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Okavango Experience

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4.7 . Excellent
Travel Style: You will have solid amounts of both free time and structured time with some activities and meals included. Mixed
Physical Level: Regular walking or cycling over moderately long, hilly, or bumpy distances. Some public transport or utility vehicles such as safari jeeps. Moderate
Lodging Level: You'll stay in no-frills, but clean and comfortable, hotels or guesthouses. A 'Basic' trip might also involve a few nights of camping. Basic - 2 star
10 days
From: $ 1,420 $ 142 / day
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  • Support local conservation by visiting the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, the only place left in Botswana where both black and white rhinos reside
  • Camping on a remote island in the heart of the Okavango wilderness is an experience you’ll never forget. As night falls, the sounds of the African bush are like nothing else
  • Get acquainted with the fine art of 'poling' as you ride a traditional dugout canoe through the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta
  • Explore the magnificent Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, some of the largest salt flats in the world. These mind-bending plains make for some magical photography
  • Go wildlife-spotting along the river at Chobe National Park, home of the world's highest concentration of African elephants
  • With two nights at Victoria Falls, you'll get a proper view of this thundering spectacle, with additional time for optional adventures

Short Description

Enter an aquatic wonderland on this adventure through south-east Africa's iconic waterfalls, rivers and inland waterways. Marvel at the crashing white water of Victoria Falls, the unique, sprawling Okavango Delta and the tranquillity of the natural waterholes in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. Pack a camera and an eye for adventure because these lush pockets of wilderness will reward travellers with exciting animal encounters, awesome photography opportunities and sweet memories to last a lifetime.

Small groups are usually defined as between 10 and 24 travelers, often less. If you're the kind of person who enjoys more intimate experiences and personal service this is a good choice. All else being equal you will pay a premium for this style vs a larger group tour.
Trip Type Small Group Tour
Spend most of the time outdoors. Common trip themes and activities include cycling, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting.
Itinerary Focus Active
You'll stay in no-frills, but clean and comfortable, hotels or guesthouses. A 'Basic' trip might also involve a few nights of camping.
Lodging Level Basic - 2 star
Flights & Transport Only ground transport
Start City Johannesburg
End City Victoria Falls
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Day 1 Johannesburg

Sawubona! Welcome to South Africa. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm. You can arrive at any time as there are no activities planned until this important meeting. Please ask the hotel reception where it will take place. If you can't arrange a flight that will arrive in time, consider arriving a day early so you are able to attend. If you are going to be late, please inform the hotel reception. We'll be collecting your insurance details and next of kin information at this meeting. If you arrive early, get out and explore Johannesburg, a city of remarkable contrasts. Perhaps visit the culturally rich areas of Newtown, Braamfontein or Maboneng. The eye-opening Apartheid Museum is well worth your time. Notes: Please make sure that if you explore Johannesburg on your own that you get local advice as to where it is safe to walk, especially in the evening. The level of crime here may be higher than what you are used to.

Day 2 Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Leaving South Africa behind, cross the border into Botswana and travel toward the Khama Rhino Sanctuary (approximately 8–10 hours). Situated on the edge of the Kalahari Desert, the Khama Rhino Sanctuary is a conversion of a former hunting area into a conservation project. Built to protect Botswana's only remaining populations of both black and white rhinos, the sanctuary is also home to other wildlife including zebras, giraffes, leopards, ostriches and wildebeest, all of which can be seen around the many natural waterholes. Visiting this project benefits local communities and contributes to the protection of the highly endangered white rhinoceros. Later, head out on a dusk game drive to see the rhinos when they are at their most active. At your camp there will be the option to upgrade to a room for an additional cost (subject to availability).

Day 3 Maun

Jump aboard the truck and head to Maun (approximately 8–9 hours). Here there will be an opportunity to stock up on any supplies you might need for the journey ahead. Maun is the gateway to one of the world's most renowned and complex ecosystems, the Okavango Delta. This place is unlike anything in the world – a 16,000 square kilometre maze of wetlands made up of meandering waterways, green islands, lush plains and prolific wildlife. You might see hippos, crocodiles, elephants and big cats. But it's not the animals that are the main attraction – it's the incrediblly diverse ecosystem and atmospheric waterscapes. Tonight you'll stay on the outskirts of Maun at a simple campsite with shared facilities, WiFi and optional upgrades.

Day 4 Okavango Delta

Traverse the waterways by mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe navigated by friendly local 'polers'. With some luck, you might spot some of the delta's unusual wildlife and exotic birdlife. Spend time exploring the maze of lagoons, lakes and streams on foot, led by experienced and knowledgeable guides. Tonight you will camp on a remote island in the heart of the wilderness. In this far-out spot, facilities are non-existent, so you will dig a bush toilet and go without a shower. It's all part of the Okavango experience. At night, fall asleep to the humming and buzzing of the African wilderness.

Day 5 Okavango Delta

Wake up early and venture out for a sunrise walk. Along the way, keep watch for some elephants. You might also come across some Cape buffalo, if the timing is right. These rather noble-looking creatures are more dangerous than they look, and their horns make for a kind of bone shield that's fittingly known as a 'boss'. Returning to camp for breakfast, take the rest of the day to relax. A refreshing swim, or perhaps a nap, is a good idea in the warmer part of the day. Alternatively, take another mokoro trip to soak up more of that delightful river atmosphere.

Day 6 Maun

After taking down your camp, take the mokoro back to the poling station and then travel once again to Maun (approximately 2–3 hours). Today you'll visit a rural village and interact with some of the locals. This will give you an insight into daily life on the Okavango Delta and perhaps some background history on these awesome sprawling waterways that are the lifeblood of many. Tonight you will camp on the outskirts of Maun at a simple campsite which has shared facilities. WiFi and optional upgrades are available.

Day 7 Nata

Get up early and hit the road for Nata (approximately 6–7 hours). This small town is situated just near the stunning Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, which are some of the largest salt flats on earth, covering some 12,000 square kilometres. This afternoon you will have the opportunity to explore the pans in an open vehicle. The pans are naturally dry and salty for a large part of the year. During this time the arid landscape has an eerie feel to it as heat mirages disorientate the senses. At other times they take on a layer of grass, and as soon as the rains hit they become a refuge for migratory birds and animals. Your campsite tonight is situated on the edge of the pans. It has a restaurant, swimming pool, gift shop, ATM and bar/lounge area. Upgrades are also offered.

Day 8 Chobe National Park

Hit the road for Chobe National Park (approximately 6–7 hours). Botswana's first national park is perhaps best known for its high concentration of elephants, which can often be seen swimming in the Chobe River. The river also attracts wallowing hippos, a variety of birdlife, crocodiles sunning themselves by the water's edge, and cheetahs and lions which come down to drink. Enjoy a sunset cruise on the Chobe River, a very relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Your camp tonight has WiFi access and optional upgrades. It's also close to a supermarket, so you can stock up on supplies while you're here.

Day 9 Victoria Falls

Perhaps wake up early and see the Chobe National park from a different perspective, on an optional morning game drive. Travel on to Victoria Falls today (approximately 2–3 hours). You will cross the border into Zimbabwe in time to have lunch on the banks of the Zambezi. Then it's free time to experience the sight and sound of the mighty falls. This thundering curtain of water is about a mile wide, falling 108 metres into a narrow gorge below. In the wet season, the spray created can rise up an incredible 400 metres and the falls become an impressive raging torrent. In the dry season, the view of the falls is unobstructed by spray and you can see little islets in the river below. Your campsite tonight has WiFi, an ATM and optional upgrades. Your leader will take you to a local activity centre where a range of activities will be on offer. We have not risk assessed all activities and only those listed in our trip notes are recommended. It is against company policy for leaders to facilitate the booking of any activities that have not been risk assessed or do not adhere to our company’s Responsible Travel policy and ethos. This includes organising transport to and from these activities in our vehicles. Victoria Falls entrance fee is not included in the price of the trip as it is mandatory for tour groups with pre-purchased tickets to have a local guide escort. We feel that seeing these waterfalls for the first time should be an uninterrupted sensory experience.

Day 10 Victoria Falls

There are no activities planned for the final day and you are able to depart the accommodation at any time. Those staying longer can choose from various activities and excursions, including white water rafting, canoeing and flying fox rides. For an incredible scenic helicopter flight, choose Zambezi Helicopter Company (CAA Zimbabwe), the only Intrepid-endorsed operator. Your leader can help you arrange this.


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Price From $ 1,420
Price Per Day: $ 142 per day
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Jun-21-2019Jun-30-2019$ 1,535NoSold Out Reserve
Jun-28-2019Jul-07-2019$ 1,655YesSold Out Reserve
Jul-05-2019Jul-14-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Jul-12-2019Jul-21-2019$ 1,690Yes1 spots left Reserve
Jul-19-2019Jul-28-2019$ 1,655Yes1 spots left Reserve
Jul-21-2019Jul-30-2019$ 1,690Yes1 spots left Reserve
Jul-26-2019Aug-04-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Aug-02-2019Aug-11-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Aug-09-2019Aug-18-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Aug-16-2019Aug-25-2019$ 1,580Yes10 spots left Reserve
Aug-18-2019Aug-27-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Aug-23-2019Sep-01-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Aug-25-2019Sep-03-2019$ 1,535Yes16 spots left Reserve
Aug-30-2019Sep-08-2019$ 1,690YesSold Out Reserve
Sep-06-2019Sep-15-2019$ 1,605Yes2 spots left Reserve
Sep-13-2019Sep-22-2019$ 1,605Yes1 spots left Reserve
Sep-20-2019Sep-29-2019$ 1,620Yes2 spots left Reserve
Sep-27-2019Oct-06-2019$ 1,475Yes6 spots left Reserve
Oct-04-2019Oct-13-2019$ 1,550Yes6 spots left Reserve
Oct-11-2019Oct-20-2019$ 1,475Yes15 spots left Reserve
Oct-18-2019Oct-27-2019$ 1,420Yes17 spots left Reserve
Oct-25-2019Nov-03-2019$ 1,420Yes9 spots left Reserve
Nov-01-2019Nov-10-2019$ 1,490Yes5 spots left Reserve
Nov-08-2019Nov-17-2019$ 1,420Yes18 spots left Reserve
Nov-15-2019Nov-24-2019$ 1,420Yes17 spots left Reserve
Nov-22-2019Dec-01-2019$ 1,460Yes12 spots left Reserve
Nov-29-2019Dec-08-2019$ 1,420Yes22 spots left Reserve
Dec-06-2019Dec-15-2019$ 1,420Yes16 spots left Reserve
Dec-13-2019Dec-22-2019$ 1,475Yes19 spots left Reserve
Dec-20-2019Dec-29-2019$ 1,475Yes7 spots left Reserve
Dec-27-2019Jan-05-2020$ 1,505Yes13 spots left Reserve
Dec-29-2019Jan-07-2020$ 1,475Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jan-03-2020Jan-12-2020$ 1,550Yes20 spots left Reserve
Jan-10-2020Jan-19-2020$ 1,550Yes14 spots left Reserve
Jan-17-2020Jan-26-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jan-24-2020Feb-02-2020$ 1,490Yes20 spots left Reserve
Jan-31-2020Feb-09-2020$ 1,490Yes19 spots left Reserve
Feb-14-2020Feb-23-2020$ 1,490Yes20 spots left Reserve
Feb-21-2020Mar-01-2020$ 1,490Yes19 spots left Reserve
Feb-28-2020Mar-08-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Mar-13-2020Mar-22-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Mar-20-2020Mar-29-2020$ 1,490Yes21 spots left Reserve
Mar-27-2020Apr-05-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Apr-03-2020Apr-12-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Apr-05-2020Apr-14-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Apr-10-2020Apr-19-2020$ 1,550Yes18 spots left Reserve
Apr-17-2020Apr-26-2020$ 1,550Yes19 spots left Reserve
Apr-24-2020May-03-2020$ 1,550Yes18 spots left Reserve
Apr-26-2020May-05-2020$ 1,550Yes20 spots left Reserve
May-01-2020May-10-2020$ 1,550Yes17 spots left Reserve
May-08-2020May-17-2020$ 1,550Yes20 spots left Reserve
May-15-2020May-24-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
May-17-2020May-26-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
May-22-2020May-31-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
May-29-2020Jun-07-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jun-05-2020Jun-14-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jun-12-2020Jun-21-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jun-14-2020Jun-23-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jun-19-2020Jun-28-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jun-26-2020Jul-05-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jul-03-2020Jul-12-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jul-10-2020Jul-19-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jul-17-2020Jul-26-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jul-19-2020Jul-28-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jul-24-2020Aug-02-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Jul-31-2020Aug-09-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-02-2020Aug-11-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-07-2020Aug-16-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-14-2020Aug-23-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-16-2020Aug-25-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-21-2020Aug-30-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-28-2020Sep-06-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Aug-30-2020Sep-08-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Sep-04-2020Sep-13-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Sep-06-2020Sep-15-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Sep-11-2020Sep-20-2020$ 1,610Yes18 spots left Reserve
Sep-13-2020Sep-22-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Sep-18-2020Sep-27-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Sep-25-2020Oct-04-2020$ 1,610Yes22 spots left Reserve
Oct-02-2020Oct-11-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Oct-09-2020Oct-18-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Oct-16-2020Oct-25-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Oct-23-2020Nov-01-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Oct-30-2020Nov-08-2020$ 1,550Yes22 spots left Reserve
Nov-01-2020Nov-10-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Nov-06-2020Nov-15-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Nov-13-2020Nov-22-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Nov-20-2020Nov-29-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Nov-27-2020Dec-06-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Dec-04-2020Dec-13-2020$ 1,490Yes20 spots left Reserve
Dec-11-2020Dec-20-2020$ 1,490Yes20 spots left Reserve
Dec-18-2020Dec-27-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Dec-20-2020Dec-29-2020$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
Dec-25-2020Jan-03-2021$ 1,490Yes22 spots left Reserve
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Okavango Experience

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- the trip was like indicated in

- the trip was like indicated in the trip notes_x000D_
- great time_x000D_
- 3 days of very long driving, for me to long, but as indicated in the trip notes_x000D_
- well organized_x000D_
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Overall a great experience, some of the

Overall a great experience, some of the initial information provided was not totally clear - particularly in respect of the Delta - which was fully confirmed by Kenny during Briefings. The initial trip notes must be amended to address this
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Our guide and driver were phenomenal.

Our guide and driver were phenomenal. The trip was well put together and the group itself we really great

A - Variety of destinations included in

A - Variety of destinations included in this itinerary_x000D_
B - Personality, hard work and professionalism of our driver Colen and our tour leaded Meshack.

I think the tour was very well

I think the tour was very well organized. We got to see amazing places and did some great activities. We had fantastic guides and had a very pleasant overall experience. _x000D_
I have two suggestions for improvement:_x000D_
1.) The trucks should be modernized; the engines were very loud, so sometimes it was hard to communicate with each other. And I think that it is very beneficial if the truck is as quiet as possible when it is close to wildlife. It would also be good if there was more storage space inside the truck, for example through overhead bins._x000D_
2.) It would be great if you could find a way to make the drives at the end of the tour shorter. Most of us agreed that especially the trip to Old Palapye was unnecessary. Maybe it would be possible to go straight from Matobos NP to Blouberg, so there is one more day for other destinations on the way, and the drives could be split up in shorter trips. Alternatively you could extend the tour by one day and therefore make the drives shorter.
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The trip was exciting and exhausting

The trip was exciting and exhausting


Flights & Transport

Only ground transport Overland vehicle

Group Size:

Small Group - 24 max

Maximum Number of People in Group: 22


Camping (with facilities) (6 nights),Bush camp (no facilities) (2 nights),Hotel (1 night)


You will be accompanied by 3 crew members - Group Leader, Cook and Driver. Your Group Leader’s role involves organizing the overall operation and smooth-running of the trip, managing trip logistics, coordinating the tipping kitty (where applicable) and will form work groups to take turns cooking, cleaning and shopping (from time to time your leader may drive as well). Your Group Leader will work towards making the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible for all travellers. Intrepid trips are built around the co–operation and participation of all the group members under the supervision of the group leader. The group leader will show the group how to set up and use the equipment. While not being guides in the traditional sense you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the countries visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects. We also use local guides where we think more specific knowledge will add to the enjoyment of the places we are visiting, especially when tracking and identifying game - we think it's the best of both worlds. Regardless of the country of origin, our Group Leaders are chosen for their leadership skills and are wonderful ambassadors for our company and our beautiful continent and its people. Your Cook is responsible for the cooking and will help to coordinate the work groups for preparing the meals and washing up! Cooks are also responsible for organising food shopping (they are always happy to have you on board) and most importantly, they make sure high hygiene standards are kept at all times while camping. Your Driver’s main responsibility is to get you to your destination safely; they are also responsible for the maintenance of the vehicles along the way. Everyone is expected participate and carry their share of the workload/duties, making camp chores easier. The duties rota system is adopted where all members share in general camp duties – cooking, shopping, washing up etc. If the whole group participates it will be quicker, easier, and more fun. We endeavour to provide the services of an experienced leader and crew; however, situations may arise where your leader is new to a particular region or training other group leaders.

Additional Information:

Finish point

  • Victoria Falls Rest Camp and Lodges - PEAK Southern Africa
  • Stand 5 Parkway
  • Victoria Falls
  • Phone: +26 3773496695

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