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Beauiful Croatia July 2019


Jewels of the Adriatic: Croatia & Slovenia

This was our first Bus Tour. While we did enjopy the spots we visited, we felt that there were too many towns and not enough time in each, necessitating more time on the bus. Nevertheless the value of the tour is undeniable. The Tour director Jon, was extremely professional and he was a huge positive on the trip. The topography of Croatia was spectacular, the Sea and mountain views were gorgeous. Lake Bled, the Postojna Caves, Opatija/Plitvice Lakes, Debrovnik, the Roman Ruins, Zagreb were wonderful. The hotels were all clean and rooms were comfortable. Unfortunately my partner Barbara fell and injured her face and broke her glasses on the way to Debrovnik. Jon was extremely concerned offered to find a doctor ()which Barbara declined) but Jon took the broken glasses to an occulist who temporarliy repaired the frames. Two of our fellow travelors who were Nurses took care of Barbara after the accident. Read more

Operator SmarTours



The amazing places we saw July 2019


Road Scholar Company Reviews

I liked everything about my RS tour of the Oregon Coast - the amazing places we saw; our well-informed and caring tour director Kathleen Fitzgerald; the capable and quietly efficient bus driver Tim; the vastly knowledgeable Earth Science specialist John Ford; the excellent local guides Audrey and Mike; the variety of group meals and eating locations; the convenient accommodations; and the wonderful tour co-participants. Also, before the tour, helpful Road Scholar staff and volunteers checked on all my health and nutrition needs. In all - an exquisite experience, which made me rush and book another Road Scholar tour for September. :-) Georgiana Read more

Operator Road Scholar


Does Not Recommend

Sail in Greece SUCKS June 2019


YOLO CRUISE - Mykonos to Santorini

Here is a May 2019 review. I would not recommend this tour to anyone. Our group of 10 emailed the company post-tour explaining our dissatisfaction with the whole week, and they are taking absolutely no ownership of any issues. We asked for reimbursement/compensation. It was declined. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that because the reviews are conflicting, that they have pulled their socks up and improved recently. The more reviews I read, the more I notice many reviews are suspiciously vague and too positive. I suspect those reviews might be fake.

My main issues are with the safety and cleanliness of the boat. There are absolutely no safety briefings as you board the ship and a lot of my group did not know where the life jackets were. This became relevant when we had awful weather that was throwing the boat around as if it was nothing, breaking the anchor/chain. The crew were telling us that it was quite normal to have rough seas but if that is the case, it makes sense to prepare the group for the possibility. We had to sail for 8 hours in the night and we all had no idea what to expect or do. Things were smashing, broken glass everywhere, you could not stand or even sit without being thrown out of your seat. Communication from the crew was poor especially that night and would not have happened without our insistence.

The boat stinks. I absolutely refuse to believe that sailing boats normally smell like this. Vomit from seasickness and other human waste fermenting presumably in a septic tank is not something I had ever smelt before and hope never to smell again. This smell comes up through all the drains so it’s inescapable. The toilets were flushing with brown pooey water. Often you would find someone else’s poo in your toilet having made its way around all the pipes of the ship. It's horrifying. Oh, also I had a ‘functioning’ toilet. Half the ship did not so some of the group were literally holding in their poo until they got to land, so as not to make a big unflushable pile and make the smell worse. I didn’t know this until our final night on the boat. Many people bring the smell up when they review this tour and Sail In Greece state ‘no issues were reported by our staff’ every time. But based on what I saw, I doubt the crew are doing a daily updated check in with head office. For example: no toilet paper is allowed to go down the toilet, which is fair, but we were told the bins would be changed each day. My bin was changed once in 7 days. I doubt that if they give that few fucks about the cleanliness of the cabin bathrooms that they are doing daily quality assurance and reporting back on it. Oh and my ‘freshly made’ bed had a top blanket which had some crusty white stuff on it.

Things described on the itinerary are not likely to happen. Our itinerary described free ouzo, a night of unlimited cocktails, a private boat party with DJ. When we enquired about this, our tour guide had absolutely no idea. Because Niko was such a lovely guy I am reluctant to throw him under the bus but he is employed by the company and he should also be familiar with what has been quoted on the itinerary. Sail in Greece replied to our email saying "at no point did we say drinks are provided" but it absolutely read like that, otherwise we would not have expected it. For 10 separate people to interpret a statement the same way, you've used misleading words.

Sail In Greece have this disclaimer: ‘the itinerary is subject to change at the captains discretion or due to unforeseen circumstances’ but I think they use this to cover themselves to change things on a whim, things that are completely within their control. We are reasonable enough to understand that the weather can be unpredictable. But we lost two full days of activities and time on the islands due to a administration problems with them needing to get a new captain? It's frustrating beyond belief to be ready waiting to go and the crew can't tell you what is happening. And being stuck on the boat literally all day.

It was an absolute shitshow and if you read all that I am glad because it probably means you were quite seriously considering this trip. Don’t book with Sail In Greece.
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Operator Sail in Greece


Does Not Recommend

Expect no help, ignored, no resolution if issue on tour occurs Rate 0 June 2019


Highlights of Sicily & Southern Italy

Rate 0, would never touch Globus or Cosmos tour again. Be warned if there is an issue with your tour - Don't expect Globus to help you or provide a resolution – care factor is nil. Don't risk it - don't buy Globus or Cosmos. Globus and CEO of Globus accepts and approves employee bad behavior - including lying, disrespect and mock client in front of them and putting the client health and safety at risk - I have proof in emails that support this. Had major trouble on a Cosmos 15 night trip in Sicily - 10 nights of 15 nights trip went through extreme stress and no resolution (not during the trip or after rectification).

The tour guide was extremely unprofessional in behavior - lying to clients repeating, tour guide was disrespectful, mock, belittle, laugh about and downgrade clients in front of them in Italian thinking they don't understand what you are saying (clients understood what was said and extremely upset), the tour guide and company ignore risks and forced two of the shared clients to share with another that was an issue (that person should not been allowed to purchase a twin share or should of been told to get own room on tour - sharing with this person posed WHS hazards with power cords hanging mid high across room for their medical equipment (trip hazard) and breach of privacy and access to basic amenities (sharing with a stranger twin share - where can't shut bathroom door to go to toilet or shower - as the only power point is in bathroom and her equipment had to be plugged in for life support). Multiple clients on tour complained to tour guide for 10 days and demanded another room, the tour guide did not deal with it and lied, also mocked and disrespected clients in front of them. While on tour multiple complaints emailed direct to Globus as governing body did nothing and swept it under the table and ignored it. Multiple complaints was lodge after trip as well - still no action or resolution, Multiple complaints alerting CEO of Globus (12 pages letter full examples, photos and correspondence - still no action and I specifically ask CEO questions Does the CEO accept staff bad behaviour and breach of code of conduct - approving Globus staff lying, disrespectful, mocking clients and in Italian too and a whole heap more - I received a call today and YES the CEO of Globus approves the bad behaviour of staff and clients being disrespecting, mocking, lying and more. I travel extensively all over the world for 28 years, no other Tour company does this - all other companies will resolve it. Don't risk it - don't use Globus or Cosmos - if you have an issue you wont get help. Use another tour company - there are plenty of good ones out there who will stand by their service.
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Operator Globus



It was fun to be able to spend time alone with our grandson June 2019


Road Scholar Company Reviews

We did a grandparent/grandchild trip with Road Scholar and it was a wonderful experience!
It was fun to be able to spend time alone with our grandson, and it was fun for him and us to meet new people.
We plan to do another trip next year with our other grandson!
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Operator Road Scholar



Its a stop on your life's adventure May 2019


Road Scholar Company Reviews

Its not a trip, its a stop on your life's adventure and learning. My trip to the gardens of England and the Chelsea flower show with Jenny Smale as our tour guide and Kevin Tooher as our botanical guide was beyond my expectations for a tour of the gardens of England. We stayed in top hotels, rode in a comfortable bus, ate great meals and visited private sites that would have been impossible except for their assistance. Our group bonded and will continue to stay in touch.
I took hundreds of photos and packaged them into a Powerpoint presentation that I gave to my local garden club. Hope to encourage others to try this tour.
Can't wait for my next Road Scholar visit.
I am checking off my bucket list with the family that I never knew I had.

I have added another Road Scholar trip for 2019. I will be sharing 9 days with a fried in Churchill Ca while we travel on tundra buggies to see Polar Bears. I had been researching this trip for years and then looked over the Road Scholar description. Not only was it thousands cheaper, but also more side adventures and time watching bears than similar trips. I look forward to adding great photos to my review.
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Operator Road Scholar

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