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Our 5 Key Brand Traits

By Stride Team
January 7, 2019

At Stride, our brand is centered around our primary mission: helping travelers of all stripes explore the world to find their own adventures and create lasting connections.

And not just see the world. We want to help people truly experience different aspects of the world - through encountering other cultures, through stretching their comfort zone, through building international friendships, trying new foods, and enjoying the best that guided travel has to offer.

One thing we noticed is it’s not money that stops most people from taking the global trips they dream and talk about. Nor even vacation time. Rather, it’s the planning hurdle of knowing how and where to start and end, and everything in between. Once overwhelmed with the logistical details many revert to a simple ‘easy trip’ or staycation rather than their dream trip.

Maldives traveling

We created Stride to make it as easy to book an African Safari as a hotel night in New York. As easy to reserve a place on a cycling tour of France as it is to call an Uber.

When we started Stride, it was important to us that our brand traits and personality truly reflect our philosophy on travel. This posed a unique challenge - how to distill such a wide range of diverse tour styles, themes, and travel companies into a concise and clear personality?

How do we reflect the mindset and needs of older travelers looking for a river cruise while not leaving behind the younger party goers interested in singles travel to Mykonos?

As we brainstormed, we began to envision Stride as the savvy aunt or uncle who always has an entrancing new travel story to tell at family gatherings. As the evening progresses, this relative leans back in their chair and tells engrossing tales of meeting local artisans in Cambodia, exploring the pyramids on a Nile River cruise, and chatting into the wee hours of the night with an Italian maitre d' in a small cafe in Rome.

They are the person you go to for travel advice on the best local spots to visit after a day touring the Louvre. The person who knows the best time to suggest for catching to sunset at Angkor Wat (and the best viewing area). The person who knows which tour operator you’ll enjoy if you’re looking for a relaxing tour through Australia & New Zealand.

African safari travel

This is who Stride is.

Our 5 Key Brand Traits

If you met Stride at a bar, (sipping a hard to find tequila they sampled in Mexico, or enjoying a dry martini made with Irish gin), or a bookstore (browsing the latest guide book), we would be:

1) Practical

At Stride, we pride ourselves on being the place travelers can go to find every kind of multi-day travel experience, anywhere in the world. And not only that, it’s a place to find the kind of travel best suited to YOU. Our site is designed to give you all the tools necessary to make your dream trip a reality. Getting inspired is the first step, then Stride helps you actually do it.

We are going to present you with the best fit for you, because we want you to have the best time possible exploring the world. We’ll also be truthful.

If you are between 18-39 and waffeling over a YOLO cruise with singles or a calmer tour that visits museums and top attractions, we’ll make sure you have all the information from an objective point of view to help you make the right choice.

And if you’re still not sure, shoot us an email! (See number 4 - we don’t bite!)

2) Worldly

Our team has experience traveling and living all over the globe. Although it’s a bit cliche, we are “global citizens.” We recognize that everyone comes from different backgrounds and that “one size fits all” is a pretty silly way to approach travel. We do our homework and know the details and nuances of different locations and strive to present that information in easy to digest ways to new and experienced travelers alike.

3) Trustworthy

The information provided on Stride, through our guides, blogs, and itineraries is well researched and well informed. Because we are all travelers ourselves, we understand the importance of honest and accurate sources.  We aim to collect and present information that will be useful to travelers in the best way.

4) Friendly

We are approachable, and easy to strike up a conversation with, and genuinely excited to share travel knowledge and tips. In the bar example above, you just know we’d be chatting with the bartender and fellow patrons in a manner of ease, making you feel immediately comfortable - like we’ve been friends for years!

Or in the bookstore, we are happy to offer advice and guidance, “I see you’re browsing the Australia guides. If you’re going to be in Melbourne, you must try out this great local seafood spot near Flinders Sq. It’s perfect for a late dinner!”

We are also stalwart in our belief that there is no one ‘best way’ to travel or tour. The “traveler not tourist” trope is not our motto. Rather, it is our view that the person who has never been on an international trip before and would feel more comfortable staying very much on the beaten path, visiting an english speaking country on a coach an adventurer. They faced their own personal comfort zone and stretched it as far as they could. Now when the time comes for their next trip, they can stretch it a little bit more. We think that’s pretty rad.

5) Inspiring

It may come as a surprise that our fifth trait isn’t #1. After all, if this is the first step, why not? Of course, inspiration is important - and we love inspiring more people to travel! But for us the more rewarding part is getting travelers in front of the trip that will actually make it happen.

The savvy aunt or uncle brings home international gifts for everyone in the family - and describes them in great detail. Why they are meaningful to the country’s culture, the buying experience (did you know you’re expected to haggle in Asia?), and the human connection made when purchasing said item.

That plants the seed of inspiration, encouraging an idea. Stride is here to help you take that idea and turn it into an unforgettable travel experience.

What do you think?

Tell us in the comments section below which trait you most identify with. Stride on fellow travelers!

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