• See the best of Edinburgh on foot, starting with a walking tour of the Royal Mile
  • See of the historic buildings, quaint shops, narrow lanes, and hidden courtyards.
  • Visit the history of this land at the impressive National Museum of Scotland
  • Enjoy a favorite Scottish past time by taking a walk through the spectacular landscape of the well-preserved Cairngorms National Park.
  • The Clava Cairns, an impressive collection of prehistoric burial chambers, and enjoy a picnic in this serene setting

On this bonnie journey that starts and ends in royal Edinburgh, your Rick Steves guide will immerse you in the rich culture and history of Scotland. You'll walk the Royal Mile; study the fairways at St. Andrews; shake paws with a sheep dog; try a wee dram at a whisky distillery; explore the Highlands; ponder Lochs Ness, Garry and Lomond; wander over the Isle of Iona; and time-travel about the craggy castles of Edinburgh, Stirling and Urquhart. Join us for the Best of Scotland in 10 Days!

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5.0 Meals
Best of Scotland in 10 Days Tour

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Our Rick Steve's "Best of Italy Tour," starting in Varenna, October 18, through Rome, November 3, 2015. January 2017

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We flew into Milan and toured the town on our own a few days. Then we took the train to Varenna on Lake Como to formally start our Rick Steves tour with our guide, Lisa Anderson. She was excellent; very organized, helpful to a fault, and took us to a lot of out-of-way places not on the itinerary. What I liked most was the mixture of planned activities and time our own own; a nice balance which I believe gave us a good feel for the people, culture, and historical places we toured throughout Italy. You can read any itinerary for this trip and learn about what you're going to see, but getting to know your traveling companions (there were 28 of us) well, share food (and a cold- achoo!) made it all the better. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who would really like to get a taste of Italy from Rome north. I had no interest in visiting Italy before, but would go back in a heartbeat. I especially enjoyed our time high up in a ski village in the Dolomite Mountains. Seeing the "big three" of Venice, Florence, and Rome was great, but I also enjoyed seeing Pisa and Assisi, and spending time in places I had never heard of before - Cinque Terre , Siena, and Orvieto. While I know you can't pick your tour hosts, I would give the highest marks to our guide Lisa, her assistant, Alex, and our bus driver extraordinaire, Adrian. They helped put an excellent adventure over the top. Kudos to you Rick Steve's! We'll book another one of your tours in the next few years.
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Great Tour of Paris July 2016

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My family and I took the seven day Paris tour run by Rick Steves and had a great time. Excellent guide and perfect mix of scheduled events and free time. The specialist guides in the museums provided essentially a college level class on art history and appreciation which made it all the more special. The accommodations were well located and nicely sized. The mix of free time was excellent for my photography so I never felt rushed nor did we hold up the group. We look forward to booking another Rick Steves tour sometime in the future.
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We went on the My Way Best of Euope 14 day tour last month. Excellent tour. So much to see!!! We loved it!! I would highly recommend it if you are an independent traveler who doesn't want any stress.

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Just got back from the Best of Scandinavia Tour. It was absolutely fantastic in every respect: Great venues and sights, great food and lodging, great local tour guides, a wonderful group to travel with, but the best part was having two fantastic professional guides with us every day to make everything come to life and help us connect in a very meaningful way with the cultures and lands we were there to experience. This is my second RS tour and I would say both have exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend RS tours to anyone looking to travel in this part of the world!!
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We had a glorious time in Europe. Rick Steve's tours are the best way to learn about the various country's history, people, and culture. Great recommendations for places to eat when you're on your own. Fun meeting people in the tour group.
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Operator Rick Steves


Day 1: Welcome to Scotland

We'll meet at 4 p.m. at our hotel in Edinburgh for a "Welcome to Scotland" get-together. We'll then take a neighborhood walk and tour of Georgian Edinburgh before getting acquainted over dinner. Sleep in Edinburgh (2 nights). No bus. Walking: light.

Day 2: Conquering Edinburgh Castle

Today we'll see the best of Edinburgh on foot, starting with a walking tour of the Royal Mile and its wealth of historic buildings, quaint shops, narrow lanes, and hidden courtyards. We'll climb up to imposing Edinburgh Castle to tour this historic military stronghold, the birthplace of the city, and soak up the dramatic views. Then we'll wind our way through the medieval streets, stopping at Grassmarket and Greyfriar's Cemetery before ending at the impressive National Museum of Scotland. The afternoon is free for your own explorations. Tonight, join your guide and fellow tour members for a pint at a local pub to share the stories of your Scottish experiences. No bus. Walking: strenuous.

Day 3: Culross and St. Andrews

We cross the famous Firth of Forth this morning as we head into the Scottish countryside. Our first stop is in the picturesque burgh of Culross, where we'll learn about long-ago lifestyles as we tour a 17th-century cottage "palace." Then we're off to St. Andrews, Scotland's oldest university town and mecca for golfers worldwide. You'll have time to explore the ruins of St. Andrews' medieval cathedral, watch duffers playing the Old Course, and enjoy lunch. This evening we'll enjoy dinner together, and then listen to the history of bagpipes and a real Scottish piper. Sleep in or near the village of Kenmore (2 nights). Bus: 5 hrs. Walking: moderate.

Day 4: Prehistoric Crannogs

This morning we'll tour a reconstruction of Scotland's unique crannogs: prehistoric, defensive homesteads built on piers out over the lochs. We'll also learn about the first people to farm in this part of the world, millennia ago. Then we'll head to the Hermitage, where we'll hear about Scottish Romanticism amidst Black Linn Falls and towering forest. Next, we are onto the charming town of Dunkeld, where we'll tour its medieval cathedral. After lunch, join your guide for a country walk (a favorite Scottish pastime) or take your time exploring one of the quaint villages along the River Tay. Bus: 2 hrs. Walking: moderate.

Day 5: Sheepdogs and the Highlands

We're off to the Highlands today! We'll start off by learning about the nitty-gritty of Scotland's wool industry at a working sheep farm and watch a demonstration by talented sheepdogs. This afternoon we'll enter the Scottish Highlands, and enjoy a panoramic cruise of Loch Ness (monster sightings possible) before the boat drops us at the shore to explore the dramatic ruins of Urquhart Castle. We'll end the day of dramatic scenery with an orientation walk of Inverness and dinner together. Sleep in Inverness (2 nights). Boat: ½ hr. Bus: 3 hrs. Walking: strenuous.

Day 6: Culloden Battlefield and Cawdor Castle

Today we'll tour evocative Culloden Battlefield where, in 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat ended decades of Scottish rebellion against the English government. We'll also stop for a look at the Clava Cairns, an impressive collection of prehistoric burial chambers, and enjoy a picnic in this serene setting. On our way back to Inverness, we'll tour the turreted Cawdor Castle and its magnificent gardens. The remainder of the afternoon is yours to explore Inverness or stroll along the banks of the river. Tonight is a great night to enjoy some traditional music in one of the many pubs. Bus: 2 hrs. Walking: moderate.

Day 7: Glencoe and Seaside Oban

This morning we'll head toward the coast, but not before stopping at haunting Glencoe, site of Scotland's most infamous massacre (Campbells and MacDonalds, keep your daggers on the bus). We'll end our day in the scenic coastal town of Oban, where we'll tour a whisky distillery and enjoy a wee dram while learning about this iconic Scottish industry. Sleep in Oban (2 nights, group is split between two B&Bs). Bus: 4 hrs. Walking: light.

Day 8: Inspiring Isle of Iona

Today we'll board a ferry and hop on a local bus for an entertaining ride across the island of Mull to our destination: the windswept Isle of Iona, the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland. We'll tour the 800-year-old abbey, where monks created the remarkable Book of Kells, one of the sparks of creativity that pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages. We'll then set you free to explore or find a spot to meditate on this tiny, spiritually charged island. We'll return to Oban, and our own century, in time for dinner. Boat: 2 hrs. Bus: 2 hrs. Walking: light.

Day 9: Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle

We'll drive along the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond and through central Scotland on our way back to Edinburgh. En route we'll visit the famous castle of the Stuart kings, Stirling, including the newly restored Renaissance Palace. Tonight we'll share memories of Scotland and toast new friends at our final dinner together. Slàinte! Sleep in Edinburgh (1 night). Bus: 4 hrs. Walking: moderate.

Day 10: Tour Over After Breakfast

Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. Edinburgh's airport and train station are easy connections from our neighborhood. Glasgow is one hour away by train; London is 90 minutes by air. For those tempted to continue their trip, Edinburgh is a great jumping off point to Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, and many other exciting destinations. Cheerio!

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$ 3,095

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$ 310 per day
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Sep-24-2018Oct-03-2018$ 3,195$ 3,770Limited Reserve
Oct-01-2018Oct-10-2018$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Oct-03-2018Oct-12-2018$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Oct-26-2018Oct-05-2018$ 3,195$ 3,770Limited Reserve
Apr-08-2019Apr-17-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Apr-15-2019Apr-24-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Apr-22-2019May-01-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Apr-29-2019May-08-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
May-01-2019May-10-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
May-06-2019May-15-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
May-13-2019May-22-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
May-20-2019May-29-2019$ 3,495$ 3,495Limited Reserve
May-22-2019May-31-2019$ 3,495$ 3,495Limited Reserve
May-27-2019Jun-05-2019$ 3,495$ 3,495Limited Reserve
May-29-2019Jun-07-2019$ 3,495$ 3,495Limited Reserve
Jun-03-2019Jun-12-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jun-10-2019Jun-19-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jun-17-2019Jun-26-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jun-24-2019Jul-03-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jun-26-2019Jul-05-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-01-2019Jul-10-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-06-2019Jul-15-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-08-2019Jul-17-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-13-2019Jul-22-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-15-2019Jul-24-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-22-2019Jul-31-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-29-2019Aug-07-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Jul-31-2019Aug-09-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Aug-03-2019Aug-12-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-05-2019Aug-14-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-10-2019Aug-19-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-12-2019Aug-21-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-17-2019Aug-26-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-19-2019Aug-28-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-26-2019Sep-04-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Aug-31-2019Sep-09-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Sep-02-2019Sep-11-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Sep-04-2019Sep-13-2019$ 3,495$ 4,070Limited Reserve
Sep-09-2019Sep-18-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Sep-11-2019Sep-20-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Sep-16-2019Sep-25-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Sep-18-2019Sep-27-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Sep-23-2019Oct-02-2019$ 3,295$ 3,870Limited Reserve
Sep-30-2019Oct-09-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Oct-07-2019Oct-16-2019$ 3,095$ 3,670Limited Reserve
Check Current Availability, prices, specials with Rick Steves
  • Single Supplement (Single Occupancy): $ 575
Prices may vary due to local taxes and trip seasonality. Click "Request Info" to inquire directly with the tour operator for the final trip price.
Trip Includes
  • A small, friendly group of 24–28 people — half the size of most tour groups
  • Full-time services of a professional Rick Steves guide and local experts who will make the fascinating history, art, and culture of Scotland come alive for you
  • All tours and admissions — at no extra cost — covering at least 21 group sightseeing events, Walking tour of Edinburgh's Royal Mile, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle tour, Culross Palace tour, St. Andrews visit, Scottish musical evening, Scottish Crannog tour, Dunkeld Cathedral visit, Hermitage visit, Whisky distillery tour and tasting, Sheep dog demonstration, Scottish Highlands Walk, Culloden Battlefield tour, Clava Cairns tour, Cawdor Castle visit, Urquhart Castle visit Loch Ness cruise, Glencoe scenic drive, Isle of Iona visit, Iona Abbey tour, Stirling Castle tour…and more
  • All group transportation from Edinburgh to Edinburgh
  • 9 nights' accommodations in memorable, centrally located hotels and B&Bs
  • All breakfasts and half your dinners
  • All tips for guides and driver
  • Rick Steves Travel Store credit to use toward guidebooks for your trip
  • Guaranteed tour price, locked in the moment you make your deposit
  • Optional single supplements — this tour has a limited number of private rooms for solo travelers for an additional fee
  • Tour alum discount of $50 for each tour you've taken prior to 2017
  • 50% discount on a consulting appointment with our in-house experts to assist with your pre- or post-tour travel plans
  • Flexibility should you need to transfer, or cancel/interrupt your tour
  • Fine print: You are responsible for the cost of your drinks and free-time sightseeing
Flights & Transport
Only ground transport
Group Size:
Small Group - 24 max
Maximum Number of People in Group: 28
Start City
End City
Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations and refunds: Your tour deposit is 100% refundable for 30 days from the date it is received, unless noted otherwise below. After 30 days your deposit becomes nonrefundable, and will be forfeited should you decide to cancel your reservation. Deposits made 60–90 days before a tour departs become nonrefundable on the final payment due date. If you book a tour less than 60 days before its departure date, the entire tour cost becomes non-refundable after 7 days.

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