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A great way to see Africa for the first time July 2016


Falls, Beaches & Serengeti Adventure (Northbound)

A great way to see Africa for the first time.

Operator G Adventures





Kenya & Tanzania Adventure

Good trip though not 'Amazing' as it could have been.
The black rhino in Ngorongoro was really great to see, especially since there aren't that many of them left. The leopard cub in a tree was an unexpected (but very welcome ) viewing.  The end of the migration in the Serengeti was one of the sights that I wanted to see and I was not disappointed.

She was alright but not in any way exceptional.
 When I asked why all the wildebeest we saw in the Serengeti were males she came up with some weird and (not so) wonderful explanation that all the females died giving birth!!!!! If that was the case then who raised the calves?? Surely the species would die out within a few years. My theory - while not neccessarily correct - that the females followed on when the younsters were a little stronger made much more sense.... She was good at spotting the animals as we were driving along but not always so knowledgeable when questions were asked.
Also we were not made aware of where and when we could do laundry until we specifically asked to be told at every opportunity.

Don't stick too closely to what is said in the trip notes as they are not always correct. Do take mossie repellant, toilet rolls, a blowup pillow, binoculars (though you don't always get chance to use them due to the constant movement), a camera with a good zoom - I took a compact with a good zoom and it was perfectly adequate - you don't need to tote along massive lenses, a good head torch is essential and spare camera batteries as you can't always charge them, though most of the time recharging is available on the truck. Also make sure you have a good memory card or two as you will take hundreds of pictures and you don't want to be running out of memory or battery at that vital moment.
 You don't need a 3 season sleeping bag as the trip notes say but a good 2 season with liner is perfectly adequate. Also it does not get too cold in the mornings or evenings requiring coats etc but you will need a good fleece to ward off the chill on occasion though one is all you will need. It doesn't matter whether you wear bright colours or not as you are in the truck for pretty much all the game viewing, and besides, all animals except for birds, fish and apes are colour blind.
You do not need to search out biodegradeable hand washing deregent with you as you don't really get the chance to do any washing and I just did mine in the shower with me. Likewise with shampoos - there are shower blocks everywhere so you do not have to get your water from rivers or lakes (even if these were available which they are not). A sun hat to me is an absolute must as the sun is very hot when walking round local markets. A large sarong or equivalent is a good idea as there is often nowhere to get dried after your shower so I just wrapped myself in my large sarong and went back to my tent to get dry instead of trying to hop about on one foot getting dressed in the cubicle while not getting your clothes wet.

A good trip that could have been an excellent trip if not for a few changes. The day spent travelling to Tanga was a total waste of a day and the campsite was a dump when we got there. It would have been much better to have flown from Marangu straight to Zanzibar, having an extra day either in the Serengeti or on Zanzibar and if it cost a bit more for the flight then fine. The money would have been well spent instead of spending 10 hours getting bumped about on what passes for roads and having a rubbish campsite at the end of it all !!!!!
Also a more knowledgeable tour leader would have been good. On the other hand the driver (Boniface) and cook (Esther) were great even if the meals did get a bit repetative after a while. (Rice and veggies in a tomato sauce twice in one day ??) I know she had limited resources and under the circumstances did a good job.
On the whole, the trip was worth doing to see all the wildlife that I would not have otherwise seen and the camping was an experience not to be missed but I'm not sure that with the present Itinerary and trip notes that I would recommend it, Though if these were altered/updated then definately do it - you won't regret it.

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Operator Exodus Travels


Does Not Recommend

Tanzania tented safari February 2017


Classic Tanzania Safari

My overall experience of this trip was 'satisfactory' only because I saw lots of animals. Our Landrover though was ancient, slow and needed stones behind the wheel to hold it when parked. We were in a group of 3 vehicles and the petrol tank fell of off one and meant that 7 people had to be accommodated in the other 2 for 4 hours on very rough roads. The breaks on another were so questionable it had to be replace (with another old vehicle) None of the drivers were in charge and because of this departure times etc were chaotic because different drivers have different instructions and would only travel together. The Exodus rep on arrival was poor, reading out the trip notes and giving no additional information. She was more concerned in us appointing a leader who would collect all tips straight away for the whole trip (thousands of dollars) - we refused. We were in tents five nights not four. One of the tents (2 nights) had seen better days. Packed lunches were left for hours in the sun. We spent hours travelling on roads - exacerbated because of the age of the vehicles which could not travel at speed - we were overtaken constantly.
There was no inspection allowed moment though I did see lots of animalsDAiRA

She was a poor representative of Exodus.

If you are happy to be in old vehicles, don't mind long and bumpy but slow journeys and are happy for there to be no leadership from the trip organisers then book this trip - you will see lots of animals which is the whole purpose of safari

This experience of an Exodus holiday is so different to 3 years ago when I couldn't have praised them enough. I doubt I will travel with them again following this holiday.

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Operator Exodus Travels

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