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One Week in Kenya

Day 1-3, Lake Naivasha

      Day 1: After arriving in Nairobi, you will be transported to your accommodation in Lake Naivasha. There will be an arrival dinner and some briefing about your Kenya adventure!

      Day 2: Wake up early and grab some breakfast before you start out on your first game drive of the trip! The game drive will last for most of the day. Enjoy an evening dinner and watching the sunset over the lake.

      Day 3: An early morning drive to Hell’s Gate National Park kicks off the third day of the adventure. Spot animals such as giraffes, buffalo, and antelopes. Walk through the gorge with hot water springs, and waterfalls. Return to Lake Naivasha.

Day 4-5, Samburu National Park

      Day 4: The tour continues with the next stop being Samburu National Park. This park offers a different kind of game watching. The Camp sits on the Ewaso Nyiro River, so animals gravitate toward the river. Look out for Grevy’s zebras, giraffes, Elephants, Lions, and Leopards, to name a few.

      Day 5: Another full game drive around the Samburu National Park starts day 5 of the trip. Beyond seeing the animals at the river, you’ll be able to see them among the acacia, and river forests. There is an opportunity to see the red-robed Samburu tribesmen walking to the river with their cattle.

Day 6-7, Masai Mara

      Day 6: Fly to Masai Mara, and head over to the Sentinel Eco Camp. Upon arrival, take an evening game drive. Hang out around the campfire at dusk.

      Day 7: Spend your last morning in Kenya with a different view of a game drive, from a hot air balloon! Catch a flight to Nairobi before departing on your flight home.

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Two Weeks in Kenya

Day 1-4, Nairobi

      Day 1: Depart on flight to Nairobi

      Day 2: Arrive in Nairobi. Spend the day getting situated, exploring the city. There will be an evening dinner and meeting for a trip overview.

      Day 3: Spend the morning visiting the Karen Blixen museum, author of “Out of Africa”. Next is a stop at the giraffe center, with an elevated viewing platform. There’s even a chance to feed the Giraffes!

      Day 4: Take a day trip to Nairobi National Park, less than an hour outside the city. Admire the flat plains with the backdrop of city skyscrapers. There’s even a chance to spot some of the big 5 here!

Day 5-7, Mt. Kenya

      Day 5: Spend the morning driving through the Central Highlands towards Mt. Kenya. Admire the snowcap volcano as you continue driving to Samburu National Reserve. Spend the evening getting settled in the accommodation.

      Day 6: Start the morning with an early safari, as the animals are most active during the morning. Look out for Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions, crocodiles, and hippos. Spend the afternoon relaxing at the lodge before heading out for an evening game drive.

      Day 7: Head out back towards Mt. Kenya National Park. Admire the dense forest, and wildlife. The “tree hotel”, built on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, offer one of a kind viewpoints of the animals heading towards the saltlicks and waterholes.

Day 8-10, Lake Naivasha

      Day 8: Travel through Rift Valley towards Lake Nakura. Flamingos are in abundance here, and they like to line the lake shorelines. Take an afternoon game drive in Lake Nakuru National Park, before heading to the lodge, overlooking the lake.

      Day 9: The day is free to be spent as one wishes. Explore the nearby area, take a scenic boat ride to view the wildlife and birds of Crescent Island, or spend the day relaxing at the lodge on the banks of the lake.

      Day 10: Enjoy the final morning in Lake Naivasha,before departing to Masai Mara National Reserve.

Day 11-12, Masai Mara

      Day 11: Start the morning with an optional hot-air balloon ride above the plains of Masai Mara. There is an option to visit a local Masai Village to learn about the culture. Spend the evening on a game drive and relaxing on the lodge.

      Day 12: An early morning and evening game drive in on the itinerary, with time to relax between game drives. Lay out by the pool or sign up for one of the lodges activities offered.

Day 13-14, Nairobi

      Day 13: Spend the morning relaxing in your lodge before flying back to Nairobi. Upon arrival in Nairobi, spend the evening at leisure in the city.

      Day 14: Depart on your flight back home.

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One Week in Mt. Kenya

Day 1, Nairobi

      Day 1: Arrive in Kenya and spend the day getting familiar with the city at leisure. As this is an active tour, the body will appreciate the down day between flying and starting the hiking trek.

Day 2-6, Mt. Kenya

      Day 2: An early morning pick-up from Nairobi starts the day, as the group drives to Mountain Rock Lodge, about four hours from Kenya. Walk the Mau Mau caves in Mt. Kenya Forest Reserve, with an opportunity to see birds, plants, monkeys, elephants, and buffalo.

      Day 3: Transfer to Gathiuru Forest Station, about an hour ago, entering the bamboo forest. Trek through the forest while looking out for “tracks” from the animals. Monkey and bird sightings are probable. (4-5 hours of walking).

      Day 4: The morning continues with a trek to the Highland Castle Camp, located near the lava cliffs. There is limited game at this point, but there are chances to see zebras and eland. After 5-6 hours of walking, enjoy the incredible views of the Burguret Valley.

      Day 5: This is a longer day of walking, about 7-8 hours. Trekkers will be greeting with spectacular moorland landscapes, and eagles. Enjoy the panoramic views of the peaks, such as Terere and Sendeyo.

      Day 6: An early morning starts the day, with the goal of arriving to Point Lenana for sunrise. If the moon is bright enough, it can light up the path (for the most part). Enjoy watching the sun peek over the plains , before descending to Shipton’s Camp.

Day 7, Nairobi

      Day  7: The final descent is down Mount Kenya over to the Old Moses Camp, before heading back to Nairobi. Enjoy a shower and some drinks before departing the mountain.

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Reviews of Kenya Tours
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The trip exceeding all my expectations January 2017


Twin Peaks

My travel companions, guides and local support were all great people, and soon like long time friends. The World Expeditions planning, experience and connections provided a great value, I could not have put the adventure together on my own. Thank you for your help in the amazing experience! Read more

Operator World Expeditions



Kenya Wildlife with Tanzania Ext. November 2016


Kenya Wildlife Safari

This is a trip not to be missed! We took this journey in July 2016. Our group totaled only 6 and we had a wonderful time traveling together. Our guide, Abraham was wonderful and took excellent care of us. The wildlife was abundant and our guide knew just when and where to spot the animals. The accommodations on this trip were very good to excellent. The meals were mostly buffet and had good variety. Each of the hotels/lodges we stayed at had something special or unique about the location or building. This was our second SmarTours trip and it lived up to the expectations set after the first one! We were so pleased with our experience that we are looking at another SmarTours trip to a different region of Africa for next year. Read more

Operator SmarTours



The best safari yet! August 2016


Photographic Safari

A fantastic, immersive safari experience that gets you close to the wildlife for some great photographic opportunities, with a five-star luxury camp to enjoy when not out on the Mara plains filling your memory cards. This is not a relaxing holiday, but it is the best way to get close to the incredible wildlife and to take your photography skills to the next level. It’s also lots of fun!
This is tough but I can narrow it down to three:
First night, waiting for sundowners, Paul had tracked a cheetah and anticipated it would climb a Boscia tree. We positioned our vehicles so that the setting sun would be behind the tree and waited. Sure enough the cheetah climbed up and we were able to capture it as a silhouette against a stunning Mara sunset.
Cheetah kill: we spent the morning waiting for Malaika and her 3 sub-adult cubs to hunt. They eyed-up some wildebeest in the distance and we positioned the vehicles for the best vantage point, but in so doing, we disturbed a hare that ran off at speed. The cheetahs spotted this ‘amuse bouche’ on legs, made chase and executed a perfect kill right in front of our vehicle. Adrenalin overload!
Leopard with cubs: Bahati, a beautiful leopard, moved her 8-week-old cubs to a new den, carrying them one by one in her mouth. A very rare sight, and a privilege to watch.
And then there’s the Scotch egg that also deserves mention: voted Top Mara breakfast!

I’ve been on a few trips with Paul and know that he takes no prisoners. My two friends and I were called the ‘Sunshine Variety Club outing’ because we were so slow with our cameras; (which we thought hilarious). So if you’re too slow, or you don’t know how your camera works properly or you are not prepared to take risks with your photography then you may get an earful. However if you want to learn, then Paul will pass on hugely useful tips and advice so that you will never take just a plain old ‘record shot’ again (though of course we amateurs need at least one of those!). Paul is harder on himself than on his guests; if he calls it wrong (admittedly this is rare) or is himself too slow to get the correct lens on (it happens!), then the air will turn blue. His objective is for you to get the great shots, he works hard to make this happen and his good cop/bad cop approach pays dividends in the end. Wallflowers need not apply… But bring a thick skin with you, and throw a few filthy jokes into the mix and you’ll be fine, and what’s more, you’ll go home with a gallery of photographs that you will treasure.

Get to know your camera – not just ‘auto’ but all the other buttons too. Bring the best lens you can, and hire one if the eye-watering prices for new glass are beyond you. You will regret not doing so once you are in situ: lens envy is not good. I had a Canon 7D and a 1D with a 100-400 lens but was v envious of the 500mm lenses. However, I got some great shots once I’d got all the various bells and whistles on my camera sorted – and used the bean bag for stability (they are in all vehicles). Bring a wide lens too as the Mara skies are simply stunning. One of my favourite shots has no animals in it at all.
In addition to your usual pro-style camera bag for taking as hand-luggage, bring a softer day pack for using in the vehicles: these will get dusty and need to be crammed under the seat - big camera bags will be too bulky. Bring enough memory cards or a laptop/hard drive to download – you will take many more photographs than you could ever imagine. A laptop/tablet is also useful so you can review your photos at the end of each day; there are plenty of UK plug sockets in the mess tent for recharging but no sockets in the tents which are solar powered (no hairdryers required!).
Take note of the luggage weight limit and pack accordingly (though our luggage was not weighed for the internal flight). Ballgowns and tiaras not required as it is v casual in camp. Pack light and take advantage of the awesome laundry system (taken in the morning, washed and ironed by 5pm). Take a fleece for the early mornings as it is cold out before the sun rises, but the heat of the midday sun can be scorchio, so bring sunscreen.
I stashed an energy/nutty bar in my day-pack each morning, as there can be a long wait until breakfast if you are on a stake-out!

This is an expensive safari, but you get what you pay for. The brilliant guides at the Kicheche camps know every inch of the plains and can spot a big cat from a mile away. The vehicles are especially adapted for photographers and the guides are photographers themselves, so they know how to get you in the right place for the best shots. If you go on a trip with Paul, he will work you hard but your photography will improve and he is committed to finding the best wildlife, whatever it takes. Be prepared for long days, but they pay off. We stayed at Kicheche Bush Camp and were treated like royalty; the staff are fantastic and the food is amazing, but beware the scales when you get home!

Read more

Operator Exodus Travels



The guides were incredible and the trip was amazing March 2015


Falls, Beaches & Serengeti Adventure (Northbound)

Absolutely amazing! Would not change a thing

Operator G Adventures



The trip you planned for us was fantastic! June 2014


9 Day Kenya Luxventure Safari

KER & DOWNEY AFRICA was a delight to deal with and the trip you planned for us was fantastic, it ran extremely smoothly and at no stage were we unsure of any part of our travel plans. Thank you again for all you help. Read more

Operator Ker & Downey Africa



Great value tour, we really enjoyed ourselves March 2018


Best of Kenya & Tanzania - 11 days

A few members of the tour seemed upset about having to make tents, help with cooking and cleaning for lunches and dinners, etc. But we thought that part of the tour was fine and it helped get to know the guide, cook and driver when we were working with them.

We would have liked to spend a bit more time with people in Tanzania and Kenya in order to get more of a feel for the countries. So, some free time in some local communities would have been nicer, the Maasai village seemed a bit too structured rather than just getting a chance to talk to the people for example. The way the orphanage visit was set up was great though, as we got some time with the kids during dinner and got to chat with them on our own.

The game drives were great, especially paying extra for the jeep in the Masai Mara. It was our highlight of the tour.

We came away loving Africa and wanting to come back. We will be considering On The Go for our next tour as well.
Read more

Operator On The Go Tours

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