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Even many Americans don’t realize the wealth of attractions and activities the U.S. has to offer: national parks (and natural wonders) like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite; world-class cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans; the Rocky Mountains, Florida Everglades, California redwoods, the coast of Maine, the wild rivers of Idaho and West Virginia, the history, museums and architecture of Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. -- the list is endless. If you have yet to see and experience much of the USA, Stride can help you land the perfect tour.

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Top United States Experiences

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Top United States Attractions

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United States Trip Reviews

United States Tour Reviews - Summary
95% Recommend

4.6 out of 5
Excellent 1,201 Great 384 Average 61 Disappointing 19 Terrible 10
4.6 Guide
4.7 Activities
4.6 Lodging
4.6 Transportation
4.6 Meals



Top Autumn Walking October 2018


Sierra Nevada & Granada

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
There is a lot of enjoyable walking to be had on this trip, varied routes and
tantalising views of big ridges and high peaks. There is also wildlife a
plenty but it does need looking hard for. There are some steep ups and
downs in places but the paths are considerably better than I had expected and
are all very 'doable' if you have a reasonable level of fitness.

The hotel in Berchules is a comfortable and very friendly base to operate
from, Wendy and her staff couldn't do enough to help and they serve up some
appetising food too; tThe packed lunches are perhaps the best I have had
anywhere. If you have an interest in avaiation history ask Wendy about the
Royal Air Force Asscoiation plaque that is on the bar!

Granada is a complete and very enjoyable contrast, a city with a really nice
'feel' to it. A different but decent hotel. The Alhambra really is a must -
it would be a shame to not see it if you are in the city.
There are no truely stunning or inspirational moments but spending time
walking in the relatively empty mountains of the Sierra Nevada with the
possibilities of wildlife spotting and the sun on your back (or face) is
pretty fine stuff.

Dan is a Yorkshireman - and he is a good bloke (high praise). The sort of
leader that that gives a group confidence. Punctuality and organisation were
pretty much his trademark, his knowledge of the local area, its history,
wildlife etc was detailed and his skill with gaffer tape was impressive.
Would be very happy to go into the mountains with him again

To get the most out of it a reasonable level of fitness is needed. Poles are
useful for some of the descents.

If you have tickets for the Alhambra you do need to be at the right place at
the right time or you won't go in - we witnessed some interesting
conversations at the entrance point - if you end up with a bit of paper that
says 'this is not a tick' which has to be exchanged for a ticket at the box
office make sure you have your passport with you - or you won't get your

Another excellent Exodus trip, made not only by the walking, venues,
accommodation and guide but by the smashing bunch of people who were also on
the trip.

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Operator Exodus Travels



Spain October 2018


Sierra Nevada & Granada

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
This is a wonderful combination of walking in the lovely Sierra Nevada
mountains and then staying in Granada, although we extended our trip to give
us 3 days in Granada, which meant we could explore most of this interesting
and beautiful city.
I loved the wide expanse of the mountains and the family run hotel in
berchules was just perfect, the staff could not do enough, so friendly and
lots of lovely home made food. Granada is a wonderful city to explore,
churches and Alhambra amazing

Knew the mountains well

Many of the walks involve rivers and river crossings, so waterproof boots and
some agility needed. Food is very plentiful so be hungry! Well worth
extending stay in Granada we stayed in same hotel. Perfect

Another brilliant exodus holiday

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Operator Exodus Travels



Berchules, Sierra Nevada, Spain October 2018


Sierra Nevada & Granada

  • Value 5.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 5.0
  • Meals 5.0
Another great holiday thanks to Exodus! This was my 13th walking holiday with
Exodus and one of the best, thanks to the varied walks, excellent leader,
great scenery, wonderful family run hotel and good weather.
Following the Moors waterways into the hills and enjoying the long varied
walks along the rugged landscape and through pretty little villages. We
covered 9 miles, 10 miles, 9 miles, 10 miles, then 12 miles during the week,
which was challenging enough for a Grade 3 walk. It was great to be out for a
full day, before returning "home" to the wonderful, family run Los Berchules
Hotel. Our hosts were Alejandro, his wife Csilla, the lovely Wendy
(Alejandro's mum) and Omar.

The staff were amazing and nothing was too much bother for them. Alejandro
cooked us fantastic, locally sourced food, whilst Csilla and Omar waited on.
Wendy made the excellent home made puddings and gave us a warm welcome "home"
each day front of house.

Dan was a great leader. His local knowledge of history, the way people live
and wildlife was second to none and his Yorkshireman sense of humour added to
that! Dan allows you to walk on at your own pace, but has control of the
group is an unassuming, professional way.

Having exhausted most of the Grade 5 centre based options over the years, we
were looking for a more challenging Grade 3 walking trip and this one
surpassed our expectations in terms of terrain, scenery, length of walks and
accommodation. I would highly recommend this holiday.

We are used to a large group of 14 to 16 people, but on this occasion, there
were only six of us. That did not detract from the holiday at all, in fact,
it added to it as we all got on so well. Thanks Exodus for another fantastic
walking holiday!

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Operator Exodus Travels


Does Not Recommend



Experience Park Tours Company Reviews

  • Value 1.0
  • Guide 1.0
  • Activities 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 1.0
  • Meals 1.0
This company brought a used white bus from to the tour, the owner, Frank Smith is Cecil Franklin Smith, told all of us that his other buses had been damaged at the Kentucky Derby. This was a lies. There's a webpage that has been started as this company has scammed many people of the years, it's Read more

Operator Experience Park Tours


Does Not Recommend

Avoid Amtrak Vacations September 2018


Glacier National Park Family Adventure

  • Value 2.0
  • Guide 5.0
  • Lodging 5.0
  • Transportation 2.0
  • Meals 5.0
  • Activities 3.0
Avoid Amtrak VacationsAmtrak Vacations, Inc. let me tell you what a deplorable vacation we had on Amtrak. We scheduled a National Park Amtrak vacation June 2017 to travel July 2018. We were very excited to take this trip. Everyone knows that when you travel with Amtrak there will be delays because Amtrak does not own the tracks. The first part of the trip from Chicago to Salt Lake and the visit to Yellowstone were wonderful. From Salt Lake to Emeryville, CA they ran out of food and we only had a choice of hamburger or hot dog. Certainly not a deal breaker but at least poor planning on Amtrak's part. When we arrived in San Francisco and tried to check into our hotel we were told our reservation had been cancelled by Amtrak Vacations. The next day I was able to correct this after spending almost an hour on the phone with Amtrak Vacations. We waited for the bus to pick us up for our Yosemite tour and were told that the tour bus had already left even though we were where Amtrak Vacations told us where to pick up the bus and we were at this correct spot 35 minutes early. No trip to Yosemite for us. When we left Glacier National Park we had a two hour delay. The conductor made an announcement that several passingers needed to be put up in a hotel in Milwaukee because of the delay . These passengers were traveling on the same connecting train that we were. We questioned the conductor as to why were we not included with those passengers since we're were on the same connecting train. He assured us that we would make our connection. . . . ? How is that possible, of course it was not possible. We received no help from the customer service agent in Chicago. That particular day Chicago had two concerts,the Alzeheimers Conference, 50 years of Special Olympics and a Cubs vs. Card ball game. Needless to say there were no rental cars at either airport and the least expensive hotel cost $378 plus cab fare. We paid $799 for travel interruption insurance and were told today they would pay us $214 for the claim that we filed for $640. What a scam. Moral of the story AVOID Amtrak Vacations. Read more

Operator Amtrak Vacations

United States Tours and Travel Guide

United States Attractions & Landmarks Guide

The United States isn’t the largest country in the world -- it’s dwarfed by Russia -- but it packs in a lot of attractions per square mile. At the same time, especially in the western U.S. and Great Plains states, there are plenty of wide open spaces where the roads ahead seem almost endless, often framed by mountain ranges, deserts, fields of wheat and corn and, in the northern winter, fields of snow.

Visitors from abroad (and many Americans, too) seek out the glitz of Las Vegas or the ever-popular family theme parks like Disney World in and around Orlando, Florida. Many want to see Los Angeles, California, with its Hollywood glamor and laid-back Southern California style. And they also head for the big city of New York, a world capital of finance, fashion, cuisine, and much more.

Beyond the Marquee Attractions

But even if Vegas, Disney World, Disneyland, Hollywood, and Times Square top your list of must-sees, there’s a perhaps romanticized but still genuine “real America” also waiting to be discovered.

You may find it in a picturesque New England village, a boisterous college football game in Alabama, a small-town diner in Oklahoma, an artsy enclave like Santa Fe, New Mexico, or at 10,000 feet in the rarefied air of Leadville, Colorado. Even if your tour doesn’t take you to Leadville or Oklahoma, there’s much to be discovered within the union’s 50 states.

California and the Southwest

California alone could fill years of adventures. San Francisco and its nearby counties of Marin, Napa, and Sonoma form an unbeatable combo of urban delights, pastoral vineyards, and rugged coastlines. North of San Francisco are the redwoods, the world’s tallest trees, and in the central part of the state are the groves of Sequoias, the world’s largest living things, all protected in national parks. Highway 1, which runs along the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then to San Diego, offers scenery equal to that of Europe’s most famous coastal drives. And the blazing hot desert park of Death Valley draws adventurers from around the world.

The Southwest and Northwest

Heading east from California, the deserts continue into the great Southwest, where you can hike in mountains and canyons (including the Grand Canyon in Arizona), relive the days of the Old West in cities like Tombstone, Arizona, and take week-long horseback treks through New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness. In southern Utah, you can go backpacking in Zion National Park and encounter otherworldly “hoodoos” (rock formations) in Bryce Canyon.

North of California, the states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho beckon with magnificent coastlines, wild and scenic rivers, intriguing islands (the San Juans) and the inviting city of Seattle on Puget Sound. Just to the east, the state of Montana is the embodiment of wid3 open spaces, with expansive scenery to match.

The Midwest and New England

More than a thousand miles farther east, the Upper Midwest is one of the loveliest but perhaps least appreciated regions of the country. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Illinois -- anchored by Chicago -- and Ohio all border the Great Lakes, as does upstate New York, another unheralded gem.

New England is not to be missed. From the craggy shores of Maine to the green hills of Vermont, the winding roads of New Hampshire to the city of Boston, Massachusetts -- which played a pivotal role in American independence -- New England combines scenic beauty with history, atmospheric inns, tempting seafood, and plenty of opportunities for biking, hiking and skiing.

Heading South

South of New England and New York come Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the U.S. Constitution was written, and Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital -- both must-sees for history, architecture, and modern-day vibrancy as well. Along with New York City, Washington offers the country’s top museums.

Heading into the Deep South, the cities of Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, are among the nation’s most alluring. Florida’s beaches are unsurpassed, with Miami and Key West providing a Caribbean vibe.

Alaska and Hawaii

The last two states admitted to the union couldn’t be more different geologically, but are among the nation’s biggest tourist draws despite being farthest away from the lower 48. Hawaii, a string of eight islands far out in the Pacific, is known for its beaches, warm breezes, Hula dancing and surfing. Far colder Alaska attracts visitors for its Inside Passage cruises, whale-watching, glaciers, snow-capped peaks and Denali National Park, home to the country’s highest mountain.

Wherever you choose to go in the U.S., start your search at Stride -- you’ll find that with our easy-to-use tools, you’ll be seeing the near and far corners of the USA sooner that you might have imagined.

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Nature Sightseeing, Hiking & Exploring National Parks

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