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A modern, progressive, and vibrant city, Guayaquil, the “Pearl of the Pacific”, has worked hard to improve its tourist infrastructure, becoming one of Ecuador’s top destinations, as well as one of the top destinations in South America.

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Top Guayaquil Experiences and Attractions

Top Guayaquil Experiences

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Guayaquil Trip Reviews

Guayaquil Tour Reviews - Summary
100% Recommend

4.8 out of 5
Excellent 125 Great 33 Average 1 Disappointing 0 Terrible 0
4.8 Guide
4.8 Activities
4.8 Lodging
4.8 Transportation
4.8 Meals



Activity-packed and spectacular trip with 4 nights, visiting the older, drier islands of the Galapagos December 2018


Galápagos — South & East Islands aboard the Yolita

  • Value 4.0
  • Guide 4.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 4.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 4.0
A stunning and unforgettable experience in landscapes and amidst wildlife every bit as wondrous as we had anticipated! This itinerary packed in numerous landings/hikes and snorkeling opportunities and enabled close-up observation of some of the birds and iguanas for which the islands are famous. The Yolita is considered to be one of the best boats used by G Adventures: the cabins were comfortable and the common areas spacious and pleasant. The 8-person crew was outstandingly efficient, helpful and good-humoured as well as being safety-conscious. They were perfectly trained to help with the sometimes wavy and choppy transfers between boat and panga (dinghy) or boat and rocky shore! They also cooked up very good meals every day. Our guide, Alberto, was very well-organized and knowledgeable, though it took him a while to become willing to engage with questions from the guests. G Adventures has many itineraries in the Galapagos on 4 different boats, though the details of daily shore excursions can change according to the Park authorities' micromanagement to ensure that places are not crowded. If prospective travellers have the money and time to take one of the longest cruises as to visit the geologically newer western and northern islands as well, which we could not do, then you should go for it as you will see different birds and animals than in the South and East. Wildlife viewing also varies with the seasons (warm & wetter versus cool & dry. We would have appreciated having the option to extend our trip by one more night, on land (Santa Cruz) so as to have had a chance to see giant tortoises in the wild instead of having to fly back to Quito mid-morning after an interesting but rushed visit to the Darwin research station. We wish that G Adventures had offered this as an option.
Footnote: G Adventures begins and ends all its Galapagos trips at the Hilton Colon hotel, which we liked very much - very friendly for a big hotel, heated outdoor pool and an amazing buffet breakfast if you have time to enjoy it - our tour left for Galapagos at 4:30AM...
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Operator G Adventures



Wonderful October 2018


Andes to Amazon

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Amazon to Andes involves a fair amount of bus time, but the diversity
encountered is well worth it. Some exertion is required, since walks of a
couple of hours at high altitudes are involved; but anyone reasonably fit
will do just fine. Most of the tour is above 8000 feet; two nights in the
Amazon are lower, as is the final day around Guayaquil. Mosquitos were
(surprisingly) not present except in the mangroves, last day. Ecuador is a
very easy and interesting country to visit. People are friendly, and are
obviously proud of their ecological and cultural heritage. Accommodations
and food on the trip were excellent, and the tour leader was well informed
and experienced (20 years). Highly recommend this trip for anyone
interested in exploring this wonderful small country.
Really too many to count; it depends on whether one's main interest is in the
Various cultures or in the huge diversity of flora/fauna.

Pablo was amazing - highest marks!

Don't worry about bugs, mosquito nets, or anything like that. Just come with
some dollars for food, tips, and a few souvenirs and an adventurous spirit.
You will need a sweater and windbreaker on a couple of occasions (hiking on
Chimborazo or in the National Park), but otherwise moderate temps are typical
everywhere. Long sleeve shirts are normal, but a couple of short sleeves
will also come in handy. Bring a swim suit in case you want to spend 30
minutes on floating down the river.

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Operator Exodus Travels



Memorable trip, huge variety, breathless scenery, superb guide. October 2018


Andes to Amazon

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Ecuador is a very interesting country, much of it at significant altitude. In
March, on day one, on the equator the temperature in Quito at over 2000
metres was only about 20 degrees C but I got quite badly sunburned in just an
hour without a hat. The variety of environment was , as indicated by the name
of the trip, extreme from canoe trips in the Amazon rain forest to wearing
most of my clothes at nearly 5000 metres on Chimborazu.. In the past we have
shied away from group trips after some bad experiences but this time it was
the people that we were with that helped make the trip more enjoyable.
However what really made the trip memorable was our excellent guide Fabien
who took us to places that we would never have dreamed of going to and
introduced us to fascinating people that again we would never have met
without his help. Other than Guayaquil this was one of the best holidays we
can remember.
Seeing a full size crocodile launch itself into the river in the Mangrove
swamps - too quick to get a photo. I had no idea that crocs existed in South

He was excellent. Despite being under stress from both vehicle issues. (We
had to abandon the first minibus after just two days) and domestic issues
(his flat in Quito had caught fire because of a defective refrigerator) he
remained calm and made sure that we were all comfortable, well informed and
well fed.
Specifically he took us to fascinating markets, through doors into
extraordinary buildings and into roadside sugar processing plants. He had a
wicked sense of humour but showed great compassion when one of our party had
to return home early because of an unexpected bereavement and when my wife
struggled with the altitude.


Wear a hat during the day. The mosquito, dengue and yellow fever risk in the
part of Amazonia that we visited was minimal to non existent. Don't buy a toy
blow pipe. Only an 8 foot long one is accurate enough and powerful enough to
amuse your relatives in the UK. Wine is exceptionally expensive. Do try to
learn a bit of Spanish before you get there. Consult your GP about tactics to
overcome altitude problems. Coca tea is pretty ineffective.

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Operator Exodus Travels



Review of Peru/Galapagos combined trip August 2018


Machu Picchu & Galapagos - Nemo II

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
This was a memorable trip, very well organised, with all the flights (8 in
total) on time, all the local guides outstanding, and the itinerary
dovetailed together excellently.
Every day was equally great, but perhaps the Inca Trail Day 4 (the final day
of the trek - we just did this one day) was superb, ending with the panoramic
viewpoint of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate.

The Galapagos islands and wildlife were also very inspirational.

The Group Leader in Peru/Cusco - Fabrizzio was truly outstanding. As there
was just 2 of us in his group in Peru, he devoted much more time - including
our 'free day' - to showing us around in his personal time - than he actually
was scheduled to do. His knowledge of history, culture, geography and his
enthusiasm was great. A special thanks to Fabrizzio!

Our guides in Quito and the Galapagos were also excellent.

Yes. This trip is classified as 'easy/leisurely'. We both felt this
understates the demanding nature of the trip. Whilst there were no
technically difficult or dangerous elements, the itinerary was hugely
demanding (8 flights, many 4.30 -5.30 am starts, an arduous trek, and quite
demanding snorkelling in the Galapagos). Whilst we were both well able to
handle all this (we are both experienced walkers), many people might be
misled by the classification into thinking that it was a leisurely trip, and
might find it difficult.
Secondly, the flight schedule is dangerously tight in one place: the flight
from Cusco to Quito, with one stop in Lima only allowed for 1hr 5 mins gap at
Lima to transfer flights. Fortunately our Cusco flight landed on time, but
even so WE ONLY JUST MADE THE CONNECTION. Had our flight been just 10 mins
late from Cusco, we would definitely have missed the connection. This caused
us unnecessary stress at the time, and concerns that our luggage would not
make the transfer even if we as passengers did, in such a short time window.
Additionally it is IMPORTANT to flag to Exodus some misleading info
concerning baggage at Lima airport. You state in the trip notes that bags
must be collected in Lima, even though we have connecting flights thru to
Quito. This is NOT CORRECT. We checked most carefully with our guide, and
with the airline, who confirmed that the flight from Cusco to Quito via Lima
MUST have luggage booked through the whole trip. In fact, if we had collected
our bags in Lima and then gone thru all the re-booking of bags again for the
strongly recommend that a more secure flight connection (ie a longer gap) is
used on this leg of the trip in future.

Nemo II was a great boat for our Galapagos part of the trip. The crew were
amazing, the food outstanding, the standard of cleanliness and service
superb, and the naturalist Gabriel very well informed.

Our sincere thanks to Exodus and everone involved for a memorable trip!

John Farrington

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Operator Exodus Travels



Fabulous Trip April 2018


Andes to Amazon

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Absolutely brilliant trip. Everything I’d hoped for. Loads to see and
do. Lovely country, lovely people. Interesting and varied accommodation.
Great group of travelling companions.
I loved it all - but the stand-out moments were the visit to St Clemente, the
time in the jungle and shopping in Cuenca.

Pablo was excellent - extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and highly
organised. Mauricio our driver was also fantastic - I always felt very safe
on the sometimes challenging roads.

Things I took which I didn’t need!

1. Mosquito net.
2. Expensive and heavy Electricity voltage converter - the cheap 2- prong
adapters worked perfectly well.
3. Thermals and too many cold weather clothes - we really only had one
activity where extra layers were required and even then only a fleece and
light-weight jacket, although a warm hat was welcome.
4. Beach towel - towels are provided for the hot spring swim and tubing.

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Operator Exodus Travels

Guayaquil Tours and Travel Guide

Guayaquil Attractions & Landmarks Guide

A modern, progressive, and vibrant city, Guayaquil, the “Pearl of the Pacific”, has worked hard to improve its tourist infrastructure, becoming one of Ecuador’s top tour destinations, as well as one of the top destinations in South America.

The city is full of incredible art, museums, cuisine - both modern and traditional - history, and carefully maintained green spaces which allow for the diverse native birds and other wildlife to live within the city.

This is the largest city in Ecuador, situated in the country’s south west. It is the heartbeat of Ecuador - an essential port city known as the Gateway to the Pacific. Guayaquil has been instrumental in Ecuador’s development and growth. Don’t pass up a chance to visit this exciting and historic city!  

A Chocolate Legacy

One thing, visitors will be interested to learn while exploring G, is the city’s extensive history with chocolate, also called “cacao”. Guayaquil earned the nickname “Chocolate City” over a period of 150 years after it became the world’s first port for exporting cacao.

Since the 1800s, Ecuador has been exporting this fine product, which over the years has garnered a much deserved reputation for being of the most excellent quality. This has led to a specific class designation known as “Arriba Cocoa”. This label indicates the chocolate is officially from a specific bean grown in a micro region in Ecuador, which in turn is an indicator of its quality and taste.

Much like wine, true chocolate’s character has almost every to do with where it’s grown. This fact, first and foremost dictates how it is made. As the harvesting and production process continues, other decisions are made that influence taste, but it starts with the soil.

Guayaquil’s positioning as a port city made it a powerful and important center of commerce for numerous products, but chocolate has been one of the most important since the early 19th century.

Spain’s conquistadors held coveted knowledge of the product and its qualities for nearly two centuries before the rest of the world finally tasted it as well. For over one hundred years, until the Stock Market Crash in 1929, after which the industry had great difficulty finding its feet again.

Today, the industry is once again thriving, but had been missing a key component until very recently: tourism. For some reason, chocolate tours had not been a focus for Ecuador tourism, and it’s just beginning to build this infrastructure. Many of these tours are led from Guayaquil, the original chocolate city, where you can also taste Ecuador’s many chocolate varieties.

Top things to do in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is not only historic, it’s also beautiful, walkable and fun! Allow a few days here to absorb all it has to offer, both within the city and in the surrounding area.

1. Archaeology Museum (Municipal Museum)At the center of the city, the Municipal Museum in Guayaquil is one of the most comprehensive archaeological museums in South America. With the more famous Inca legacy of Peru, it can be easy to forget that modern day Ecuador was also an important and essential Inca stronghold.  

2. Historical ParkThis unique attraction was built in 1997, in effort to convey a historically accurate portrait of old Guayaquil. One of the best parts of this park is the wildlife area, which is home to hundreds of indigenous species, many of which are endangered. Here they are protected, and visitors can observe them up close as they walk through the beautiful space.

3. WaterfrontThe Guayaquil waterfront is the perfect place to relax and meander - taking a break from active sightseeing. You may also see the Waterfront called Malecon 2000, which is the official name of the urban renewal project that led to the spectacular boardwalk along the Guayas River.

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