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A Taste of Croatia – An Epicurean Voyage tour
Croatia Dubrovnik A Taste of Croatia – An Epicurean Voyage Trip
Hvar island Korcula Island A Taste of Croatia – An Epicurean Voyage Trip
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A Taste of Croatia – An Epicurean Voyage

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9 days
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  • Enjoy a guided walking tour to the preserved Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian
  • Be fully immersed into the local culture and history 
  • Experience wine tasting in the private home of Davor Osjak 
  • Visit the village of Vrboska, a charming town with narrow streets, ancient churches and houses
  • Enjoy a variety of traditional dishes
  • Visit Benedictine Monastery
  • Go on a guided walking history tour of Korcula.

Short Description

A colourful blend of old Europe, Croatia's coastline reminds guests of an ancient, beautiful world. ROW Adventures boasts this epicurean voyage for small groups to explore the steep coastal mountains, golden strands of beach, and small islands towns all while anticipating each island or coastal area's local cuisine! As you sail along the shores, walk through historical paths and savor age-old wines, you'll find yourself asking, "Why haven't I visited Croatia before?

Small ship cruises usually have a max passenger count of 500. The primary purpose of these trips is to spend time off the vessel in local ports (e.g. Mediterranean) or experiencing nature (e.g Galapagos or Antarctica). Cabins can vary from budget to luxury.
Trip Type Small Ship Cruise
See all the highlights and popular spots on a classic tour.
Itinerary Focus Classic Highlights
3 to 4 star western hotel equivalents. While not all lodging will be 'luxury' they will be quite comfortable by western standards.
Lodging Level Premium - 4 star
Flights & Transport Only ground transport
Start City Split, Croatia
End City Dubrovnik, Croatia
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Day 1: Split

Arrive in the beautiful historic city of Split and check into your hotel.  Depending on your arrival time you may want to enjoy a stroll around the city and start to absorb the atmosphere of this amazing country.

Day 2: Split to Brač

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Today, we have a morning walking tour to explore the bustling port of Split and its ancient monuments. Throughout history, Croatia has been significantly located at the periphery of world powers, and Split testifies to this uniquely hybridized culture.

Your tour takes you to the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, whose peristyle, colonnaded square dominates the space. Although the palace stands as an incredible example of Roman ruins, its arterial streets are coursing with people and modern businesses. The modern vibe fuses with ancient Egyptian pink granite columns at the square by the Silver Gate, and Corinthian capitals sit upon them. In this age of empires, Diocletian merged cultures within his palace walls, and black sphinxes imported from the mystical land of the pharaohs neighbor the Temple of Jupiter, once the Baptistery of St. John. Here, a collection of wood panels dating back to 1214 and depicting Christ’s life are housed. This morning, enjoy Split’s unique atmosphere where ancient ruins serve as a casual backdrop to café terraces.

In the early afternoon we make our way to the harbor to board our yacht and enjoy our first lunch together. After lunch we settle into our individual cabins. If weather permits, we continue our afternoon with a voyage to the Island of Brač, where we anchor near or in the Pučišća harbor. If weather conditions are poor, we continue our stay in Split harbor for the evening and ideally leave first thing in the morning.

No matter where we harbor, tonight is the start of our culinary adventure on board.  Perhaps the menu will include a beef pot roast known as pašticada, often served with potato gnocchi. This festive meal is the holy grail of Dalmatian cooking, often savored during holidays or days of celebration. For dessert, enjoy the delights of palačinke (pah-lah-CHEEN-keh, meaning ‘pancakes’). You might recognize palačinke as form of crepe, whose delicious and varied fillings will end the evening on a sweet note.

Day 3: Brac, Splitska, and Hvar

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

This morning we explore Brač, the third largest island of the Adriatic and best known for its karst limestone relief dotted by numerous cavities, coves, and gullies. While Brač’s limestone quarries are not widely recognized, white marble taken from the island has been notably used for Diocletian’s palace, Berlin’s Reichstag, and the White House.

Learn more about the importance of stonework and the island’s indigent white marble as we tour the town of Pučišća and the stone cutting school situated there. Learn about this significant Croatian tradition as you witness the impressive works of art that complement the quaint Mediterranean town whose Baroque white roofed buildings climb lazily up the hills above the port.

We return to the yacht to travel to the town of Splitska, from which we will begin a hike through aromatic olive groves and vineyards famed throughout Croatia. Our path takes us to the town of Skrip, the island’s oldest city where its ancient heritage is most present with its traces of Illyrian, Croatian, and Roman cultures. Explore artifacts and relics at the Native Museum of the Island of Brač to gain insight into the island’s rich ethnographic history.

After our museum visit, you explore more of Skrip as you enjoy a fresh and distinctly Brač lunch in a private home of one of the locals. Enjoy sour cherries, olive oil, almonds, and grapes sourced from the island and more as you relax in the sun.

Once we finish lunch, we continue our island exploration with a drive to Vidova Gora, the highest peak within all the Croatian islands, where you can appreciate the panorama of the cerulean Adriatic before you. We continue our outdoor adventure with a mostly downhill hike of about three miles.  First stop is a mystical monastery hidden in the mountains.

Off the well-visited shore and cloaked by trees lies the Blaca hermitage, also referred to as the Pustinja Blaca. Founded in the early 16th century by two Glagolitic monks seeking refuge in a cave from the Turks, the monastery was incorporated into the cave that offered sanctuary and was in use for over 400 years. Not only is this hermitage visually stunning, it also houses a 19th century printing press and books extending back to the monastery’s commencement. Truly one of the trip’s highlights, the Blaca hermitage is guaranteed to astound.

Once we finish our guided tour of the monastery, we continue our hike through the pine-filled mountains toward the coast where our yacht awakes. Cool down from the day and splash in the sea before we continue our cruise to inviting town of Vrboska, located on the island Hvar.

Croatia is comprised of a collage of cultures, and you can only truly appreciate this by tasting the food. Croatian cuisine is wildly varied and regional. As a crossroads for merchants and empires, Croatia’s dishes have been influenced by different cultures for centuries, and you find vastly different dishes inland, on the coast, or dispersed throughout its many islands.

Each day we enjoy another taste of Croatia.  For example, one evening we may have crni rižot (TSIR-nee REE-zhot), or ‘black risotto.’ This dish has its roots in Italy, where it is known as Risotto Nero di Sepie. This black risotto gains its color and smooth texture from the ink of cuttlefish, whose ink is spread over the rice as well as chunks of the meat and sometimes squid. This seafood specialty lets you taste the best of the Mediterranean and is accompanied with fresh greens supplied from a local farmer. Your meal concludes with a traditional Croatian dessert such as fresh figs drizzled in lemon juice to lighten your taste buds.

After we dine onboard, those seeking a bit more fun may wander to shore to a local tavern for a wine tasting.  Others may enjoy watching the stars from the deck of our yacht.

Day 4: Vrboska to Stari Grad and Hvar Town

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Vrboska, Hvar’s smallest village, has earned the name of “little Venice” as it lies tucked away in the depth of the bay, with bridges arching across the canal carving through the town. The ancient churches and houses maintain their original Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architectural heritage and are set against pristine pine forests and lush vineyards. Vrboska hosts the unique sharply angled bastion of the fortress church of St. Mary of Mercy, built in the 16th century in defense of the Turk’s imminent invasion. This oddly shaped church was built to withstand a siege and articulates the harsh beauty of the fishing town and its tumultuous history. Nearby, the church of St. Lawrence, is decorated with one of Dalmatia’s best art collections, some works by Venetian masters of Titian influence.

Despite its Venetian gloss, this small town is very much a fishing town, and you explore this rich heritage at the Museum of the Sardine Fisherman. This museum, bursting with artifacts and old documents, articulates the relationship between the Adriatic’s abundance marine life and the people whose livelihood depended on it. Starkist Tuna Company was founded by Croatians before they relocated to California, and this museum gives you insight into the way of life of these fishermen.

After visiting Vrboska, we walk about four miles through Hvar’s stunning and aromatic countryside. With its sweeping fields of lavender, scented olive groves, and verdant vineyards, you can appreciate why Hvar is often referred to as the Queen of the Croatian islands. Our countryside ramble takes us to our yacht in Stari Grad.

Stari Grad, the more reserved and cultured neighbor of Hvar, was once the capital of the island and a former 4th century BC Greek Colony. Once here, we head to Tvrdalj, the summer home of one of Croatia’s most famous poets: Petar Hektorović. This 16th century castle, built within a Turkish fort, bears the inscriptions of Hektorović’s favored quotes in Latin and Croatian, and the fish pool bordered by stone arches creates an inviting courtyard. A Renaissance man, Hektorović designed the primary building to represent the world: while the pond is for creatures of water, the neighboring dovecote is for creatures of air; the garden represents the creatures of the ground.

There is also time to peruse the museum enclosed within a monastery and wander the piazza lined with cafes and Renaissance-era architecture that has withstood the trials of time and conquerors. Nowhere is this more evident than the Cyclopean Walls remaining from the Illyrian period whose inscription bears remembrance of the original Greek town that marks the town’s unique symbiosis of the past and modernity.

After exploring relics, ruins, and remains we return to the yacht for lunch. We pull up the anchor and set sail along the coast to the city of Hvar known for its pulsating nightlife. After taking the weather, the group’s interests for the rest of the night, and other pertinent factors, we may choose to anchor in a quiet cove several miles away from the bustling harbor or drop anchor in the city’s port. Depending on where we anchor will determine the evening’s activities, but if in town, then you may enjoy walking through the polished limestone streets of Hvar town, having an ice cream or coffee while you watch the world stroll by.

Tonight, dinner may be Pršut. Pršut is a distinctly Croatian dish as this dry-cured ham differs from its Italian cousin prosciutto and remains distinct to the islands. Unlike prosciutto, the climate and location can influence the meat’s taste as the ham leg is traditionally hung outside where the fresh air contributes to the drying process. Two Croatian coastal regions are known for their pršut: Dalmatia and Istria. Unlike their Italian neighbors, the Istrians dry the meat in the bura, or winter wind, which carries the scents of herbs growing along the mountains. Dalmatians expose the meat to the jugo wind, the sea wind, as well, so that the meat is further infused with the salt of the Adriatic Sea. Pršut is uniquely cured so that it absorbs the Croatian environment so that you can truly enjoy the delicacies of the Adriatic.

Day 5: Hvar to Vis

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

While many consider Stari Grad to be the city of colors, the town of Hvar is often known as the Adriatic’s crown jewel with its more stimulating, sultry urbane vibe. Early risers may enjoy a visit the local market.  Swathes of lavender and rosemary add fragrance to the air along with the orange groves on Croatia’s sunniest island, and the Venetian townhouses imbue the town with modern glamour against the backdrop of the 13th century walls, marble streets, and Gothic castles. There are several options this morning that include a steep walk up to the Genoese Fortress perched above the town; the theatre of Hvar established in 1612, the cathedral, and the Franciscan monastery. We also offer a five mile hike for those so included, passing through the Velo Grablje valley to the sparkling coast near Milna.

We reconvene in the afternoon onboard the yacht, where you can enjoy another fresh lunch while we cruise toward Vis if weather permits. Revel in the freedom of crushing through blue water riffled lightly by wind with white sand beaches gleaming brightly in the distance. If we cross the channel today, we will drop anchor at the town of Vis or at Komiza, which lies at the other side of the island.

Vis is quite isolated in the Adriatic and as close to Italy as Croatia.  It’s a place that has defined its own flavors.  In the picturesque seaside town of Komiza, there is an excellent local homebrew called raki, brewed from carob pods.  The island of Vis is also well known for its Komiška pogača, or Komiža flat cake. This savory bread combines salted sardines with a šalša of tomato, olive oil, and parsley.

Day 6: Vis

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

If we didn’t make it to Vis yesterday, then our morning begins with a cruise to the island, while enjoying the deep blue waters of the Adriatic.  Assuming we are already on Vis, then we have many options for our day.  Weather permitting; we visit Biševo’s Blue Grotto, off the coast from Komiza town and on the island of Biševo.  There’s nothing like spending the morning soaking in the sun’s reflection off the waves, and the Blue Grotto is in fact a cave partially immersed in water. During different times of the day, the water can reflect a luminous aquamarine light spotted with glowing silver.

After exploring the grotto, we hike through the small island’s pine forests and maquis shrubland as we make our way to one of the island’s coves where our yacht has traveled to meet us.

Later, the enigmatic and remote Vis provides you with many options for learning and discovery. Vis was closed to tourism until 1989, and it retains its air of mystery imbedded in the military tunnels and submarine depots. The island has numerous vineyards and several wineries and we hope to visit one of these.  We may also visit the caves on Mount Hum where Joseph Tito, the leader of Europe’s most effective Nazi-resistance movement, sought shelter or, the submerged coves used to hide submarines during the fraught Cold War period.


We anchor in either the port of Komiza or the town of Vis and the evening is yours to command as you explore all the town has to offer. Discover your own epicurean adventure tonight as you choose how to spend your evening and what Croatian creations you wish to sample.

Day 7: Korčula

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

We get a very early start to begin our longest cruise segment of the trip, traveling about 5-6 hours south to the island of Korcula.   The island is famous for ship building, olive oil and a unique white wine called Grk.  We arrive in the town of Korcula at the south end of the island.  This is one of the most dramatic medieval walled towns of Europe.  The stone palaces and churches are a magnificent display of architectural style ranging from 14th to 16th century and house excellent collections of religious art. Korcula lays claim to being the birthplace of Marco Polo and in September there is a reenactment of the famous battle between Genoa and Venice where he was taken captive, thrown in prison in Genoa and thereby wrote his now-famous Travels.

After our walking history tour of the town, we stop in for some delicacies at the Cukarin, a lovely bakery run by a lovely and talented artisan named Mrs. Smiljana.  We return to the boat with time for a swim followed by dinner on board.  If we have time the island is famous for olive oil as well as a white wine called Grk, grown only near the town of Lombarda where we visit one of the better wineries for a private tour.

After dinner, here or on Hvar, we invite some of our friends and if they're available, they join us to sing “klapa” which is a form of a cappella singing usually done by a group of four to six men. It is most lovely and a very special treat during this trip.  

Day 8: Korčula and Pelješac Peninsula

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Our morning begins early with breakfast and a short cruise to the Pelješac Peninsula, a mountainous land dotted with sunny villages and sheltered, shadowed coves. Pelješac Peninsula is Dalmatia's largest peninsula; although it remains largely populated with macchia, fruit trees, vineyards and olive orchards rather than people.

We explore the peninsula with a five mile walk beginning from the quaint village of Viganj, which looks more like a botanical garden than a village, and heading to Orebič. Orebič boasts of some of Dalmatia’s best beaches edged with stands of pine and tamarisk.  Mt Ilija looms above the town’s museums and churches. Not only are the beginning and ending destinations stunning sights to behold, the walk through groves of pines and pomegranates is a delight. On our way, we also may visit a small maritime museum to further learn about the island’s profound connection to the Adriatic and the world.

We return to the yacht and cruise north to the tip of peninsula, drop anchor and enjoy our last festive dinner aboard the yacht.

Day 9: Pelješac Peninsula, Ston, Dubrovnik

Meals: Breakfast

This morning we enjoy a final breakfast onboard and then bid farewell to captain and crew. Once we step off the boat and onto land, we have a great morning of exploring the Pelješac Peninsula’s more obscure wonders.

First, we drive to the city of Ston, known for its history salt production and the Walls of Ston. The walls of Ston, originally built as a series of defense walls, stretch to Mali Ston and are commonly known as the European Wall of China. Witness this impressive architectural feat before exploring the impressive acres of mussel and oyster farms.  See, touch, and taste some deliciously fresh oysters and possibly sample the famous Pelješac wine called Dingač.

Once we have enjoyed the salty delights of Ston, we continue on to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik cannot fail to stun with its ancient marble streets and baroque architecture. While Dubrovnik has a definitive charm of its own as one of the world's best preserved medieval towns, you might recognize it from HBO’s Game of Thrones, as the city was used for King's Landing as well as the House of the Undying. When we reach Dubrovnik, you are taken to a hotel of your choosing before being free to explore whatever interests you in the town that perfectly represents the Mediterranean’s play of light, stone, and sea.

Exact routes are determined by weather and wind conditions and the itinerary may vary from that printed above.  We do our best to visit all sites mentioned, but sometimes in a different order.  A flexible attitude is requested.


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A Taste of Croatia – An Epicurean Voyage

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What a great time!

This was our first trip and definitely won't be our last! The guides are really fun and lunch exceeded expectations. Thanks so much Jake, Ben & Ashley for making this the highlight of our summer!!
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ROW Adventures combines luxury and adventure with a unique emphasis on people and human connection.

I've had the privilege of working with ROW Adventures all over the world as a filmmaker. Having been on so many trips, both domestic and international, I have a pretty good knowledge as to how this company operates.

A few things stand out on every ROW trip, regardless of destination. First being the guides. These are people who genuinely love what they do. They're passionate, attentive, professional, safety-oriented, friendly, and generally fun people to be around. They're accommodating to individual needs and do their best to make sure you are comfortable and enjoying your vacation to the maximum.

The next thing that stands out is the food. It doesn't matter if you're on a 6 day whitewater rafting and camping trip, the food is gourmet. Prime rib, chicken mole, salmon, eggs Benedict, and a variety of expansive sandwhich spreads are just a few examples of ROW's typical "camp" food.

Perhaps their best feature though, is their emphasis on human connection. In the end, these are trips that are very often life changing. ROW is dedicated to curating life changing experiences that draw families closer to each other, create new friendships between guests and guides, and educate everyone involved about how tourism can work to the continued protection of our great outdoors.

If you're looking at booking an adventure trip, whether it be in North America or abroad, I would recommend ROW Adventures in a heartbeat.
They're a top-notch company in all the areas that count, and I would book them for any trip in the future.
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What a great time we had with this group!! We rafted the Lochsa, and it will be a day to remember!! Thanks Chris for giving us a fantastic ride.
If you are thinking about doing a raft trip, perhaps the Lochsa?? it with this group! They were Fun,entertaining, educational, smart about the river, and lunch was over the top!! This was not our first time rafting, however first time with a guide...well worth every dime. We will be back to do it again!
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Went above and beyond

Awesome Galapagos adventure, spectacular guides. Solved any issued we had. Went above and beyond what was expected. Thank you what a stupendous trip, headed out for the second leg to the Amazon, expecting more of the same.
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Best Tour Operator!

What a blast we had last week on the Happy Hour float down the Spokane river. What made it even better was our guide, Will who kept us laughing especially at his "geese stacking rock" joke! Can't wait for my next trip with Row Adventures!! Your the BEST!
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Off the Snake for 24 hours sure missing the river, slow pace!
To the Guides Mark, Brit, Chris, Brian, Ashley and Maddie you were AWESOME!
Great families on the trip!!!
Thank you for the great time
Harry and Rita
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Ship Name

m/y Romanca

Ship Stats


  • Build Year - 1998
  • Berths - 8 double bed cabins with WC and shower
  • Length Overall - 115 ft
  • Beam - 26 ft
  • Draught - 11 ft
  • 4 Sails - 400 m2
  • Engine - Caterpillar 570 hp
  • Speed - 10 kts
  • Water Tank - 221 capacity

Ship Description

The m/y Romanca is a 105' Croatian-made motor/sailing yacht completed in July of 1998. While the yacht has 10 cabins and holds 20 passengers, we allow a maximum of 16 guest spaces accommodating room for singles and spacious living on board. The yacht has large amounts of deck space, an inside and outside dining area and is beautifully fitted. On the Romanca, two cabins are on the upper deck and are bunk-bed style, while the remaining eight are below deck and have double beds and of these, one has an upper bunk.

Spacious cabins and a beautiful dining room as well as internet, mobile phone and a fully kitted out deck replete with deck chairs and a spacious area for cushions and sun mattresses. With plenty of cabins and berth space for everyone, luxury towels and complete linen services, you'll also find all of the extra equipment that you need to explore the lovely countryside. Jet Skis, Snorkels and fishing gear will ensure that you've got plenty to keep you busy while cruising Croatia


  • Wind surfing facilities
  • Jet Ski
  • TV Saloon
  • Tender
  • Galley



  • Captain
  • Steward
  • Tour Leader
  • Chef
  • Deck Hands
All Deck & Cabin Plans

Flights & Transport

Only ground transport

Group Size:

Small Group - 24 max

Maximum Number of People in Group: 16

6-10 Guests = $4590 : 11-16 Guests = $4190

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations And Refunds

If you find it necessary to cancel your trip, you should notify ROW Adventures in writing, by e-mail or fax immediately.  If written cancellation is received (call to verify) before the final balance is due, you will be given a refund less the amount of the deposit.  Deposits are not refundable.  If cancellations are made on or after the final due date, no money will be refunded.  If you are unable to go on the trip, you are welcome to find a replacement for yourself.  Please understand that once you’ve signed up, we lose the right to sell your reserved space to other individuals or groups.  Therefore, we regret that we cannot make exceptions for personal emergencies.  For this reason we strongly recommend you consider purchasing the Travel Protection Plan ROW offers.

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Meals Included:

8 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches and 7 Dinners

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