Top Trending Experiential & Adventure Destinations for 2019

By Stride Team
February 6, 2019

It's a new year, which means new travel plans! 

Where are people interested in traveling to in 2019? What classic destinations beckon? What off-the-beaten track countries and cities made the list?

Stride took a look at the most popular searches travelers made in 2018 and from that we have determined some top travel trends to keep an eye on for the coming 2019 year. We separated our results into Countries and Attractions (cities and regions). You can also see those destinations that saw the biggest change in popularity year over year.

Travelers can use Stride to compare tours, read reviews and itineraries, making it easy to find the perfect trip or tour package for their style and budget. So, without further adieu: 

The Top 10 Most Popular Countries for Travel in 2019

1. Italy 

Venice Italy canals

Topping the list and kicking us off is a classic destination with something for everyone. A particularly great country for foodies, wine enthusiasts, and history lovers, Italy serves up a delicious travel experience with every visit.

And once you’ve satisfied your inner tourist with the “Big 3” (Rome, Venice, Florence) the farther reaches of Italy offer something new to discover. From the regional and rustic cuisine of Bologna to the entrancing Cinque Terre, and even the ancient lands of Sicily - Italy effortlessly marries tradition and old world sensibilty with a fun and playful outlook.  

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2. China

View overlooking forbidden city in China

China beckons the traveler eager to steep themselves in an ancient culture, full of tradition and complex social structure. Visiting China can be a challenge, particularly because of the language, but also the country is so large with many uniquely distinct provinces and complex social structures.

This is why we recommend joining a guided tour - your guide will help you explore this vast country from the most visited tourist sites to much more remote villages where you can meet locals and gain an insight into local life and culture in China.

River cruisers who are looking for something different than Europe may want to consider a trip down the Yangtze for stunning scenery!

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3. Egypt

Sphinx in Egypt on sunny day

Egypt has entranced travelers for centuries. The allure of the pyramids, the enigma of the Sphinx, the incredible hieroglyphic language, and the rich archaeological history of the country is enough to make even the most grown up grown-up feel a bit giddy inside as you tap into your inner Indiana Jones.

Egypt jumped up 27 spots to the top 3, indicating that travelers are beginning to feel better about visiting the region. Fears of terrorism are abating and a curiosity about touring unique and exotic places is taking over.

The majority of Egypt tours and packages focus on the classic sights - providing historical as well as modern cultural context. Often travelers to Egypt are treated to the perspective of an Egyptologist as well, adding great color and life to the ancient structures. A visit to the famous Cairo Museum is a common item on Egypt itineraries.

Another way to see Egypt is on a Nile River Cruise, which provides a unique view of the Valley of Kings.

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4. Spain

Spain travel and architecture

Although Spain dipped a bit in ranking, going from position 1 to position 4, this country, like Italy, is a classic and still remains in the top 10 for travelers.

And Spain is so much more than Tapas (though don’t get us wrong - Tapas are delicious!). We’re just saying that to really see Spain, you must venture beyond the larger cities and into the countryside among smaller towns and villages. The regional cuisine, the wine, and the welcoming locals truly bring Spain alive.

A wonderful destination for art lovers, Spain was home to some prolific and influential artists who forever changed the landscape of visual artistic mediums. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Goya are probably the most recognizable names of artists who lived in Spain.

Guided tours to Spain are often combined with Morocco - the two countries have shared much history over the centuries.

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5. Australia

twelve apostles australia coastline at sunset

Ah the land down under - land of beaches, sunshine, desert, kangaroos, koalas, and some of the most friendly people in the world. Australia is known for all these and more. It’s a great destination for intense outdoorsy travel as well as the chance to relax in sunny beach towns in close proximity to fun wine regions and national parks.

Australia was not featured in last years Top 10, but this year seems to be a more popular spot for tours, jumping from position 13 to 5. More travelers are looking beyond the cities and beaches, eager to dive deeper into the nuances that make Australia a truly remarkable country.

Most Australia tours are about a week long, which is enough time to visit the main attractions - though you won’t have a lot of time in each destination due to the country’s enormous size. For a more relaxing trip try to plan at least a week and a half.

Australia tours are often combined with New Zealand, which is a great way to see more of the beautiful Oceania region.

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6. Iceland

Dramatic iceland landscapes

Maintaining the 6th spot in the Top 10 for the second year running, Iceland has gained a sort of cult status as a travel destination. 

Iceland has grown dramatically in popularity over the past decade or so, in large part due to several popular television shows and films that have taken advantage of the stunning landscapes for location shooting.

Iceland is the ideal travel destination for outdoor and adventure travel enthusiasts. If strapping on some hiking boots, getting sprayed with thundering waterfalls, tramping around lava fields, and venturing through ice caves sounds like your ideal vacation, then Iceland is for you.

The capital, Reykjavik, is great for some relaxing city time but it’s fairly small and not where most tourists visit Iceland to see or spend most of their time. So if you are considering Iceland, be prepared for a lot of time outdoors!

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7. France

Vineyard and lavender fields in France chateaux tour

Ah France. Another classic European destination with something new to reveal upon every visit. France is a great option for couples looking to explore the “City of Love”. It’s also the perfect destination for history buffs who can’t wait to explore the Louvre, Versailles, Normandy Beaches, and countless other significant sights.

And one can’t forget the incredible cuisine to be found in France. Cheese and wine, rustic countryside fare all the way to the finest five star dishes, and everything in between.

While France was not a popular destination for tours in 2017, it seems that trend will be changing. One major event that France will be observing in the summer of 2019 is the 75th anniversary of D-Day, which could account for France's jump in popularity. Many veterens and multi-generational family travelers will be visiting throughout the year to pay respects and learn about that historic day.

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8. Morocco

Morocco desert architecture

Sliding into the top 10 this year from spot 12, Morocco is a great destination for travelers ready to venture farther afield in their travels, but perhaps are more comfortable in European settings.

When you visit Morocco, you visit another world of bazaars, mesmerizing spices and tantalizing teas. You enter a space at once out of time and yet distinctly modern. Converging influences from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East make Morocco the pinnacle travel destination for those seeking a unique trip unlike any other.

Many Morocco tours take you through the entrancing markets to experience this country’s amazing cuisine and shop the dizzying array of souvenirs. On trips that are a week plus, you may also visit the nearby countries of Spain and Portugal for a truly intertwining look at how these cultures converge.

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9. Japan

Orange Japanese temple against green forest backdrop

Land of pagodas, kabuki, and cherry blossoms. Japan is home to an ancient culture and is a great destination for multiple kinds of travel - from slow and steady to active and adventurous. Skiers flock to Japan in the wintertime eager to try their hand at the famous powdery snow, while history buffs revel in the chance to walk among the footsteps of samurai. Things to do in Kyoto.

More and more people are discovering and developing an interest in the wonderful Japanese culture, and Japan's spot in the Top 10 (from spot 14) indicates a desire to experience it in person.

The Japanese are known for their minimalist approach and many tours in Japan feature a homestay or visit to a traditional Japanese home. Enjoy a walk through calming zen gardens as you learn about the many cultural nuances still prevalent in modern day Japan.

Another popular activity while traveling in Japan is staying in a traditional inn. These guest houses offer a classic Japanese experience, usually featuring traditional Japanese baths or “onsen”.

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10. Ireland

Dramatic Irish coastline with castle

Dropping just a few spots from the previous year to round out our Top 10, Ireland is a great destination for travelers young and old alike.

The emerald isle attracts thousands of travelers every year eager to explore the rolling hills, generous hospitality, and historic sights of this beautiful country. When you tour through Ireland, you’ll gain a very real sense of what makes this coastal nation so resilient and wonderful.   

Ireland is a small country, (roughly 10 times smaller than the state of Texas) and so guided tours through the country hit many of the same major cities and attractions. Dublin is a classic site, as is the countryside of Killarney in the south, and the harbor city of Galway. In Northern Ireland, you can expect to visit Belfast and Giant’s Causeway on most tours.

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Notable changes from last years Top 10

1. Costa Rica

In position 4 in 2017, Costa Rica got bumped to position 11 this year. A classic adventure travel and eco friendly destination, Costa Rica is simply very popular among travelers of all stripes which means it’s frequently crowded - and tourism is a big part of Costa Rica’s economy meaning certain experiences may now feel “canned” or too polished.

Many travelers may now be seeking the next off-the-beaten path Central American spot where the experience could be more rustic, but perhaps more authentic.

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2. Cuba

The buzz around Cuba has waned in the past year, and confusion around travel restrictions continues to make reaching the island a hassle (especially for American travelers). When the excitement surrounding traveling to Cuba was still at its peak in 2017, the country held the #3 spot in our top ten. In 2018 however it dropped to 16. 

There could be a couple reasons for this. Most probably the fact that the travel restrictions are in flux, and finding the right tour to Cuba is not always easy. Additionally, after many eager travelers jumped at the chance to visit once the restrictions were eased in 2016, the reports began to surface of Cuba's delicate infrastructure - not quite prepared for the influx of tourists. Bloggers and media highlighted that while Cuba is an incredible place to visit, if you're seeking Caribbean comfort and luxury it's probably not the best destination for you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in traveling to Cuba, now may the time as travelers place their attentions elsewhere. Prepare for an eye-opening venture into the past and enjoy the beautiful Cuban culture. 

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3. Peru

While Machu Picchu remained in the top 10 trending list for attractions and cities around the world, Peru itself dropped out of the Top 10 from position 8 last year. Hopefully the hold of Machu Picchu will continue to encourage travelers to spend some time exploring Peru’s other wonderful regions as well. Cusco and Lima, two of Peru's main cities feature elsewhere in this article so it's clear that the wider areas of Peru are gaining some attention.

Explore tours to Peru »

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The Top Trending Cities, & Regions for 2019

Taking it one step beyond the country level, we also took a look at regions, attractions, and cities. The top 3 spots are dominated by attractions in South America - Peru, Patagonia, and Ecuador respectively.

South America is gaining quite a bit of traction when it comes to leisure and experiential travel - with options ranging from budget and backpacking to super luxury and private guided.

Other trending attractions include some classic cities in Europe and some outdoorsy destinations!

1. Machu Picchu

Inca ruins of Machu Picchu Peru on sunny day

Enigmatic Machu Picchu in Peru has awed travelers and explorers for centuries, and it remains in the number 1 spot for attractions. Trekking to see the Lost City of the Inca’s is a bucket list item for many. Due to its popularity however, there are some restrictions to visiting Machu Picchu, and travelers are advised to book their trip well in advance.

If you’d prefer not to hike the challenging Inca Trail, Lares, or Salkantay treks to see Machu Picchu, there are other ways to get there! The PeruRail option is a very popular choice for older travelers and families.

You can take the bus from Aguas Calientes to see Machu Picchu on one day (we recommend going early - before sunrise!) and spend another day enjoying the Aguas Calientes hot springs and town.

See all tours featuring Machu Picchu »

2. Patagonia

Glacier and lake rock formations in Patagonia

This rugged South American region, which touch both Argentina and Chile, saw a major jump in popularity in the past year, after having slowly creeped up the ranks as more and more tour companies are offering a wider range of journeys here.

2019 should see even more interest as adventurous and curious travelers venture to South America to see the unique and dramatic glacier landscapes of Patagonia.

Patagonia is available to most travelers, provided you have sure footing and enjoy being outdoors. You can visit the main tourist areas within a day for some incredible vistas, or if you’d rather get a full picture, Patagonia is a very popular destination for trekkers and hikers.

There are two main circuits for multi-day hikes: the “W” circuit and the “O” circuit in Torres Del Paine National Park. Be prepared to rough it!

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3. The Galapagos Islands

Crabs on lava rock in Galapagos Islands

Maintaining a spot in the top 3, The Galapagos remains a very popular destination for travelers heading into 2019. For animal lovers, you can’t really do better than a tour and cruise around the Galapagos Islands, where the wildlife is famously bio-diverse and famously used to humans presence - so they just go about their merry way allowing us to observe them up close.

The Galapagos are great for active travelers - the islands offer numerous hiking opportunities, and the ocean waters provide ample snorkeling spots. You may even catch a glimpse of a Galapagos iguana which, when swimming, looks like a mythical creature.

Other top wildlife to observe in the Galapagos include blue footed boobies, giant tortoise, orange lightfoot crabs, and of course Darwin’s finches.

See all tours & cruises to The Galapagos »

4. Antarctica

Penguins in Antarctica

The White Continent. Antarctica’s allure is a bit of a divisive subject among travelers. For some it’s a bucket list item and a way to check the 7th continent off their travel goals. Others don’t understand the appeal of traveling such a long way for vast vistas of ice and snow.

It’s true, Antarctica isn’t for everybody. But if a small ship expedition cruise where you can feel like an explorer and scientific researcher is up your ally, then Antarctica should definitely be on your list. An adventurous spirit is essential for enjoying the rugged remoteness and cruise amenities on an Antarctic voyage. Luxury Antarctica options are available, though they come with a hefty price tag.

Prepare for the trip of a lifetime as you observe penguins, whales, seals, and walrus.

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5. Paris

Eiffel Tower, classic city of Paris at night

When two legendary voices of classic filmdom have quotes about Paris, you know it’s a place worth revisiting again and again. As Audrey Hepburn once put it so elegantly: “Paris is always a good idea”. And those who have been will deeply appreciate this Humphrey Bogart heavy hitter from Casablanca: ”We’ll always have Paris.”

The city holds a timeless and romantic key, with endlessly walkable streets, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, cafes, shops, and bridges spanning the Seine. Paris has played host to some of the most significant world events such as the Treaty of Paris which ended the American Civil War, and the coronation of Napoleon. It’s the setting for endless films, and when you visit it’s not hard to see why.

Paris is a fantastic start or end place for France tours that dive into the wider countryside and other regions that make France a classic vacation destination year after year.

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6. London

London classic sites

Falling a few spots this year, from 4 to 6, London is a city of stalwart tradition and historical wonders, coupled with a constantly shifting and modern outlook. When you walk London's streets you are at once in a Sherlock Holmes novel, a James Bond thriller, and the fantastical world of Peter Pan. 

Home to such heavy hitters as Buckingham Palace, Kensington Gardens, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, London is the place to be if you love history, literature, theater, and tales of royal intrigue.

Stroll the Thames, enjoy London’s famous shopping scene, or find a classic British pub to meet new friends over a pint.

London is also often combined with Paris on UK and Europe tours - so you could hit two spots on the Top 10 in one trip!

See all tours that visit London » 

7. Alaska

Dog sledding in Alaska, top tour activity

For you outdoorsy travelers, America’s so-called “Last Frontier” is the perfect spot for a rejuvenating step back into nature. Activities abound in Alaska that are available to many different fitness levels and interests. There’s certainly plenty of hardcore adventure options but if that’s not your cup of tea, there’s also relaxing options like fly-fishing.

Alaska is also a popular destination for cruises. Maybe 2019 will be the year you finally sail the seas of the Pacific northwest, spotting whales and bald eagles from the comfort of your private deck with a glass of champagne. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

See all tours to Alaska »

8. Lima

Lima top city for traveling in Peru

Machu Picchu isn’t the only thing to see in Peru by a long shot. One of the surprises of this year, Lima jumped into the top 10 from a land of obscurity on our list! Lima is Peru’s capital, located on the country’s west coast. Lima provides a great jumping off point to explore more of the country’s lesser-visited northern regions and coastline.

Visit here for the colonial architecture and insights into Peruvian history. There are also numerous museums in Lima, displaying archaeological finds, artwork, and even a museum about Pisco.

See all tours that visit Lima »

9. Rome

Rome ruins lit up at night

Vibrant Rome is a very popular city for history buffs eager to visit some of the world’s most impressive ancient sites. When you explore the streets of Rome, it feels like you’re walking among the footsteps of thousands upon thousands of ghosts from throughout the centuries. A member of the “Big 3” of Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), Rome is definitely a must for first time travelers to Italy.

Film lovers too, will love Rome’s setting, which of course has been the backdrop for such classic films as Roman Holiday, Gladiator, and Bicycle Thieves.

See all tours that visit Rome »

10. Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia Carthage travel

The other surprise for 2019 and rounding out the top 10, is Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Situated along the banks of Lake Tunis in the north eastern coastal area of Tunisia, Tunis provides a fascinating convergence of old and new, traditional and modern.

A land of ancient ruins, Tunis is the place to be for history lovers visiting Tunisia. The ancient city of Carthage was located here, a hotbed of trade hosting visitors from all over the nearby regions, in what is today North Africa and the Mediterranean.

See all tours that visit Tunis »

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Biggest Change, 2017 vs 2018: Countries

These destinations saw the biggest change in their relative position between 2017 and 2018 - and it’s quite a mix!

1. The Netherlands

Windmill at sunset in the netherlands

Coming in at number 1, the Netherlands (also called Holland) are a fun destination for all ages and traveler types. The cobblestoned streets, tulip fields and windmills, lovely canals, and cyclist friendly pathways make the Netherlands a quintessential European travel spot.

See all tours to the Netherlands »

2. Tunisia

Roman ruins in Tunisia

An upsurge in Star Wars related interest may be part of what accounts for Tunisia’s continued rise in popularity as a travel destination. Scenes from the very first installment of the Star Wars saga, “A New Hope” were filmed in the Tunisian desert, and this is a frequent stop for tours in Tunisia.

Tunisia is typically safe, and a great place to see a fascinating example of ancient and modern living side by side.

See all tours to Tunisia »

3. Algeria

Rugged desert landscape in Algeria

Another North Africa destination, Algeria is a nice off the beaten path destination for the adventurous traveler seeking a truly unique cultural experience. A large country, it is advised to visit Algeria on a guided tour for safety, but also to get a real sense of the local flavor and history.

See all tours to Algeria »

4. Denmark

Denmark copenhagen travel

Another classic yet oft overlooked European travel destination, Denmark rose sharply in popularity between 2017 and 2018. Denmark could be called a fairytale destination in every sense of the word.

The legacy of Hans Christian Andersen runs through the veins of Denmark, all the way to the bronze Little Mermaid statue. And Denmark is home to it’s very own real life fairytale in their royal family. Crown Princess Mary is Tasmanian by birth and met Prince Frederick at a Sydney bar during the 2000 Summer Olympics - the rest is history.

See all tours to Denmark »

5. South Korea

South Korea architecture

The presence of the 2018 Olympics in Seoul no doubt has something to do with South Korea’s jump in popularity. Rising 39 spots, we predict a growing number of travelers will visit South Korea in the coming year.

The Olympics always tries to shine a positive light on the host destination and people were clued in to South Korea’s immense natural beauty and unique culture in 2018. The proximity to North Korea of course makes this destination a difficult one for some travelers - going on a guided tour to South Korea is highly recommended.

See all tours to South Korea »

6. Ukraine

Ukraine europe travel

One of the big suprises for the coming year is  the growing interest in traveling to Ukraine. The tourist infrastructure in Ukraine is still finding its feet and there are still areas of the country that are considered a war zone. However if you travel with a group and a dedicated guide, you will be quite safe and have the opportunity to learn all about this fascinating country and culture. Ukraine also has some of the most beautiful natural areas, so be sure to get outside and enjoy the unspoilt natural beauty.

See all tours to Ukraine »

7. Serbia

Castle in Serbia

Another surprise on the list is the uptick in interest for Serbia. Conflict over Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008 has somewhat clouded this Eastern European nation. Tours to the Balkans regularly include a stop in Serbia, however there are fewer tour companies with Serbia centric itineraries.  

See all tours to Serbia »

8. Sweden

Sweden landscape with bright red barn

Sweden saw an enormous jump in popularity as well between 2017 and 2018. This Scandinavian nation snuggled between Finland and Norway is a fantastic getaway for travelers eager to dive into Europe’s northern regions. Get your city fix in the capital, Stockholm, before venturing out to explore the true Scandinavian natural beauty of Sweden.

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9. Mozambique

Women walking on dusty road in Mozambique

This beachy African destination, with the wildlife haven of Madagascar only 700 miles offshore is a classic travel spot for soaking up a welcoming culture, delicious food, and spectacular views. Mozambique is often included as a stop on tours that also visit South Africa and Zimbabwe.

See all tours to Mozambique »

10. Finland

Finland winter travel

Rounding out at number 10 is another Scandinavian country: beautiful Finland. This calm and quiet land is ideal for travelers who like to take it easy and savor the moment. Finland is a place to zip up a comfy jacket and enjoy the brisk forest. Finland is perfectly lovely in the summertime, but it is during the winter that the country’s allure and beauty is off the charts.

See all tours to Finland »

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Biggest Change, 2017 vs 2018: Cities & Regions

1. Nile River

Nile river cruise

Moving up 146 spots to come in at #1 for cities and regions, is the Nile River. Known most of course as a waterway through Egypt, the Nile actually flows through 9 countries. But the Egypt portion is by far the most popular for travelers and tour companies alike. Travelers are now feeling more comfortable about visiting the North Africa / Middle East region and a Nile River cruise is a great way to visit.

See all tours and cruises on the Nile River »

2. Arizona

Grand canyon lit up at sunset in Arizona

Home to the Grand Canyon, beautiful desert landscapes, and plenty of callbacks to the mystified American West, Arizona is actually growing dramatically as a tourist destination. Certainly this is a popular travel destination for families, but also a great spot for hard core adventurers looking for thrills. Be prepared for the heat! More global tour companies are adding Arizona tours for a variety of age groups, and some are focused exclusively on Arizona trips.

3. Missouri River

Missouri river cruise in united states

Another United States destination makes the list at number 3. The Missouri River region is definitely niche - even for American travelers. Flowing in a southward direction, the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi and is a popular choice if you are looking for a calm, historic river cruise off the more crowded Mississippi route.

See all Missouri River cruises »

4. Cusco

Cusco in Peru, top city destination

Peru as a travel destination can be overshadowed by it’s most famous attraction: the Inca city at Machu Picchu. Cusco is a frequent stop for travelers getting ready to make their way to Machu Picchu, which could partly account for its placement in the top 10. However it is also likely that travelers are beginning to discover Cusco as a great destination in its own right, rather than a stop-over to Machu Picchu.

Cusco is an extremely vibrant city with markets selling traditional textiles, amazing Peruvian food, museums, and plenty of ancient ruins to explore.

See all tours that visit Cusco »

5. Tunis

Tunis architecture tunisia

Also included above in the Top 10 Cities & Regions for 2019, Tunis may seem like a surprise, though adventurous travelers have been in the know about this unique city for at least a few years already. The capital of Tunisia, Tunis is known for showcasing both the old and new side by side.

See all tours that visit Tunis »

6. The Silk Road

Traveling on the silk road in Asia

An ancient network of trade routes through Asia from China to the Mediterranean, the Silk Road covers a wide range of countries and cultures. Train journeys through the region are popular, and a great way to travel if you have time and want to take it slow.

See all Silk Road tours »

7. The Canary Islands

Hiking on the canary islands

Off the coast of Spain lie the Canary Islands. Idyllic umbrella lined beaches and bright blue waters are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this relaxing travel spot. The Canary Islands are great for a getaway lying on the beach, but they also provide many wonderful opportunities for adventures and sightseeing. Think hiking through lush forests, or exploring the preserved architecture of colonial era towns.

See all Canary Islands tours & cruises »

8. British Columbia

Bright blue lake in British Columbia Canada

This province on the wild Western coast of Canada is perfect for outdoorsy travel, and a particularly nice for older travelers seeking a nice intersection of activity and comfortable amenities. There are numerous destinations in British Columbia to satisfy every travel urge. From the vibrant city of Vancouver to the gorgeous Banff National Park with its pristine blue lakes, to the remote Victoria Island.

See all British Columba tours »

9. Salvador

Salvador Brazil Bahia

This Brazilian seaside city on the Eastern coast of Brazil is a great spot for travelers who love visiting local hot spots and mingling with members of the community. Salvador is the capital of Bahia and a perfect off-the-beaten path Brazilian getaway.

See all tours that visit Salvador »

10. Boston

Boston historical tour

Rounding out the list is a classic American city, Boston. Regularly included on tours of the East Coast United States, and often a stop on Fall Foliage tours as well, Boston is a perfect stop for history buffs. Much of the political formation of America during the 1700s took place in Boston and the city is full of historical landmarks. Boston rose 83 spots on our list to make it into the top 10 - we predict more Americans and international travelers alike will be visiting this vibrant city in 2019!

See all tours that visit Boston »

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Will you be traveling to any of these wonderful destinations in the coming year? Or perhaps adding to a growing bucket list? Let us know your thoughts with a comment!

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