  is short. Be bold and embrace the adventurous spirit inside you. And we are always quick to point out that adventure doesn't mean ziplining in Costa Rica, or trekking to Everest Base Camp, or staying in a remote village in India.

Adventure is whatever makes you feel excited - if your adrenaline is pumping because you've never stepped on a plane before and you are visiting France because you always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower - that's music to our ears! (See trips to France »). If you're hard core hiking days are over but you've always wanted to go on Safari and a luxury lodge in Kenya is your next trip - also music to our ears! (See luxury Kenya trips »)

Our team shares their top 2 reasons they love travel

Samantha - Content Marketing Manager

1. Learning about a culture’s history and past through museums, local guides, and understanding the local culture on a deeper level.

2. Invigorating walks and hikes through pristine and preserved wilderness areas, seeing native wildlife and stunning views.

Renu - Operators Manager

1. Seeing new places, and meeting new people

2. Get away from home and normal life

Paul - Engineering Manager

1. Have quality time with loved ones

2. Sometimes we need a break from normal life

Jose - Social Media & Partner Marketing Intern

1. To experience different cultures first hand

2. To live (have new experiences and stories)

Nan - Business Development Intern

1. Trying new things and exploring the world

2. Observe other’s life and look at myself in a new way

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