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Classic Slovenia Itineraries

Slovenia is located in Central Europe. It shares a border with Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria. Slovenia is known for its diverse geographical terrain that ranges from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea. This country also has lush forests, picturesque lakes and quiet countrysides. Slovenia has an understated beauty that can only be understood when visiting this stunning country.

Slovenia One Week Itinerary

Slovenia is a relatively small country which is great for those who only have a short time here. But Slovenia also has a lot to offer. In order to make sure you are seeing it all, it is recommended that you use your time wisely and plan ahead. Below, a one week itinerary of Slovenia is described.

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Slovenia One Week Ljubljana

Day 1 Ljubljana (Arrival Day)

Arrive in Slovenia’s capital. Your first day will be spent exploring Ljubljana. Top attraction in Ljubljana include Old Town, Ljubljana Castle, Dragon Bridge, and Tivoli City Park. You can leave on day two whenever.

Lake Bled One Week Itinerary

Day 2-3 Lake Bled

From Ljubljana, Lake Bled is a 36 minute drive. If you want to take the train or bus, then it is about an hour and a half. Lake Bled has a wide-range of lodging styles from economical to luxury. Top Attraction in or around Lake Bled include Mala Osojnica, Vintgar Gorge, Bled Island, and Bled Castle.

Slovenia One Week Soča River

Day 4 Soča River

The Soča Valley is the most popular part of this river and is about an hour and a half away from Lake Bled. On the river, you can enjoy kayaking, rafting, and fishing Soča Trout. There are also hiking and walking trails that follow the river.

Piran One Week Itinerary

Day 5-6 Piran

Piran is located on the Adriatic Sea and is about a one hour and twenty minute drive from the Soča Valley. From a bus or train, it is about 2 to 3 hours away. This quaint coastal town represents Slovenia’s unique culture and history. Tartini Square is the town’s main centre and is a great place to start when exploring Piran. You can also visit neighboring towns and salt mines.

Departure Day One Week in Slovenia

Day 7 Ljubljana (Departure Day)

The last day will be spent heading back to Ljubljana which varies depending on transportation. It is about an hour and a half drive to Ljubljana from Piran. A train takes about three and a half hours while a bus takes two hours and twenty minutes.

Slovenia Two Week Itinerary

When you spend two weeks in Slovenia, it gives you plenty of time to enjoy each location. There is more time to enjoy all the activities each destination has to offer. It also gives you more leisure time which is ideal when exploring this serene country.

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Day 1-2 Ljubljana (Arrival Day)

Slovenia in Two Weeks

Arrive in Ljubljana and spend the first two days exploring the capital. Top attraction in Ljubljana include Old Town, Ljubljana Castle, Dragon Bridge, and Tivoli City Park. It also has numerous cafes, shops and restaurants throughout the city.  

Day 3-6 Lake Bled

Lake Bled Two Week Itinerary

You will leave Ljubljana on day three and head to Lake Bled. With its stunning hiking trails, fun boating excursions and relaxing thermal springs, Lake Bled is Slovenia’s most recognized attraction. Above, at its cliffs, is Bled Castle.

Day 7-9 Triglav National Park

Two Week Itinerary Slovenia

Located about two hours from Lake Bled, Triglav National Park is Slovenia's only national park. The park is a representation of the country’s natural beauty. It has numerous waterfalls, lakes, canyons, gorges, and mountains. Triglav National Park also offers active activities like hiking, mountaineering, skiing, rafting, and cycling. The park also has several lodging options, all of which are eco friendly.

Day 10 Postojna Cave

Predjama Castle Two Weeks in Slovenia

Day 10 is a day trip Postojna Cave. If you take a train, it is about five hours away. But driving to Postojna Cave is about three hours from Triglav National Park. This karst cave is a stunning display of stalactites and stalagmites formations. A train tour of the cave is about an hour and a half. Predjama Castle, which has its own legend, is also nearby. You can stay in Postojna which offers three star lodging.

Škocjan Caves in Slovenia

Day 11 Škocjan Caves

From one cave or another, day eleven will be spent exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Škocjan Caves. These caves have a very unique system that can be explored from suspended bridges. Taking a tour through these caves in a must when visiting Slovenia.  

Piran Two Week Itinerary

Day 12-13 Piran

The last few days in Slovenia will be spent in the coastal town of Piran. Piran is located on the Adriatic Sea and offers a different but equally unique experience. While in Piran explore Tartini Square and its nearby salt mines.

Departure Day Two Weeks in Slovenia

Day 14 Ljubljana (Departure Day)

Last day of this trip will be spent traveling back to Ljubljana. It is less than a two hour drive from Piran. From Ljubljana, you can continue exploring Europe or head home.

Reviews of Slovenia Tours
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4.7 out of 5
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4.7 Guide
4.7 Activities
4.7 Lodging
4.6 Transportation
4.6 Meals



Beauiful Croatia July 2019


Jewels of the Adriatic: Croatia & Slovenia

This was our first Bus Tour. While we did enjopy the spots we visited, we felt that there were too many towns and not enough time in each, necessitating more time on the bus. Nevertheless the value of the tour is undeniable. The Tour director Jon, was extremely professional and he was a huge positive on the trip. The topography of Croatia was spectacular, the Sea and mountain views were gorgeous. Lake Bled, the Postojna Caves, Opatija/Plitvice Lakes, Debrovnik, the Roman Ruins, Zagreb were wonderful. The hotels were all clean and rooms were comfortable. Unfortunately my partner Barbara fell and injured her face and broke her glasses on the way to Debrovnik. Jon was extremely concerned offered to find a doctor ()which Barbara declined) but Jon took the broken glasses to an occulist who temporarliy repaired the frames. Two of our fellow travelors who were Nurses took care of Barbara after the accident. Read more

Operator SmarTours



Demanding October 2018


Slovenia Mixed Activity

A great trip and good group
All getting on together

A great guy and very good leader

Check it out !!

Operator Exodus Travels



Magnificent scenery, challenging hut to hut traverse, not to be missed October 2018


Slovenia Mixed Activity

This trip was just what I wanted - a hut to hut traverse in high mountains
with great scenery, some challenging walking and the highlight of climbing
Triglav. We were fortunate with fine weather and a knowledgeable and
entertaining guide and a congenial group. What's not to like?
Looking up at Triglav and wondering how we would climb it

He was just right, very good on history, local information as well as health
& safety and concern for slower members of the group.

Yes, you need to be fit!
And carry as little as possible. Do practice walks with full rucsac then cut
lots of weight.

Highly recommended holiday.

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Operator Exodus Travels



Fantastic fun in absolutely stunning surroundings October 2018


Slovenia Mixed Activity

This was my first Exodus trip, and my first time travelling alone. I booked
onto the trip because of the wide variety of activities included and didn't
even pause to think about the surroundings. Slovenia is simply stunning and
Soca valley was breathtaking - many of our activities took place in the azure
blue Soca river whilst looking at lush mountains and countryside. Just
lovely. The activities were all good fun, though coming in July meant that it
was incredibly hot (upto 37 degrees though the river was a refreshing 12
degrees) - July was also arguably not the best time of year for white water
sports - the rapids were not so rapid; however, we were able to paraglide
which had not been possible earlier in the year. The guides suggested May was
when the water was fastest. We were kept pretty busy but there were several
gaps in the itinerary which we filled up with bike rides, hikes or extra
water activities - and paragliding. Activities were good value for money and
our guide was helpful in helping us add to our itinerary - but if you want
full days, you'll need some additional budget. I filled every moment and
added in an extra canyoning trip, paragliding, climbing and hired an eBike
(we took a trip up the mountain and also out to Tomlin Gorge - an eBike is a
great option if you want to enjoy the scenery without melting or if you're a
less keen bike rider than others) - I spent about €300 on top of the
original trip price. The only drawback to the trip is that the hotel is a
little way out of town - town has little eateries, bars and you can access
the river to chill out - it's a half hour walk or a five minute bike ride. If
I were to re-do the trip, I'd hire a bike for the whole week; several of us
kept hold of them for several days once we'd got them. The hotel are happy to
keep them in a garage so they are safe etc. The hotel also deserves a
shoutout - no pool and not the most atmospheric place, but good, clean,
comfortable accommodation and an incredibly kind and helpful hotelier. He was
more than happy to cater to a range of dietary requirements and gave us
better advice on bike trips and what to do than any of the guides. I'd
recommend it - a beautiful country, a wide range of really fun activities and
super friendly people.
Paragliding above the Soca valley and just taking in the amazingly beautiful
country I'd been blessed with visiting.

Tilen was great fun and was keen to ensure we all had a good time. He worked
hard to enable us all to do everything we wanted to do.

Budget for doing additional activities - the advanced canyoning was
incredibly fun and paragaliding was stunning. You can pay for most of your
extra activities in card or cash in town at the end of the week. Some
activities require cash - I had to pay cash for paragliding and climbing.
Consider hiring a bike for the whole week Cycle out to Tolmin gorge - 15km
and then take an hour or so to walk around, it's stunning. The trip up the
mountain is beautiful - the village at the top is beautiful thought the
waterfalls are a bit disappointing in summer - but the 5km up is worth it for
the 5km down (and more so if you do it on an eBike like I did - absolutely
brilliant and can be hired at no extra cost if they have one spare and you
ask nicely) I wish I had brought neopropene shoes with me - we spent a lot of
time hanging about in or near the river I also wish I'd had a GoPro or
similar - a lovely part of the trip was there was no attempt to sell you
photos/ videos of your experiences, but it did mean if you didn't make your
own, you didn't have a record The hotel will make you a good packed lunch for
€7 if you ask ahead - there is also a supermarket nearby if you want to
make your own If you like your own space, the single room supplement is worth
paying for - but if you are anxious about travelling alone then not paying
the supplement gives you a built in buddy you can arrive at meals etc with...

This was my first Exodus trip - many of the people on the trip had been
before and I can see why people would come back... I'll be looking to book my
next trip as soon as finances allow!

Read more

Operator Exodus Travels



Good Trip October 2018


Slovenia Mixed Activity

This trip was very good, when you are doing the activities it's great fun and
a beautiful country for being outdoors. The group was excellent (they always
seem to be, don't know why I worry before going) as was the group leader and
also the hotel staff and owner.
The reason I've scored it 4 out of 5, was I'm really activity and once you
have done your morning activity the rest of the afternoon is free. There is
little in the surrounding area to do and I found myself going for walks and
mainly getting lost. Would have just like a bit more action.
The best part of the trip was doing the paragliding, it was an extra 130
euros but worth every penny. If you haven't done it before I would recommend
doing it. The views are amazing when you are above 1000 meters and if you get
a decent pilot, he will do a crazy spin near the end and you get to feel some
G - Force.

The group leader isn't with you all the time and the company Exodus use is
called Positive Sports. However having said that 'Tallon' our lead was very
good, you could tell he's spent all his life of the water, and when doing
those activities felt very safe.

Take extra money to do additional activities (especially the paragliding) and
either books to read or some walking boots.
There is one whole day which is free, before going look online to see if
there is anything to do near by else it could be a long day (the hotel closes
on that day).

Great holiday, really glad I went and would recommend it as Exodus are

Read more

Operator Exodus Travels



Cycling from Venice to Porec - self guided October 2018


Headwater - Cycle the Adriatic: Venice to Porec Self-Guided

This bike ride is amazing. The routes are scenic and varied and pass through
three countries and some very interesting, historical towns. The cycling is a
good challenge, very doable and mainly flat or undulating but with some
bigger hills that test your stamina! The coastal scenery is beautiful as is
the countryside and wetlands you ride through. No shortage of places to stop
for coffee, cake or lunch. Highly recommend it!
Cycling into Piran then climbing the newly refurbished bell tower! Amazing
views from the top!


Do it! You won't regret it!

Read more

Operator Exodus Travels

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