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Rating Breakdown
Overall — 4.5
Value — 4.4
Guide — 4.5
Activities — 4.5
Lodging — 4.6
Transportation — 4.5
Meals — 4.4
Overall — 0
Value — 0.0
Guide — 0.0
Activities — 0.0
Lodging — 0.0
Transportation — 0.0
Meals — 0.0
Recent Reviews

Fortunate enough to make this trip of a lifetime

5.0 March 2019
  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
If you are considering taking this company's Thailand in Style trip, do it! My 30-year old daughter and I were fortunate enough to make this trip of a lifetime in February 2018 and it was perfect from start to finish.

We were shepherded every step of the way by one or more guides who handled everything: baggage, transportation to every destination (via private vans, boats, planes), sightseeing tickets/tours, tips, most meals. The 5-star accommodations were amazing and memorable - we hated to leave all of them! The trip also includes many unique dining experiences.

I highly recommend a trip just focusing on Thailand. A diversity of landscapes - including a megalopolis, mountains and beaches - are included and the 12 days flew by, packed with temple visits, markets and a snorkeling trip. Service everywhere was friendly and exceptionally caring.

Believe A&K's statement that they will provide a tour even if there are 2 people - there were 4 in our group. Our primary guide Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating.
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Tour Abercrombie & Kent Company Reviews

Don't waste your money on this Company!

1.0 January 2019
Does Not Recommend
  • Value 1.0
  • Guide 2.0
  • Activities 2.0
  • Lodging 4.0
  • Transportation 2.0
  • Meals 2.0
We have used Tauck and other high end family travel organizations. We decided to give Abercrombie & Kent a try for our Australia holiday. It was a disappointment beginning to end. First, you never get the day to day times and "full" itinerary until you land. We stood in the airport calling for the A&K driver in the line. Finally, a man stepped forward and said: "Sorry, Miss I was just talking to my mates and the tour director is running late."The four season is nice anywhere in the world but we could have booked that on our own. The things that families want to do in Sydney are NOT included in your tour and must be booked by you and paid for in addition to the A&K costs. For example: Climbing the harbor bridge and Sydney opera house. We did get to go to Bondi Beach for a surf lesson. What they don't tell you is they are locking the door to the shop so no going back for a camera, to change out of wetsuit etc for the next three hours- just sit on the beach and burn?The Rolex Hobart Yacht Race was leaving the harbor as we were leaving the beach. We were sitting in traffic anyway so I asked to for a quick stop so we could get photos. There were several side streets along the road. The director said NO we will be late for the jet boat ride. Well, the jet boat is easy to take and runs every 30 minutes-a no brainer to do later or on your own at minimal cost. However, seeing all the yachts from above the harbor is a once in a lifetime view...opportunities missed- but this is a daily occurrence with A&K. Next was the zoo- I told the director before we caught the ferry that the one thing we wanted to do was the photos with the koalas. We came to the koalas and the booth was open. I said can I go and get our tickets? The response was no- stay with the group. The Koala pics were only US $25~ A&K should have had tickets for the 5 families on the tour. This was a low cost opportunity to make the trip special for everyone. By the time our tour finished, we were #32 in line with the ferry leaving in 1 hour. Geez! We then fly to the outback. Miserable experience- Fly economy squeezed in like sardines. I asked for a coke- they said: are you with the Disney tour? no.. then you have to pay for your own drink... ? The outback tours were long, super hot and boring. To see Ayers Rock and the Olgas once from an air-conditioned bus is ok but to do it for two days in 45 C is crazy! The afternoon activity for kids was aboriginal dot painting. But, it was scheduled at 1:00 pm (blazing sun) and they wanted them to walk to the city center and do it outdoors. No one attended. I went to the tour director and told her- the guy playing the didgeridoo had better come to the hotel and play indoors. It was planned for all of us to be outside with no kid interaction. She did adjust and have us in the gathering room so we had air conditioning but only at my request. Then we were suppose to be there for a "food" experience which was a girl walking around with some berries etc on a plate you could taste if you wanted. Then all fed fish for lunch. Finally we arrived at the airport to fly to Cairns and everything was shutting down because we were the last flight out. Disney had left the day before because nothing to do there but take a pic and be scorching hot. A&K just held us over wasting time/a day.
The snorkel dive in Cairns was a problem because we had all paid for what we thought was a small group tour only to find A&K was combining several groups to lower their overhead costs; hence, the schedule was for 87 people to be on one boat! It didn't matter because it was raining and the trip was cancelled. We arrived in Cairns ONLY TO BE BUSSED to Port Douglas for 1.5 hours. No one had eaten since 11:00 am when we arrived at the Pullman hotel at 7:30 pm. They unloaded our luggage outdoors so it was soaking wet. We had to wait turns in the lobby for a golf cart to take each family to their rooms. We had no internet the first night, the shower head was broken and the knob fell off the whirly tub. To improvise, A&K set a tour at the wildlife habitat for koala pictures (better late than never) Only 2 families attended- by this time everyone was done. We booked our own incredible experience for behind the scenes. We got to go in the nursery and hold the babies etc- Brilliant! The itinerary was to hold us for NY Eve, but we jumped ship and flew to Sydney (all costly last minute) but we were trying to salvage our holiday and glad we did- the fireworks were amazing and a relaxing time flying home the next morning instead of a 2 am wakeup and transport! Basically, A&K did not want to pay for the NY eve rooms so held everyone in Port Douglas until the next morning- then flew everyone back to Sydney. Overall, Horrible experience with A&K- so sad to have wasted so much money and my husbands coveted family time off work. All the good experiences were booked and paid for out of pocket + in addition to our high priced A&K family tour package. Don't Do It!
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Tour Abercrombie & Kent Company Reviews

Would never use them!

3.0 October 2018
Does Not Recommend
  • Value 3.0
  • Guide 2.0
  • Activities 2.0
  • Lodging 2.0
  • Transportation 2.0
  • Meals 2.0
Bad service

Tour Abercrombie & Kent Company Reviews

Tours 40 Trips 2 Trips
Average Trip Price Per Day $ 704 $ 209
Operator Type Group Tour Operator Group Tour Operator
Size Global Operator Global Operator
Trip Types
  • Group Tours
  • Private Guided Trips
  • Small Ship & Expedition Cruises
  • Custom Itineraries
  • Group Tours
  • Private Guided Trips
  • Custom Itineraries
  • Independent / Self-Guided Packages
Service Level Luxury Standard
  • North America
  • Central America & Caribbean
  • South America
  • Rivers & Seas
  • Australia & Pacific
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Europe
  • Antarctica & the Arctic
  • Asia
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Europe
Known For
  • 50+
  • Solo & Singles Travel
  • Safari
  • Adventure
  • Luxury
  • Sailing
  • Train & Rail
    Headquarters Suite Downers Grove, IL, United States Bristol, England
    Year Established N/A 1967
    Solo Friendly N/A N/A
    Tour Languages English
    Top Trips
    Similar Companies
      About Abercrombie & Kent

      Co-founded by current CEO Geoffrey Kent in 1962, Abercrombie & Kent started out in modest fashion as an African safari operator, but quickly grew into one of the world's premiere luxury travel brands. Today they cover the globe, with 50 offices worldwide.

      What Makes Abercrombie & Kent Stand Out?

      • Award-winning luxury tour operator
      • Insider-access opportunities
      • Focus on culture, wildlife, and history 

      Africa sunset on luxury safari

      Abercrombie & Kent is one of the world’s leading luxury travel companies. The emphasis is very much on luxury here -- whether it’s small-group travel (limit of 18 per group), tailor-made journeys, expedition cruises, train travel, African safaris, European barge cruises, or any of its many other offerings, just about everything A&K arranges is top of the line.

      They are specific in their travel style, promising superior and attentive service, comfort, and cultural exploration. While this may seem exclusionary - and the prices are quite a barrier to entry.

      Luxury travel might have a reputation for being swanky and even perhaps a bit dull, particularly for those who travel for adventure, the image being a glass of champagne all day long, moving from meal to meal, sitting on the private deck of a cruise ship. This perspective is a misnomer however, as there is quite a bit of action available on tours with Abercrombie & Kent.

      Enjoy invigorating walks, hikes, get outdoors to remote locations, meeting local people and learning about their cultures; experience the thrill of getting up close to waterfalls, and poise your camera for the perfect shot on a safari. Then retire to your room for a cocktail before dinner.

      Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Abercrombie & Kent?

      • Ages 65-75
      • Luxury travelers

      Abercrombie & Kent travelers embody an adventurous spirit, but enjoy the finer things as well. “Elegant exploration” is one way to put it. These travelers appreciate a slow pace and personalized attentive service. The age range tends to be older - baby boomers and seniors looking for a relaxing experience, with many cultural touch-points, but not overly “immersive” as their children and grandchildren might prefer.

      This is upper crest travel at its finest - though Abercrombie & Kent makes a concerted effort to be worldly and inviting, your experience is definitely a luxury version of any given destination. This is a travel company that offers Private Jet trips, some of which offering the chance to meet an Abercrombie & Kent family member.

      Negroni cocktail private service on Abercrombie & Kent tour

      Think private after hours tours, exclusive outings with artisans, chefs, and winemakers; spectacular meals and accommodations that go a touch beyond comfortable. Imagine the civilized world of cocktail hour and dressing for dinner, but in the context of exploration. Perhaps you’re sipping your negroni on the deck of your private suite in Kenya, gazing out across the savannah with elephants silhouetted in the distance, against the dusty yellow sunlight of dusk. This is the wonderful travel world waiting for you with Abercrombie & Kent.

      The majority of A&K’s guests come from North America or Britain. A&K trips are definitely not for the budget traveler, but they offer deluxe lodgings and transport and exceptionally attentive service, which their customers value highly.

      Top Destinations

      Antarctica luxury cruise with Abercrombie & Kent

      Abercrombie & Kent made its name offering luxury small group and private safaris in Africa. Today they go around the world, but with the same luxurious approach.

      Luxury doesn’t mean same-old, same-old or unadventurous though. Groups head off on Antarctic expeditions or Uganda gorilla safaris, visit Tibet or Machu Picchu, join a European or Nile river cruise, or travel to India’s Pushkar Fair.

      You can ride deluxe trains or fly across Africa by private jet with Abercrombie & Kent. Or you can outline your own tailor-made journey under the guidance of an A&K consultant, then be accompanied by their guides throughout.

      Abercrombie & Kent Travel Style

      Japan private luxury cultural tour with Abercrombie & Kent

      There could be a tendency to view Abercrombie & Kent as old fashioned when it comes to travel style. However there is a difference between old fashioned and appreciating a traditional travel style. Those who travel with Abercrombie & Kent do expect a certain kind of experience. From luggage handling to having the salad fork in the correct order, from short or non-existent lines to special assistance when needed. These expectations have become the blueprint for an Abercrombie & Kent travel experience.

      Transportation on an Abercrombie & Kent tour is almost always private and chartered. Exceptions would of course be rail journeys, but here you would have a private car and access to first class dining and viewing. Your journey may involve anything from helicopters, private jets, luxury coaches, and yachts. Walking is a common part of most guided tours, but you can expect simple and easy distances during your A&K itinerary. (Unless of course you are on a Gorilla Trek!).

      Accommodation follows a similar pattern. Luxury hotels, safari lodges, villas, you name it and it’s probably available.

      Why Choose a Tour With Abercrombie & Kent?

      Abercrombie & Kent promises to deliver an authentic, “insider” travel experience, such as seeing Machu Picchu under the guidance of its former resident archaeologist. You can even ride an elegant train to get there. In Tanzania, A&K runs its own luxury safari camps.

      Private castle tour Abercrombie & Kent

      From the time they first meet you at the airport until trip end, Abercrombie & Kent promises that your trip will go as smoothly as possible -- and that their entire global organization will be dedicated toward that goal.

      It may strike some as contradictory to see certain parts of the world in luxury. Some countries have luxury homes, but they are only available to tourists and travelers because the locals simply occupy a different social sphere. There is a unique dependency on tourism in much of the world. Abercrombie & Kent takes this seriously, doing their philanthropic part wherever possible, giving back to the local communities.

      About Christian Travel
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