The 10 Best Guided Tours for Nature Lovers

By Courtney Kantowski
February 7, 2018

Updated 2/7/18

Regardless of where we live, or what we do for a living, our days tend to follow a similar pattern: commute to work, spend a long day in the office, go home and attempt to relax before repeating it all over again tomorrow.

When vacation time finally comes around, we would like to find ourselves far from the hustle and bustle of daily life. What better way to do this than with a nature tour?

With experiences like hiking into the depths of the Grand Canyon, kayaking next to the glaciers of Antarctica, watching lions cross the Serengeti, and swimming with dolphins off the coast of Australia, you won’t want to return to your desk!

All these locations offer incredible experiences, giving travelers the chance to explore nature around the world. Stride Travel has put together the perfect list of guided tours, allowing the nature lover in all of us to escape the city and take the perfect pre-planned trip.

1. The Galapagos

Tour Suggestion: Galapagoes Island Tour - Lost World Adventures 

Galapagos Crabs

Want to see nature in its most pristine state? Then a trip to the Galapagos is exactly what you need. Since their discovery in 1535, these islands have been a hotbed for scientific study. Despite growing tourism to the area, they have remained mostly the same and generally undisturbed by humans and colonization, making a visit there one of the most immersive nature experiences one can have.

The islands are home to the infamous giant tortoises and finches that played a key role in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The astounding mountain terrain, crystal clear blue waters, and tropical rainforest landscape will awaken the nature lover in everyone.

2. Alaska

Tour Suggestion: Majestic Alaska with Glacier Cruise - Trafalgar

Tour of Alaska

Commonly called the “last frontier,” Alaska is an easy choice if you’re looking for a nature-packed adventure. Alaska is home to over 95 state park areas that boast beautiful coniferous trees, diverse wildlife, and incredible mountain views.

With miles upon miles of hiking trails, three million lakes, and more coastline than the continental United State, a trip to the 49th state will provide a glimpse into all the nature and wildlife that call it home.

3. Amazon Rainforest

Tour Suggestion: Local Living Ecuador Amazon Jungle - G Adventures

Monkey in Amazon Rainforest

 Ivan Mlinaric via Flickr

As the most biodiverse, and largest, expanse of tropical rainforest in the world, each step through the Amazonian rainforest provides a completely different and new experience. Monkeys, jaguars, and toucans occupy the forest floor and canopy, giving travelers an unforgettable look into life in the forest.

With hikes, boat rides, and nature walks, the Amazon rainforest provides a place where all travelers can be completely immersed in nature

4. Australia

Tour Suggestion: Australia Beachside Wildlife Adventure - Discover Corps

Koala in Australia

Kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies, oh my! There’s only one continent in the world where you can all see these amazing critters in their natural habitats. With diverse rainforests, the infamous outback, and the astounding Great Barrier Reef, Australia offers every aspect of nature and wildlife imaginable. With so many things to do across the continent, travelers can snorkel, hike, and boat their way through the many different ecosystems that exist in Australia.

5. Grand Canyon

Tour Suggestion: Western USA National Parks Explorer - G Adventures

Grand Canyon National Park

Looking for a grand time within the United States? Look no further than the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River began to flow over an area of Arizona over 17 million years ago, and today you can see the incredible result.

A trip to the Grand Canyon offers an incredible chance to hike, raft, and explore a natural wonder. As the second largest canyon in the world, the Grand Canyon stretches over 270 miles, with depths reaching over a mile. Besides the amazing views, the canyon gives visitors the chance to interact with desert wildlife that call the canyon home.

6. African Safari

Tour Suggestion: Essence of Tanzania Safari 

lion in Tanzania

The African wild has something to offer for every nature lover: from the famous “big five” that call the Serengeti home, to the deltas that span across the landscape. As you make your way across the wild, be prepared to roam with the lions, giraffes, and hippos as well.

As one of the most popular guided tour destinations in the world, the African Serengeti has a lot to offer to the nature lover who wants an unforgettable experience. 

7. Victoria Falls

Trip Suggestion: Zanzibar, Victoria Falls and Kruge - Topdeck 

Victoria Falls

Though Africa is famous for the Serengeti and the incredible wildlife that occupies it, it is also home to many other amazing natural wonders, including Victoria Falls. Standing at over 360 feet high, Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world. Breathtaking views and beautiful walks around the waterfall will wow every traveler.

8. Costa Rica

Tour Suggestion: Natural Wonders of Costa Rica - Trafalgar

Costa Rica frog

Costa Rica is every nature lovers paradise. From flora and fauna, to sand and surf, Costa Rica has it all. The county boasts 4% of the world's total species, along with coral reefs, rainforests, deciduous forests, and volcanoes. With so many different aspects to explore, Costa Rica is the ideal place to escape to.

9. Iguassu Falls

Tour Suggestion: Buenos Aires and Iguassu tour - Say Hueque

Iguassu Falls, South America

Mark Goble via Flickr 

Your family trip to Niagara just didn't cut it? As the second largest waterfall in the world, Iguassu Falls offers breathtaking views and allows you to experience the astounding tropical rainforest. When flying into the small city of Iguacu, you can see sprays of water mysteriously rising out of the ground.

The falls are located within the tropical rainforest, and border both Argentina and Brazil. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s no surprise that this is a necessary travel destination for all nature lovers.

10. Antarctica

Tour Suggestion: Polar Circle, Antarctic Peninsula - Lost World Adventures

Antarctica tour

Even though Antarctica is the most difficult continent to reach, it offers the most unique experience for travelers. Here, penguins and polar bears roam their natural habitats with breathtaking glaciers in the background. Though the continent may not offer the flora and fauna of the others, it provides a glimpse into a completely different kind of nature.


Didn't see the right nature tour for you? There are many more incredible guided tours for nature lovers available on Stride. Find your perfect trip and create spectacular memories.

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6362 Views    3 Comments
By Jared Alster
November 12, 2015 at 4:15 PM
Wow, inspiring!

Iguassu Falls is tremendous. Makes Niagara look like child's play. And Costa Rica is perhaps the world's greatest nature destination, although slightly over trafficked with tourists these days. Where else can you see a monkey get into a fight with a dog?? Yes, true story.
By Samantha Scott
November 13, 2015 at 11:26 AM
Great list! I can attest to the incredible diversity in Australia, including spiders larger than a grown mans hand. We did a comparison shot with my dad (in hindsight saying "hey Dad, go put your hand next to that ENORMOUS SPIDER" might not have been so cool). Shudder. But the other wildlife is amazing!
By Gavin Delany
November 17, 2015 at 8:24 AM
I've been to 5 of these places and can't wait to get to the other 5. Top of my personal list is Galapagos. African safari has been my favorite natured guided tour so far. Incredible to be up so close to so many large, *wild* animals. It was wild. Don't wait, do it. Experiencing Africa on the ground up close and personal is incredibly moving - no comparison to watching the excellent Nat Geo and Discovery channel programs on TV.

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