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Rating Breakdown
Overall — 5
Value — 4.9
Guide — 4.9
Activities — 4.9
Lodging — 4.9
Transportation — 4.9
Meals — 4.9
Overall — 0
Value — 0.0
Guide — 0.0
Activities — 0.0
Lodging — 0.0
Transportation — 0.0
Meals — 0.0
Recent Reviews

South Africa

5.0 March 2019
  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Cape Town, Stellenbosch & Kruger Safari

Daniel Adame arranged a custom tour for us to South Africa. The tour was excellent. We particularly liked

1) The Kensington Place Hotel in Cape Town - very small but excellent and very clean and convenient
2) The Kapama River Lodge - We had a very large and clean room. The safari tours were excellent - On our two safari drives, we saw many animals very close up - especially lions, elephants, giraffe, impala, rhinos, Cape buffalos, etc
3) Our Cape Town Ilios tour guide, Kyle Burger, did a wonderful job.
4) We enjoyed the wineries in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Franschhoek is a very exclusive area and Stellenbosch is a very nice university town. Each winery has additional attractions such as Cheetah Outreach
5) Cheetah outreach is a great organization
6) The Spier winery estate bird sanctuary and crafts exhibits were great
7) The grandchildren enjoyed feeding the ostriches and giraffes at the Giraffe House in Stellenbosch. They saw many African animals that you do not see in the US
8) We enjoyed going up Table mountain in CapeTown and seeing the many penguins at Boulder Beach near CapeTown
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Tour Kensington Tours Company Reviews

We experienced another great Kensington Tours vacation!

5.0 March 2019
  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
We experienced another great vacation planned through Kensington Tours, this time planned by staff members Monica Poulo and Luiz Aro. My husband and I traveled throughout Morocco, accompanied by our private tour guide and driver, Said and Younas, who were both excellent! They were knowledgeable, professional, and friendly and knew all the great places to take us to. Our tour guide, Said, is an abundance of knowledge and we really enjoyed the special treat he had in store for us, which was a fabulous home cooked Moroccan dinner feast prepared by his lovely wife in their home. Our driver, Younas, transported us to all destinations safely and on time in his comfortable and clean van. They both kept us well hydrated with bottled water and timed our bathroom stops and meal breaks just right, Said and Younas make a great team! We thoroughly enjoyed all our activities, destinations, and accommodations throughout Morocco and although my husband and I fell ill with bronchitis in Marrakech during our last 1.5 days in Morocco (which fortunately occurred during the time we had scheduled as free time without our tour guide and driver), we just remained in our riad to rest until we flew to Frankfurt, our next destination. We canceled our tour in Frankfurt since we were still quite sick so we rested in our hotel until we flew home in 1.5 days. We believe we came down with bronchitis (later diagnosed by an MD when we returned to the US) likely because our immune systems were low from being constantly on the go and once we were exposed to the poor air quality in Marrakech, it got to our lungs. The air quality everywhere else in Morocco was fine except for in Marrakech due to so many cars and mopeds fueled by diesel polluting the air, plus we noticed many more people smoked in Marrakech versus other areas of Morocco. Our tour guide also pointed out that the Atlas Mountain range tends to hold in the polluted air. We did notice some Chinese tourists walking around Marrakech wearing face masks and in retrospect I kinda wish we had done the same thing, live and learn! By the way, our camel ride across the Sahara Desert and our overnight stay in the luxury camp Bivouac Chergui was quite an amazing experience and the riads we stayed at in Fes and Marrakech (Riad Salam Fes and Riad Kniza) were breathtakingly beautiful and exotic, especially the one in Fes! Kensington Tours, thank you so much for another fantastic vacation!
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Tour Kensington Tours Company Reviews

Kensington planned and arranged our trip to Egypt and Jordan

5.0 March 2019
  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Kensington planned and arranged our recent trip to Egypt and Jordan. It was a superb nonstop whirlwind of temples, tombs, and pyramids, museums and deserts. We traveled from Memphis to Abu Simbel with a series of drivers and guides, all of whom were affable, knowledgeable and good companions. The coordinators were very attentive and Bassam from Cairo made 7 trips to the airport with us—in Cairo traffic, including “saving” us when our plane to Luxor was delayed 12 hours by a sand storm. He returned to the airport to make alternative arrangements for us and on the Luxor side the coordinator waited all day for us and managed to rearrange our schedule so that we saw everything in this most important site.

Many of the sites were amazing and each day was followed by even better things to see. The detailed knowledge of our guides in Cairo, Memphis, Tel El Amarna, Fayoum, and Minya made the trip both a great adventure and learning experience. We had no fear for our security and tourist security was seen everywhere so none of the important sites were out of reach. In Minya and Tel El Amarna we were almost the only tourists there and the guides and tourist police shared the climb to the tombs of Beni Hassan and the palace of Nefertiti. This was a very special part of the trip. Our guide in Aswan and to Phyllae was remarkable. The experience of the Ecolodge in Nubia at Abu Simbel, the trip on Lake Nasser and fresh perch-cooked-on-the-beach was followed by an awe inspiring display of large flocks of water birds and ibises feeding. It was all a world of beauty both what nature and man have made.

Our guides for the Jordan part of the trip to Petra and Wadi Rum were full of the amazement we felt for the sheer beauty of these destinations. They were particularly good companions. We also took an unscheduled mule trip that provided an utterly magnificent view of the canyons from which the site was carved. A young Bedouin steadied me the entire way.

Much of the credit for the very complicated itinerary was due to our planner Maria Hermann. Her detailed knowledge and resources to plan 10 airport trips, 10 hotels, 10 coordinators, and like numbers of guides and drivers was great. Several of the coordinators arranged upgrades at the Ritz Carlton, and the Old Winter Palace. Maria managed to get in all the places I kept adding as we planned. It was an incredibly complex jam-packed itinerary of puzzle pieces that she manage to cobble into one coherent trip.

The trip to Abu Simbel across the desert was amazing. There is really nothing there except hundreds of rock formations that look like pyramids—pyramids along the Nile.

Im sure we will be back for more, especially at Luxor and when the new museum is ready in Cairo.
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Tour Kensington Tours Company Reviews

Tours 4 Trips 0 Trip
Average Trip Price Per Day $ 439 $ 0
Operator Type Custom/Private Tour Operator Group Tour Operator
Size Global Operator Local Specialist
Trip Types
  • Private Guided Trips
  • Custom Itineraries
  • Group Tours
Service Level Luxury Standard
  • Central America & Caribbean
  • South America
  • Australia & Pacific
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Europe
  • Africa
Known For
  • 50+
  • Luxury
  • 50+
  • 18 - 35
  • Safari
  • Adventure
Headquarters Wilmington, Delaware, USA Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Year Established 1999 N/A
Solo Friendly N/A N/A
Tour Languages English N/A
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      About Kensington Tours

      Kensington Tours is an award winning travel company offering in depth tours with experienced guides, unique activities and premium to luxury accommodations.

      What Makes Kensington Tours Stand Out?

      Kensington Tours is, in their own words “not in the business of booking tours.” Rather they highlight the individuality aspect of each traveler - and their dedication to designing personalized experiences.

      Specialized travel experiences created by knowledgeable experts in destinations and experiences. Their local guides add a personal touch as they provide true insider knowledge and make the trip that much more memorable. You can take multiple types of tours from safari to river cruise, active adventure to honeymoon. They also have a unique Explorer in Residence program where you can take a tour guided by explorers such as travel photographers and storm chasers.

      They have highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable destination experts who contribute to the experience by providing local insight, spontaneity, and breadth - so you don’t feel that you miss anything while exploring your destinations.

      Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Kensington Tours?

      Private dining in the Maldives with Kensington Tours

      Kensington is a luxury operator; their travelers are well-to-do and value dedicated high class customer service, premier accommodations, and excellent cuisine.

      Travelers on a tour with Kensington seek to explore the world in comfort, are adventurous with an appreciation for the finer things. If you’re the kind of person who makes room for hiking boots alongside a few dressy items in your suitcase, Kensington Tours could be a good fit for you.

      Young woman traveling with Kensington Tours

      As opposed to Abercrombie & Kent, which whom they are often compared, Kensington has a more youthful focus, less obviously geared toward older travelers. That said they are a recognizable name among the 55+ crowd and their primary traveler, simply by default of the budget range does tend to be older.

      Top Destinations

      Kensington operates tours around the world, utilizing local accommodation, and diving into the local culture. Knowledgeable and passionate destination experts are on hand to help bring the destination to life.  

      Lion cubs yawning Kensington tours African safari

      They are well known for their Africa tours and safaris, which travel throughout the most popular safari destinations, as well as farther afield. In addition, Kensington tours also operate trips in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America. They also have cruise departures to Antarctica!

      Kensington Tours Travel Style

      Kensington certainly ascribes to the notion that “luxury” does not mean “stiff” or require that you stick to 5 star resorts. Rather it’s a style of travel that allows you to see the world on a deeper, extremely personal level - in safety, comfort, with a guide who becomes like a friend helping reveal small nuances that bring each destination to life in a new way.

      Mountain lodge luxury accommodation Kensington Tours

      Think luxury eco lodges in the heart of Central America, a yacht down the Amazon, 5 star safari lodges where you can sip champagne looking out over the savannah. Transportation is in luxury coaches, comfortable safari jeeps, hot air balloons, river cruises etc.

      The Kensington travel perspective is not to book a tour - but to craft an unforgettable experience.

      They have many travel styles including Safaris, which they are especially known for, river cruises, and family trips.

      Safaris with Kensington Tours - Enjoy the “fabled” African safari experience when you travel with Kensington Tours in Africa. Unforgettable wildlife encounters, luxury lodges, and exclusive private game drives, where expert guides reveal the best viewing opportunities and give excellent tips for spotting and photographing the animals.

      And it’s not just about the wildlife. Your safari may include a visit to Mt. Kilimanjaro, an afternoon visiting with local tribes, enjoying their hospitality, food, and learning about their culture.

      Meeting people in local African villages cultural tours with Kensington tours

      Active Adventures - True to their outlook on travel, Kensington combines the best of luxury with active adventure. This means whitewater rafting, hiking in Wales, or waterfall rappelling. A day full of activity followed by a well deserved cocktail in the sunset. Kensington adventure tours are offered in a variety of physical levels and are intended for beginners all the way up to hard core experienced adventure travelers.

      Family tours with Kensington - Sometimes it can be hard traveling with young ones because not all activities are open to them, and age restrictions cause an unbalanced experience. So Kensington has several family tours designed for a variety of ages. Most feature a stay at one hotel or on a cruise, allowing you to unpack only once and relax into the travel experience.

      Tribesmen playing traditional instruments on island tour with Kensington tours

      Food & Wine - All Kensington tours feature spectacular food and wine, but sometimes you want to focus on this specifically - diving deeper into the culture surrounding a places culinary delights. These tours often feature private kitchen visits, winery tours with the winemaker themself, and classes where you can learn to make traditional dishes.

      Couple on honeymoon enjoying private Kensington customized tour

      Honeymoon - Let Kensington Tours help you plan the perfect Honeymoon getaway. Work with an expert who will listen to what kind of travel experience you’re looking for and craft an itinerary that is uniquely you.

      Festivals & Events - Year round there are spectacular festivals and events held around the world - with countless niches and meanings. You could take in the fun of Oktoberfest, or the brightly colored Carnival in Rio, or the Tulip Festival in Holland. These events are often crowded, very busy, and can be difficult to navigate. Visiting with a Private Guide, and having all the logistics planned out in advance is the best way to relax and be able to truly appreciate the meaning behind the festival and have more fun!  

      Easter island chile tour with Kensington tours

      Other styles include “We to Me”, in which you participate in volunteering and conservation initiatives, giving back to local communities and helping keep wildlife areas protected. They also have an “Explorers Club” - tours that follow in the paths of scientists, and explorers both modern day and ancient. And for one of the best holiday traditions, you can book a special Christmas departure, which visits the lovely Christmas markets of Europe.

      Why Choose a Tour With Kensington Tours?

      If you’re looking for a luxury travel experience with a small, intimate group and private expert guides with you every step of the way, who promise to “transform a vacation into an experience of a lifetime,” then look no further.

      Young hiker on active luxury tour with Kensington

      The price is hefty (though some more mid budget options are available), but well worth it for a fully immersive, luxurious, comfortable, unforgettable travel experience. Don’t expect to only stick to the tourist sites; Kensington is about incorporating many off the beaten path unique experiences, as well as highlighting fascinating historical and cultural facts.

      About Breakdown Safaris
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