Touring Croatia, coastline view of Rovinj

Croatia - Best Tours & Trips 2019

Croatia is one of Europe's hottest destinations, and occupies an enviable position on the Adriatic. Its island-dotted coast makes it perfect for exploring by small ship cruise lines, which can dock at off-the-beaten-path isles like Hvar and Trogir. Medieval cities Dubrovnik and Split provide glimpses into the region's storied past, but are gastronomically up-to-date.
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Trip Type Trip Type Classic Tour Groups are between 25-60 people, typically ~30-40. Usually there will be many opportunities to split off and enjoy meals and excursions in smaller groups. This is the most economical way to travel, saving up to 40% versus booking the same itinerary yourself.
Small Group Guided Experiences Small groups are usually defined as between 10 and 24 travelers, often less. If you're the kind of person who enjoys more intimate experiences and personal service this is a good choice. All else being equal you will pay a premium for this style vs a larger group tour.
River Cruise These vessels are smaller than most ocean cruisers, limiting which amenties are available. Passenger counts can vary. One of the biggest advantages of a river cruise is the ability to dock at smaller ports and local villages.
Small Ocean Cruise Small ship cruises usually have a max passenger count of 500. The primary purpose of these trips is to spend time off the vessel in local ports (e.g. Mediterranean) or experiencing nature (e.g Galapagos or Antarctica). Cabins can vary from budget to luxury.
Private Tour Private tours give you the undivided attention of a guide, and often involve special access to sites and unique experiences not available to larger groups. This is a great option for families, couples, and small friend groups. Expect to pay a bit more for the extra service.
Independent Package A travel company plans your itinerary and arranges all the logistics including lodging, local activities, and transportantion. You have the flexibility of a solo trip while still getting the convience and time savings of expert planning. Get 90% of the benefits of a tour, without a guide.
Vacation / Holiday Package Similar to a self guided tour, this usually involves a home base, such as a hotel or resort, with packaged activities and day tours as a part of the stay.
Large Ocean Cruise This is the "floating city" experience, with multiple ways to enjoy your vacation aboard the ship as much as on land. Ships are multiple floors, provide several activities, culinary, and shopping options. They often make fewer stops and have less time available for shore excursions.

Tour Styles

Lodging Level Lodging Level Camping Typically involves most nights sleeping in tents (sometimes permanent tented sites) or in rustic cabins and lodges.
Basic - 2 star You'll stay in no-frills, but clean and comfortable, hotels or guesthouses. A 'Basic' trip might also involve a few nights of camping.
Value - 3 star Mid-range budget with accommodations ranging from comfortable lodges, guesthouses, and homestays to three star hotels.
Premium - 4 star 3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards.
Luxury - 5 star The highest level of comfort and service. All accomodations are in four or five star hotels, boutique lodges or high-end homestays.

Price From*

$ 219 $ 10,000+

Price Per Day

Trip Length


Physical Level Physical Level Very Easy Minimal walking - motor vehicles available for all major parts of trip.
Easy Normal generally flat walking in urban or suburban environments.
Moderate Walking or physical activity half to most of day - no carrying equipment.
Strenuous All or most of day hiking or biking, hills included.
Extreme Very challenging all day hiking and backpacking carrying significant equipment.

Travel Theme

Travelers Age

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Solo Friendly Solo Friendly Good for Singles Trips that specifically cater to travelers looking to meet other singles.
No Single Supplement Trips where single supplement is usually not required for solo travelers.


Flights & Transport

Continents & Regions

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Top Croatia Experiences and Attractions

Top Croatia Experiences

Walking through ancient Roman ruins from when Rome conquered the area in the 2nd century BC.    

Exploring the beautiful Dalmatian Coast.

Visiting the urban city of Zaberg

Taking a sailing tour along Croatia’s incredible coastline

Savoring Croatia’s eclectic cuisine, which combines Italian, Turkish and other culinary influences.

Touring the city of Dubrovnik where much of Game of Thrones was filmed.

Enjoying an afternoon in Plitvice National Park with its hundreds of waterfalls and pristine blue water.

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Croatia Trip Reviews

613 Croatia Tour Reviews - Summary 97% Recommend

4.6 out of 5
Excellent 525
Great 194
Average 27
Disappointing 6
Terrible 6

Tour Reviews Write a Review


  • Value 1.0
  • Guide 1.0
  • Activities 2.0
  • Lodging 3.0
  • Transportation 4.0
  • Meals 3.0

Worst tour of my life. Unprofessional, disorganised. Whoever designed this intinary should be sacked. Things closed on the day all trip dates visit. No food stops in serbia and croatia.

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Operator Topdeck

Misleading and often just plain dishonest.

  • Value 1.0
  • Guide 3.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 3.0
  • Transportation 1.0
  • Meals 3.0

We paid for a 3 week luxury river cruise but received a large group bus trip across Europe with many days of packing and unpacking. I called our Viking representative when we received an email message just 2 days prior to departure that mentioned a possibility of problems with low river levels. I was assured that everything was "normal" In reality, as we learned later from ship personnel, nothing has been normal for at least 3 months. About 2 weeks prior to departure, we received by mail, lovely personalized booklets describing all the details of our voyage on the Viking Lif, which we were to board in Russe, Romania. Instead, we boarded the Viking Aegir but not at Russe, because the Danube was too low. Instead we rode buses upstream to a port on the Romanian side directly opposite our first scheduled stop at Nikopol, Bulgaria. We had a beautiful cruise through the Iron gate gorge, but after three more scheduled stops in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia, our voyage was terminated in Mohacs, Hungary, an unscheduled place two days short of reaching Budapest. So we were herded into buses for a 1.8 hour ride each way to our scheduled stop at Kalocsa. The next day we retraced the journey to Kalocsa and continued an extra 1.5 hours to reach Budapest. We lost the entire morning in Budapest and spent the night at the Marriott hotel. The next day we lost the entire afternoon in that city because we had to take a 4 hour bus ride to Vienna. Where we were put aboard the Viking Embla. Our voyage on that ship ended two steps later at Passau Germany. After a day in Passau we went upriver for a short distance and it seemed that we had entered the canal to take us to the Main river. But much to our surprise, it was a dead end channel for an industrial port. We spent two days there with our balcony room moored tightly against another Viking ship so there was nothing to look at but the scenery at that site was even worse than looking at someone else's window and the balcony was unusable anyway due to the unpleasant odors at that site. The pattern continued with a long round trip bus ride the next day to our scheduled stop at Regensburg and a 3 plus hour trip the following day to Nuremberg where we finally boarded the Viking Lif. A crew member told us that the Lif had not traveled east of Nuremberg for 3 months. We sailed from Nuremberg to scheduled stops in Bamberg, Wurzburg, and Werthiem and then our voyage terminated for good at an unscheduled port in Mainz. Once again we endured a long round trip journey to our next scheduled stop at Koblenz, followed by a 10 plus hour bus trip (with lunch and a walking tour in Cologne) to Amsterdam and a night in a hotel. Despite a promise that our bags would be in our rooms (they did take great care to provide us with tags so they could easily keep our bags organized) all the baggage was dumped in the hotel garage and it took a good 15 minutes of searching to find it and then take it to our rooms ourselves. There is much more, but it would only be more descriptive of the misery of this trip. We know Viking didn't cause the low river levels, but they did not need to lie to us and make us suffer because of it.

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Operator Viking River Cruises

Mountain walking in a beautiful country

  • Value 4.0
  • Guide 4.0
  • Activities 4.0
  • Lodging 4.0
  • Transportation 4.0
  • Meals 4.0

The first part of the week is a whistle-stop tour of some of Croatia's top
spots (Dubrovnik old town, Bol on the island of Brac, Split, Skradinski buk
waterfalls), with a walk each day and quite a bit of travelling.

The remainder of the week is at one base, with longer, mountain walks in
Paklenica National Park and a final few hours in Zadar before the plane home.

Our Croatian guide was brilliant and gave us loads of insights into the
history of the area, how the mountain people lived as well as taking us to an
authentic Croatian restaurant, a mountain refuge and visits to local houses
where we sampled local produce.
I loved the sunset at Dubrovnik old town, plus the views from the summits we
visited were absolutely stunning (my favourite was probably from Vidova Gora
on Brac island).

Zeljko, our guide, was fantastic. He couldn't have been any better. He was
extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer everybody's questions. He
loved his country and wanted to share his knowledge with us whenever he got
the opportunity. We got a real insight into the complicated history of the
country and into the way people live.

We were caught out by an unexpected storm while up on a mountain walk one
day. The Bora winds were far stronger than forecast and we had to get off the
mountain as it was dangerous. Zeljko was calm and professional, got everyone
to safety and managed to organise alternative transport for us all to get us
to our destination on the island of Brac. He also made sure that everyone got
to where they needed to be at the end of the week (as not everyone was
travelling home on the group flight).

If you want to swim, the sea around Dubrovnik was lovely and warm but at
Starigrad Paklenica it was chilly (to say the least)! This could just be
because of the weather but it's possibly more protected around Dubrovnik.
Also the opportunity to swim around the Skradinski Buk waterfalls was not
quite what I had imagined. It's fairly touristy and the area for swimming is
quite restricted. Also, if you want to wander around the waterfalls on the
wooden walkways you won't have time to swim as well.

Many of the mountain paths are rocky and loose. If you are used to mountain
walking you won't have a problem but some people in the group found this
more difficult.

We went at the end of September and it was chillier than expected on some
days (but very hot on others). As well as light hiking gear, make sure you
take a waterproof jacket AND trousers, take some long trousers - not just
shorts, and possibly even a pair of light gloves and a hat.

Croatia is a beautiful country. This trip gave me a really good overview and
insight into the Dalmatian coastal region (as well as some very enjoyable
walking). I definitely want to go back!

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Operator Exodus Travels

Blown away!

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0

Our week in Croatia was a very enjoyable mix of hiking, sightseeing,
socialising, food and wine. It also included perhaps a little too much
adventure when the bora winds struck. On our second hike the winds, gusting
at record speeds, literally blew several of us off our feet. Luckily injuries
were limited to bruises and scrapes. Our leader, Zeljko Zarak, managed to get
us all safely back despite road closures and emergency conditions.
Otherwise the weather was beautiful, the hikes challenging but satisfying and
the companionship of the group very pleasant. Some beach time was also
included, as well as historical and architectural experiences in Dubrovnik,
Split and Zadar.
Zeljko provided very interesting and informative background on the history
and politics of the country.
I liked the fact that dinners were on our own but also appreciated Zeljko
arranging several optional meals, particularly a bean soup lunch at the
midpoint of one hike and a superb dinner at a family farm in Bol. My
girlfriend and I are vegan/vegetarian and were initially concerned by what we
heard was a heavily meat-based diet in Croatia. But we were very pleased with
the options available to us.
We were also told the hotels were very basic but all of them were excellent
and each was better than the last as we moved from Dubrovnik to Bol to
Starigrad and then Zadar.
When adversity struck in the form of record bora winds I was impressed with
the way the group pulled together, helping my girlfriend and I with first aid
for our bumps, scrapes and shock. And our leader, Zeljko Zarak, kept everyone
together, safe and calm. He got us into a sheltered space and then shepherded
us to a nearby inn for warm drinks and comfort while he organised
transportation. This wasn't easy as this was a real emergency in that part of
Croatia. We heard later about an emergency rescue for other hikers and
reports of a windsurfer missing and presumed dead. All the locals said this
was very early for the bora winds and that they were stronger than anything
in the past 100 years. Roads were closed but Zeljko was able to arrange vans
to get us safely back to our hotel.

Zeljko Zarak was excellent, very personable and helpful. He also provided
excellent on the area, its history and politics.

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Operator Exodus Travels

A great mixture of being active, sight seeing and relaxation

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0

All the reviews provide great advice and insights - I recommend reading them
and I'll try not to duplicate their excellent advice.

It is a Level 3 hike, so it's not a stroll in the park on flat surface.
You'll enjoy the trip more if you've put some training before hand. Look at
Exodus' training advice. As Kathryn mentioned, the Dalmatian Coast is
limestone so lots of different size rocks, and lots of going up, and down.
Take good hiking boots and poles are really helpful.

For the going up, work on your cardio so you're not winded and you can enjoy
the views.

For going down, work into you daily routine going down stairs. Forward and
backward lunges using a bosu is also good to help strength your knees/quads
for the descents.

All of the hotels had access to swimming, so bring a bathing suit. There's
nothing better than going for a swim after a long hike. The beach in Bol is
lovely and it was so nice to just relax.

Seeing Dubrovnik, Bol, Split and Starigrad were a nice "taste" of Croatia.
It was also great to have a couple of nights in each location so you didn't
always feel like you arrived and then had to pack up and go.
A lot of people have asked me this and I have a hard time picking one thing.
The trip is a great blend of many, many elements from traditional sight
seeing to the hiking. I love being active during the day and then going back
to the hotel for a swim and a lovely meal at a local restaurant.

The people on my tour and our conversations were also a highlight. We were a
diverse group (Canada, UK, US and Germany) from mid 30s to 60s, with
different backgrounds (artist, engineers, health professionals, IT, lawyer,
marketing, publishing, teachers, etc). I know I've made some new friends on
this trip.

Ivan is awesome and it's easy to underestimate how good he is.

Herding 16 adults is a challenge and he did it with skill and diplomacy. As
I mentioned, we're a diverse group and we all had different ideas of what we
wanted out of our holiday and he took into account.

This was my first Exodus trip and I'm looking to do another trip in part
based on Ivan.

As noted above, put in time before hand to do some training so you can enjoy
the trip. While going up is harder for cardio, most people have more
challenges with going down.

A couple of months before add going down stairs. It will help to build up
your quads and strengthen your knees. I did this leading up to the trip and
I didn't have any problems. I was given this advice before going to do the
Inca Trail and I didn't listen to it. On the Inca trail I was stiff but in
Croatia I didn't have any issues. (Exodus also rates their Inca Trail trip a
Level 3.)

It's a great trip. Highly recommend it.

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Operator Exodus Travels

Croatia Tours and Travel Guide

Croatia Attractions & Landmarks Guide

If any country has played a role as a crossroad of history, it’s present-day Croatia.  Because of its key location spanning Eastern and Western cultures, this West Virginia-size nation, along with neighbors which comprised the former Yugoslavia, provided a bridge and melting pot of peoples over the centuries.  Among those who came, went and left their influences were ancient Greeks, Romans and Venetians. 

This rich kaleidoscope of cultures, ethnicities and religions, along with its storied history, natural beauty and other attractions, has elevated Croatia into a major magnet for travelers seeking an authentic experience. The result: While the country ranks only 127th in size, it’s the world’s 18th most popular tourist destination.

Croatia’s cities, towns and villages serve as living history museums that immerse visitors in centuries past.

Dubrovnik, “Pearl of the Adriatic”

Dubrovnik, a World Heritage Site, was a major city-state and maritime trade center from the 14th through 18th centuries. Its reach and power throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas rivaled that of Venice. 

The intact fortress walls that surround the old city, its wealth of stunning architecture, historic monuments and maze of narrow streets transport visitors back to those heady times -- one of the main reasons it has served as a shooting location for the HBO TV series Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik suffered heavy damage in the early 1990s, when Croatia sought to become a sovereign country following the breakup of Yugoslavia but was opposed and attacked by local Serb forces and the Serb-controlled Yugoslav People's Army. 

Since then, the historic core of the city has been restored to its former splendor.  The city walls, accentuated by three forts, 16 towers and other fortifications, are among the best-preserved and most beautiful in Europe. Built over a span of 600 years beginning in the 12th century, they create a 1-1/4-mile long defensive ring around the old city, and a “walk on the walls” is a favorite activity for visitors.     

Zagreb, Split, and Beyond

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, claims architectural treasures that echo the charms of Vienna, Budapest, Prague, and other great European cities. Many historic monuments grace the Lower Town and Baroque Upper Town. More contemporary touches include the seemingly wall-to-wall cafes and coffee houses that are packed with people throughout the days and evenings.

Split boasts Roman ruins – the 4th century Emperor Diocletian’s Palace -- built right into the center of the city. (Remnants of Roman structures are grouped along the coastline, dotted throughout the countryside and preserved in cities.) A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Split also contains medieval and Renaissance architecture. Tiny Trogir,  another World Heritage Site along with coast, is a medieval gem.

The defensive walls that encircle the medieval hill hamlet of Hum (pronounced Hoom) are distinctive because houses were built into them. Tiny Hum consists of just two short streets, has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest town in the world, and locals claim a current population of 17, 18 or “about 20.”

The adjacent seaside resorts of Lovran and Opatija (oh-pah-tee-uh) have a history of tourism dating back to Roman times, when both were popular with patrician families who built impressive villas. At the end of the 19th century, the towns once again became fashionable vacation destinations for aristocratic families, whose elegant homes still grace the setting.

Mother Nature at Her Best

The main natural attraction is Plitvice Lakes National Park, which encompasses a series of 16 lakes linked by waterfalls and rivulets that cascade from one to another.  The lakes themselves reflect the colors of their surroundings, from emerald green and turquoise to blue and gray.

Another popular setting is the line of beaches strung out along Croatia’s long coastline on the Adriatic Sea.  While most are pebble beaches, there also are inviting sandy stretches – and 97 of them have Blue Flag status, an international award based upon water quality and other standards.

The Croatian coast is also lined with a thousand little islands like Korcula and Hvar, which combine medieval architecture and natural beauty. Small ship cruises often stop there. 

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Local Attractions: 

Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, Plitvice National Park, Rovinj, Pula Arena, Diocletian's Palace & Many More

Top Activities:

Small-Ship Cruises, Sailing Cruises & Historic Sightseeing

Similar Destinations:      

ItalyFranceSpain & Greece

Top Croatia Travel Companies

Things to Know Before You Go

Sailing Croatia

If you love being on the water, and are a bona fide skipper, a nautical tour of Croatia may be your dream come true. It is not only possible to sail Croatia -- jumping from island to island on the calm, sapphire Adriatic aboard a gorgeous sailboat -- this is one popular form of guided tour.

Whether you restrict yourself to Croatia, or decide to explore all of the Balkans, traveling by sailboat is a relaxing and intimate experience, the ideal aquatic version of a Croatia vacation.

Croatia Cycling and Bike Tours

If you want access to some of the most beautiful, scenic bike trails on the planet, consider going on a cycling tour of Croatia’s Dalmation Coast. Your guide will be able to save you the hassle of meticulously planning your routes, packing food, maps, and foreign dictionaries, and allow you to focus on the physical activity and your breathtaking surroundings. Not only this, but on a multi-day escorted bike tour, your guide is likely to take you off of the mainland to enjoy some island views.

What to Know Before Going on A Croatia Bike Tour
  • Weather: Croatia has a typical Mediterranean climate. This means, in the summer, expect weather in the high 70’s. Luckily, Croatia is not prone to rain, although you may want to pack a small waterproof jacket just in case it does, or the wind leaves you a little chillier in the early morning -- you will spend a lot of time outdoors on a bike tour!
  • How should I be? This largely depends on what level of tour you embark on. Stride can help you look for easier cycling tours, but make sure to reach out to tour providers for more information about what kind of endurance you need.
  • Croatia roads: The roads in Croatia are usually well paved, and as you will be traveling on the scenic routes, you should not encounter much vehicular traffic.
  • What’s the difference between guided and self guided tours? Guided tours usually include a lot more than a self-guided tour. You will not only have a person with you to help or answer any questions, but you will often benefit from services such as various included meals, transfers to and from the airport, and van support.

Best Times to Visit Croatia

While there really is not a bad time to visit Croatia, each season comes with its own significance. When you are planning your vacation, it’s important to take into consideration certain seasonal associations like weather, festivities and limitations.


Winter in Croatia varies by region. At its coastline, the region has a mediterranean climate and remains relatively warm. Dubrovnik is perfect for those who love celebrating the holidays but cannot stand the cold. Dubrovnik’s Christmas Fair celebrates with live music, local foods, and performances. For those looking for something sweet, Opatija hosts their annual Chocolate Festival every December.

Moving inland, the weather gets much colder. Croatia’s central and northern regions usually have snow by the end of December. Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, also has a Christmas Fair in Ban Josip Jelačić Square where you can celebrate with live performance and music.

Plitvice National Park can be visited in the winter, but it should be noted that bad weather conditions can sometimes cause the rangers to close off certain parts of it. Before you make the journey out to the park, make sure you check its official website for any weather related updates. When the conditions are mild and pleasant, the park truly looks like a winter wonderland.  


Spring time weather throughout Croatia is relatively mild and warm. It is also far less busy with tourist. In central Croatia, the weather varies slightly between warm and cool temperatures. This is largely due to frequent winds that blow prominently during this time of the year. At its coastline, there are also frequent winds, but the weather is much warmer.

Throughout Croatia, there are numerous festivals that celebrate the blooming vegetation. In April, Dubrovnik’s FestiWine has become a popular activity for locals and visitors alike.  Zagreb has the Floraart International Garden Show and International Street Festival every May. And the Flower Fair of Zadar every April is a must-see.

With the recently melted snow, Croatia’s national parks are in prime conditions. Its waterfalls are in full force, the landscape has an endless array of shrubbery, and the wildlife is full of mothers raising their young.


Croatia is mostly warm and sunny during its summer months. However, occasional rain is common, especially in central and northern Croatia. The height of Croatia’s tourism season is also within these months. If you want to miss the crowds, then go in late May or early June. By July and August, it is at peak season for tourism.

But, there are some pros to traveling during tourism high season. The weather is usually constantly warm. This means that nothing will be closed off at any of the national parks. It is also good for getting around. Because of the influx of visitors, most bus and boat routes add more times to their schedule.


Fall in Croatia gets the tail end of the summer craziness. The weather is warm, but it isn’t unbearably hot. Most destinations and attractions are slightly less crowded.

Plus, most cities are celebrating the autumn season in some festive way. By the coastline, the water is still warm and there is plenty of sunshine. The national parks are just as lovely and transportation is still easily accessible.

If you are looking for a quieter and more relaxing trip, then Croatia in the fall is a good idea.

All Croatia tours, river cruises, expedition cruises, and adventure trips. Find the best guided trips and expert planned vacation and holiday packages. Average rating of 4.6 for all Croatia trips.

452 trips from 100 tour companies with 613 reviews

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