Top Eclipses to Travel for Through the Year 2020

By Samantha Scott
August 17, 2017

Watching a solar eclipse is one of the most truly spectacular experiences. It brings space and science to life in an incredible way.

Annular Eclipse

Eclipses happen when one celestial body obstructs another by crossing in front of it during orbit. There are several different kinds of eclipse depending on the conditions, but regardless, they are always a thrill to see.

Learn how to prepare for an eclipse from a real Astrophysicist!

Lunar Eclipse

If you can’t make the Solar Eclipse coming up in August 2017, you may be suffering from a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

But don’t despair! There are more solar eclipses around the world to come.

Night sky in Chile

Here are all the dates and best locations for viewing upcoming Solar Eclipses around the world, through the year 2020.*

*All information based on

1. January 31st, 2018 - Total Lunar Eclipse, Australia & New Zealand

Uluru at dusk in Central Australia

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes into the path of the Earth’s shadow, cast by. Lunar eclipses are more common than solar eclipses, so you will have many more chances to observe this phenomenon.

To view the lunar eclipse coming up after the new year, consider heading to Victoria in Australia (best locations will be Melbourne or Sydney) or New Zealand. Here you’ll be able to watch the eclipse in full.

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2. August 11th 2018 - Partial Eclipse, Northern Arctic

Greenland cruise

If you want to brave the elements to see this partial eclipse, you could be in for a dramatic view without the distraction of city lights or many crowds. Greenland is a top travel suggestion! This vast snowy landscape has begun to creep into the popular adventure tourism realm - and it’s one of the best places to view celestial phenomenon of all kinds.

Top Trip Suggestion: Take a Greenland cruise to view the eclipse from the water

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3. January 20th/21st 2019 - Total Lunar Eclipse, Havana, Cuba

Havana Cuba at dusk

Travel to Cuba has been on the world stage in the past few years, with many travel restrictions on US citizens being lifted during the Obama administration. But in 2019 it could be a hot spot for an entirely different reason.

A total lunar eclipse will be visible from Havana in January 2019. And this could be a good time to go, as January is not a popular tourism month and the crowds will be minimal. A front row seat!

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4. July 2nd, 2019 - Total Solar Eclipse, South America

Crowd of onlookers in Chile waiting for solar eclipse

On July 2, 2019 a total solar eclipse will occur in the southern hemisphere. This eclipse will only be fully viewable from start to finish in La Serena, Chile, but partial views will be visible throughout South America. The best location for partial viewing will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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5. December 26th, 2019 - Annular Eclipse, South India, Sri Lanka, Singapore

Boat on a beach in Sri Lanka at dusk

Annular eclipses occur when the moon passes directly in front and covers the center of the sun, showing a distinct and complete circle of light all the way around. This circle is the reason for the term “Annular” which comes from the Latin“annulus” meaning “ring”.

Annular eclipses are the most impressive when you can see the entire ring of light, and in December 2019 there are only a few select locations this will be possible. (Don’t worry - though annular eclipses don’t happen often, another one will occur in June 2020!).

Head to Singapore, Sri Lanka, or South India to check out this Annular Eclipse.

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6. June 21st 2020 - Annular Eclipse, Central Africa and North India

Bright red sunset in Ethiopia

Been wanting to visit the fascinating land of Ethiopia? If you travel there during June of 2020, there is a good chance you’ll be able to see the Annular Eclipse.

The far northern reaches of India may also reveal this incredible sight, especially in parts of northern Rajasthan.  

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7. December 14th - Total Solar Eclipse, South America

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro at dusk

This eclipse has a short path during which it can be viewed in full, and the best place to do that will be in Temuco, Chile. But clear partial viewings will be possible in Rio de Jan Brazil and Lima Peru.

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How to Prepare for an Eclipse - from a real Astrophysicist!

Dr. Erin Macdonald has a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Glasgow. She is a space science speaker, educator, and science fiction consultant who gives talks around the world teaching the public about space science through popular culture. Learn more about Erin

Erin Macdonald, PhD

Here's what she had to say about preparing for an ecipse, whether you make it this year or are planning for the future:

"Everyone, to some extent, loves astronomy and finds space fascinating. That is why, whether one owns a telescope or not, if a total eclipse is happening nearby, most want to try and experience it.

It's frequently touted as a "once in a lifetime" experience, which is why there can be a lot of pressure to go see one. Regardless if you have made plans to travel to totality (where the Sun will be covered 100%) or not, all of the 48 contiguous states will notice either a partial or total eclipse on the 21st.

You may be sick of hearing this, but do not look at the Sun.

It sounds obvious, but imagine mid-morning on Monday when you've forgotten about the event, and suddenly the sky gets noticeably darker. You're tempted to look around for the source of this shadow, but don't.

Here's a tip if you don't have eclipse glasses: Take out a piece of paper, punch a hole in it, and let the light shine through onto a wall or the ground. No paper? You can even use a cracker that has holes in it!

If you plan on driving somewhere Sunday night to see totality, beware of the amount of people planning the same thing.

Bring food, water, and a good attitude.

You may well get stuck in traffic and miss the total eclipse, but you'll definitely catch some of it. Just remember, everyone on the road is there to experience a unique astronomical event; space brings everyone together!

Now, if you're REALLY cranky that you missed it, the suggestions by Stride Travel in this article will help you plan ahead!"

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