• Travel the romantic, winding waterways of venice in a traghetto and lose yourself in the town's myriad alleyways – best done with a lot of time and no map
  • Hike to one charming village after another along the picturesque cinque terre, or take the train for a more leisurely experience without missing the stunning scenery
  • Discover the abundance of art and culture in florence, italy's outdoor museum. be sure to visit the accademia, home to the famous david by michelangelo
  • Fall in love with rome, a city that makes you gasp at every turn and effortlessly combines ancient history with modern architecture
  • Nestled in the postcard-perfect vineyards of tuscany's chianti region, your feature-stay on this trip is a five-star hotel housed in a former medieval monastery
  • Join a local shop-keeper for a pesto making class in levanto. make your own pesto and enjoy it with a glass of wine afterwards
  • Relax in a local family’s garden surrounded by olive trees and vineyards and enjoy the local organic wine varieties produced by this family for centuries

From the canals of Venice to the historic streets of Rome, Italy is constantly familiar and endlessly surprising. Catch the top-tier sights – Venice’s bridges, Pisa’s Leaning Tower and Rome’s Colosseum – and combine them with the humble delights of the fine food of Tuscany, natural vistas and unearthed cultural treasures. This journey will have you living la bella vita in no time.

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Peregrine Adventures Travel Reviews & Ratings
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91% Recommend

4.7 out of 5
Excellent 19 Great 1 Average 1 Disappointing 0 Terrible 1
4.7 Guide
4.6 Activities
4.7 Lodging
4.5 Transportation
4.7 Meals
Secrets of Italy



Perfect 'first timer' itinerary September 2016

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
I took my mom on Peregrine’s Secrets of Italy trip in August. The itinerary is a perfect “first timer” itinerary and hits the major highlights of Italy. In addition to all of the usual highlights (walking tour of Rome, boat trip in Venice, trip to see the leaning tower of Pisa, time to hike at Cinque Terre) we did a lot of unique activities as well. Some of our favorites included a pesto making class and a wine and food tasting at a local enoteca (we were full for weeks!). Our leader Florian was wonderful and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great time. We both loved it and would travel with Peregrine again in a heartbeat!

(This trip is a public transport trip, so make sure to pack light, as you will need to carry your own bags through train stations, etc.)
Read more

Operator Peregrine Adventures



Great itinerary with brilliant guide! January 2017

  • Value 4.0
  • Guide 4.0
  • Activities 4.0
  • Lodging 4.0
  • Transportation 4.0
  • Meals 4.0
Had a Turkey tasting tour in August with Peregrine. Great itinerary, brilliant guide. Good accommodation (mostly). The experience with a small group of people who are now friends was amazing.

Operator Peregrine Adventures



Wonderful trip. January 2017

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
The trip was absolutely wonderful and gave us the opportunity to explore many different towns and aspects of urban and rural Cuba in such a short time period. Natalia was an amazing guide; she was incredibly knowledgable and (most importantly) passionate about Cuba and wanted to share her love for the country. Natalia in particular went above and beyond what was required and helped us all to organize anything following the conclusion of the trip and made herself available over the coming days should we need assistance!
The combining of Intrepid and Peregrine tour groups was the only downside- most of those who booked through Peregrine were much older and would have benefited from a smaller group size- despite the guides best efforts to involve everyone and provide diverse options of activities (even get some to hear!) there were obviously different priorities and expectations within the group.
Read more

Operator Peregrine Adventures



Peregrine Tours are fantastic August 2015

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
We used them in Egypt. It was worth every cent. I've never been happier with a tour company and the lovely local guide they chose for us.

Operator Peregrine Adventures



It was an amazing experience August 2015

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Completed an Classical Egypt & Jordan in March. The sites are just breath taking & Our tour Leaders are more then just leaders, full of passion & knowledge. An unforgettable experience . Thank you Peregrine.
Read more

Operator Peregrine Adventures


Day 1 Venice

Arrive in style! Your airport arrival transfer is by private water taxi. Glide into the centre of Venice by boat to gain an appropriate sense of perspective of this unique city from the water… don’t forget to keep your camera handy! After tonight's group meeting enjoy dinner with your fellow travellers at a local restaurant. If you arrive early today, get out and experience the winding canals and streets of beautiful Venice. This city is best explored on foot or by boat.

Day 2 Venice

Today you will take an orientation walk in the morning. Board a vaporetto (water bus) to the island of San Giorgio, where you will climb the bell tower and witness expansive views of Venice. Enjoy free time in the afternoon. You might like to visit some museums or take a trip to some of the outlying islands. The Grand Canal, the quaint shopfronts that line the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza and Basilica di San Marco are all worthy sights to visit. It's equally satisfying to simply meander around the tiny cobbled streets and discover the beautiful markets, cafes, galleries and churches. A Venetian gondola ride down the canals is a must, as is a taste of the region’s speciality dessert, tiramisu.

Day 3 Florence

Florence is one of the most culturally rich and beautiful cities in Italy, known to many as the beating heart of Tuscany. The Medicis, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Brunelleschi, Machiavelli, Donatello and Michelangelo all lived in Florence at the height of their creative reign. Walk to Piazzale Michelangelo to take in beautiful views of the city is a lovely way to while away the day. Sample some of the culinary delicacies on offer from across Tuscany. Regional dishes are renowned for their simplicity and ingredient-driven quality. Olive oil, beans and fresh herbs are a feature here. Two standout dishes of the region are bistecca alla fiorentina (essentially a big T-bone steak that is shared between multiple diners) and ribollita (a simple, hearty soup of bread, vegetables and beans). Panforte is the signature sweet treat.

Day 4 Florence

While you are in Florence, there will be plenty of time to explore the city and its museums and galleries. It's impossible to see everything in this Renaissance wonderland, however, so take your time and enjoy it. Visiting the Uffizi while you are here is highly recommended – it is one of the oldest galleries in the world, and a building of great beauty. Similarly, a visit to Galleria dell'Accademia, where you can see Michelangelo's famous statue of David, is a must.

Day 5 Pisa / Lucca / La Spezia

This morning you will make your way towards the dramatic coast of the Cinque Terre, and visit Pisa and Lucca on the way. Due to the precarious state of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Torre Pendente, it is not always possible to climb it, but you will definitely have the opportunity to photograph it from the ground. Your trip leader will take you to the ticket office to purchase tickets to the Cathedral, Baptistry, Museums and Campo Santo, should you wish to visit them. Your next stop is Lucca, where you can walk the bustling streets or perhaps take a walk along the famous city walls. You then continue to your accommodation in La Spezia. This is the gateway to the gorgeous Cinque Terre.

Day 6 Cinque Terre / La Spezia

Cinque Terre (translating as 'Five Lands' or 'Five Villages') is a region of Italy famed for its rugged coastline and the colourful villages that cling to it. The footpaths that run between the villages were once the only way to travel in the region. You can choose to walk just a few sections, which will still unveil a great amount of majestic scenery. There is a train that connects the villages as well, so if you prefer to enjoy a more relaxing day, you are welcome to take this option. Join a local shop-keeper for a Pesto making class in Levanto. Make your own pesto and enjoy it with a glass of wine afterwards. In the evening there's no better way to refuel after the taxing walks than indulging in a delicious Mediterranean feast. Be sure to try the local pesto and focaccia, both specialties of the area.

Day 7 San Gimignano / Chianti Region

This morning you will start to make your way to your next hotel (the feature stay of this trip) in the Chianti Region, right in the heart of Tuscany. On the way, you will visit San Gimignano, the 'Town of Fine Towers'. This medieval walled town is famous for its well-preserved tower houses which are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list. There will be time for you to explore the old town centre and its fine Gothic and Romanesque architecture. This region is renowned for its ancient Vernaccia grapes, which are the basis for one of Tuscany's finest white wines. Relax in a local family’s garden surrounded by olive trees and vineyards and enjoy the local organic wine varieties produced by this family for centuries. Arrive at your hotel (a converted medieval monastery) in the afternoon. Relax by the pool or perhaps take a stroll through the vineyards that are part of the property.

Day 8 Monteriggioni / Siena / Rome

Begin the day with a short drive to Monteriggioni, another Tuscan hill town that was built by the Sienese to defend their territory against the Florentines in the 13th century. Learn a little more about the circular walls and 14 towers which played a significant role in the attacks staged by the Bishop of Volterra. Continue to the medieval city of Siena. It is best known for the Piazza del Campo, the site of the twice-annual Palio (a horse race that goes around the edge of the oval square). Be sure to visit the small but stunning Siena Cathedral, and see the statue of the capitoline wolf which was brought here by the sons of Remus, the founder of Rome. It has been the city's symbol ever since. After a 4 hour drive you will arrive into Rome in the early evening.

Day 9 Rome

From incredible ancient monuments to glamourous restaurants and boutiques, Rome is a city of great beauty and diversity. Today you will be taken on a walking tour of the city. You'll see such marvels as the Roman Forum, the Victor Emmanuel Monument, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and Venezia, the Spanish Steps and Via Dei Condotti. As you wander the city, perhaps stop in at a bar for a quick coffee, or indulge in some gelato. The rest of the day is free for you to explore this great city as you please. Make sure you take the opportunity to visit the majestic Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica. The view from the dome of St Peter’s is breath taking. Roman food is world-renowned, and the trattorias that line the streets are the perfect place to sample the local pasta delights. A taste or two of the (very well priced) local wine is also a must. Enjoy a farewell dinner with your travel companions to end the trip.

Day 10 Rome

Your trip comes to an end after breakfast on Day 10. Those looking to extend their stay can arrange additional nights' accommodation at the time of booking the trip (subject to availability).

Dates & Pricing
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$ 3,972

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$ 397 per day
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May-06-2019May-15-2019$ 3,972Yes11 spots left Reserve
May-13-2019May-22-2019$ 4,468Yes6 spots left Reserve
May-20-2019May-29-2019$ 5,260Yes5 spots left Reserve
Jun-10-2019Jun-19-2019$ 5,260Yes4 spots left Reserve
Jul-01-2019Jul-10-2019$ 4,965Yes8 spots left Reserve
Aug-19-2019Aug-28-2019$ 4,965Yes7 spots left Reserve
Sep-02-2019Sep-11-2019$ 4,965Yes10 spots left Reserve
Sep-09-2019Sep-18-2019$ 4,965Yes10 spots left Reserve
Sep-16-2019Sep-25-2019$ 5,215Yes5 spots left Reserve
Apr-29-2020May-08-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
May-06-2020May-15-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
May-13-2020May-22-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
May-20-2020May-29-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Jun-03-2020Jun-12-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Jun-24-2020Jul-03-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Jul-08-2020Jul-17-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-12-2020Aug-21-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Aug-26-2020Sep-04-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-02-2020Sep-11-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Sep-09-2020Sep-18-2020$ 4,965No12 spots left Reserve
Comfortable hotel (8 nights),Feature stay in the Chianti Region (1 night)
Start City
End City
Guides All group trips are accompanied by one of our group leaders. The aim of the group leader is to take the hassle out of your travels and to help you have the best trip possible. We endeavour to provide the services of an experienced leader however, due to the seasonality of travel, rare situations may arise where your leader is new to a particular region or training other group leaders. Your leader will provide information on the places you are travelling through, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating venues and introduce you to our local friends. While not being guides in the traditional sense you can expect them to have a broad general knowledge of the places visited on the trip, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects. We aim to support local guides who have specialised knowledge of the regions we visit. If you were interested in delving deeper into the local culture at a specific site or location then your leader can recommend a local guide service in most of the main destinations of your trip.
Additional Information:

Finish point

  • Hotel Romanico Palace
  • Via Boncompagni 37
  • Rome
  • Phone: +39 062039241

Trip ID#: peregrine-PEIT

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