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Best Tour Companies

Search all companies, read reviews, compare ratings and pick the perfect operator for your style and budget.

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4.5 Great |100+ Reviews10884
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
637 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 265 Mixed Land & Cruise
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Rivers & Seas Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Trafalgar is a name many seasoned travelers will recognize. A branch of the Travel Corporation, whose brands all enjoy stellar reputations, Trafalgar has offered classic journeys for over 70 years. What Makes Them Stand Out? Trafalgar is a premium group tour operator, with the motto “See the world from the inside.” They tout the opportunity to meet, talk, eat and drink with locals. You’ll get to know chefs, artisans, historians, and farmers as you explore what makes the destination truly special. Trafalgar has a strong reputation, having been around since 1947 - putting them right at the pinnacle of when many premier guided tour companies were established. You’ll enjoy small groups, cultural experiences, and local touches traveling in comfort and ease. Who Travels With Them? While they offer many trip styles, suitable for travelers of all ages, their classic touch is popular among older travelers. Classic doesn’t mean old fashioned or tired - simply a bit less on the active adventure and more on the historic sights and cultural experiences. They have a number of family focused tours, as well as tailored trips for special interests. Their trips cover a wide range of budgets, though the majority tend to be mid-range. They do offer deals and even have a unique “Cost Saver” feature that allows you to see more inexpensive trips broken down by ratings and cost clearly.   Where Do They Operate? You’ll find trips to Europe, USA & Canada, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. While the destinations are widespread, Trafalgar doesn’t stray too far off the beaten path. In South America, they travel to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. In Africa, they go to Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa. In Asia, it’s Cambodia, China, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. And in the Pacific, Trafalgar visits Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you go, you can expect high quality guides and accommodations, and smooth travels in general. They also have a number of religious themed tours, including trips that include excursions to Oberammergau, Bavaria. Once a decade this small town presents a Passion Play, and Trafalgar has had special access since 1970. The next time to experience this unique event is 2020. How Does it Work? Trafalgar trips involve comfortable transportation and accommodation. Most meals during the tour are included. Trips often include free time during which you can explore on your own, with suggestions from your expert guides. Why Travel With Them? Trafalgar has a solid reputation, and they stick to what they’ve done well for over 50 years. They focus on the classics, providing a culturally rich perspective as you meet locals along the way. Niche tours based on specialized interests are also something they are proud to offer. Trafalgar is where you go to have the essentials and logistics take care of seamlessly while you sit back and enjoy. While they appeal to an older crowd due to their history and recognizable name, Trafalgar has an impressively well integrated social media presence. Trips on their site are accompanied by instagram posts from real travelers who have been on the same tour, using the hashtag #SimplyTrafalgar. Old or young, couple or single, traveling Simply Trafalgar inspires confidence, comfort, and enjoyment.

G Adventures

4.8 Excellent |100+ Reviews11016
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
522 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 226 Group Tour Operator
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Rivers & Seas Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe Antarctica & the Arctic

Stride Take: Specializing in small-group, multi-day adventure tours and expeditions, Toronto-based G Adventures has been a pioneer in the field since 1990. Founded by entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip after a backpacking trip to Asia, the company fosters sustainable and environmentally sound tourism practices -- giving back to the communities they visit -- and considers its business “changing people’s lives,” not just offering a vacation. It’s since grown to become the world’s largest independent adventure travel company, with more than 1,350 employees, many of them professionally trained guides. What Makes Them Stand Out?  G Adventures strives to create unique experiences for its travelers that start even before the trip itself. The company provides trip inspiration through their Looptail blog and you can connect with fellow travelers via the ‘Departure Lounge’, which is part of G’s ‘Watering Hole’ travel forum. Once on your trip, you will meet your ‘CEO’ or ‘Chief Experience Officer’ who is “responsible for enriching your journey, offering local insight, and pursuing great experiences as they happen.” Most groups average around 12 travelers, with a maximum of 16 on most trips. Who Travels With Them? While its target market has traditionally been younger travelers, G Adventures now offers a broad range of trips that can appeal to adventurous-minded, culturally curious people of any age. Groups are geographically diverse, with a higher proportion of North Americans than some other operators. Where Do They Operate?  You can find G Adventures trips in most parts of the globe, including 32 countries in Europe, 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, 21 countries in Asia, 10 countries in South America, 12 countries in Central America and the Caribbean, five countries in North Africa and the Mideast, plus the U.S., and Canada. A number of destinations are well off the beaten track, from Sao Tome and Principe in West Africa to Borneo in east Asia to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean and both polar regions. How Does it Work? Pricing is competitive (cheaper), largely by using “grassroots” approaches: local transport and a mix of privately-owned accommodations, perhaps including homestays and camping. Efforts are made to focus on authenticity with both culinary choices (locally-owned restaurants) as well as transportation methods. G Adventures truly offers something for everyone, with trip styles such as Comfort, Active, Rail, and YOLO (You Only Live Once - for 18-39’s) -- so whether you're looking for Switzerland trips to trek through the Swiss Alps or relaxing cruises along the Danube River, G Adventures has got you covered. Why Travel With Them? G Adventures is a good choice if you are looking for an authentic, if not luxury, guided travel experience. Some features especially stand out. Lifetime Deposits allow passengers who have to postpone a trip the chance to use their initial deposit at a later date and at no extra charge. Departures are guaranteed once you’ve paid (barring significant weather or safety issues). And they don’t charge single supplements. In short, G Adventures wants you out there with them.

Intrepid Travel

4.7 Excellent |100+ Reviews2521
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
955 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 170 Mixed Land & Cruise
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Rivers & Seas Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe Antarctica & the Arctic

Stride Take: Intrepid Travel is all about ‘real life experiences.’ Founded back in 1989 following an “intrepid” African adventure trip, Intrepid lives up to its name by offering up some pretty big adventures -- such as an 11-day hike through Papua New Guinea -- but is broad-based enough to also lead group trips to Hawaii, complete with sipping sunset Mai Tais on Waikiki Beach. What Makes Them Stand Out?  Above all else, Intrepid strives to get its travelers off the beaten path and under the surface of the local culture. To accomplish this, group sizes average just ten travelers each, with a maximum of 16 on most trips, allowing for more use of local transportation and lodging, along with fostering cultural immersion. Intrepid also employs local English-speaking leaders who act more as a resource for local exploration than do typical ‘guides,’ shepherding groups from one place to another.  Who Travels With Them? Intrepid is one of the early pioneers of the “adventure”-style guided trip.  Despite its informal beginnings and emphasis on younger, highly adventurous travelers, Intrepid has expanded to a global company with a broad range of trips to fit all ages. Intrepid divides its small-group trips into three separate styles of travel, all priced accordingly. “Basix,” for budget travelers, keep inclusions to a minimum and offer plenty of free time, “Original” journeys which offer more included activities and more hotels, while “Comfort” trips offer the highest level of included activities and standards of accommodation, as well as roomier vehicles.  Where Do They Operate?  Originally focused on small group adventure tours to Asia, Intrepid has expanded rapidly over the years, while maintaining its classic style.  It now offers some 800 different guided trip itineraries in over 100 countries, on all seven continents. Each year, the company carries over 100,000 travelers worldwide. How Does it Work? Intrepid enjoys using local, unique forms of transportation. You might find yourself traveling by felucca in Egypt, on a camel in Morocco, or in a tuk-tuk on the best Thailand tour of your life. Accommodations, which could range from guesthouses to home stays, are also locally owned, allowing a more authentic taste of the region while contributing to the local economy. Why Travel With Them? Intrepid is a good choice if you don’t mind forgoing some creature comforts for a truly authentic, local experience. If you enjoy meeting locals when traveling, sampling new and exciting foods, and traveling in mixed-aged groups of 10-16 people, Intrepid could be a good fit for you. Additionally, Intrepid has poured millions of dollars into local economies, so you’ll feel good knowing that your money helps support some of the innkeepers and vendors that you’ll meet along the way.


5.0 Excellent |2 reviews2
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
342 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 168 Group Tour Operator
North America Australia & Pacific Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Founded in 1973, Topdeck provides fun, adventurous trips around the world. What Makes Them Stand Out? Topdeck tour focuses on providing friendly and authentic guided group tours where like-minded travelers can have amazing group experiences. There are several trip types to choose from, from camping, to immersive, to multi destination, to sailing. Who Travels With Them? Topdeck is very much geared toward the 18 to 30-something age group. Trip details are fully taken care of, and include plenty of free time to explore. Where Do They Operate? Topdeck has tours throughout the world, in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Why Travel With Them? Their 40 years of experience in adventure travel have helped them create epic trips and they continue to provide adventure travel at low cost and high quality. If you are an adventurous 18 to 30 something and are not afraid of trying new things and love making new friends, then Topdeck would be your perfect fit.

Butterfield & Robinson

5.0 Excellent |28 reviews28
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
145 TripsSee all Global Operator Luxury $ 984 Custom/Private Tour Operator
North America South America Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Born in 1966, Butterfield and Robinson specializes in higher end guided and self-guided biking and walking tours to many of the world’s top destinations.  What Makes Them Stand Out? You can choose your own activity level, whether it’s a ramble through the Burgundy countryside in France or a more strenuous hike along the Inca Trail in Peru. On cycling trips, bikes are customized to fit the riders, and they have a high staff and support vehicle ratio per guest -- making them a top choice for travelers seeking a high-service biking adventure. Who Travels With Them? Guided bike trips average about 25-30 miles a day (longer for expert level), while walkers average six to ten miles a day. Activity levels vary with the terrain and there are several different activity categories that B&R offers for you to choose from. They’re open to people of all ages -- kids under 18 are eligible to go on special family trips -- and athletic abilities, but are geared towards 50+ cycling enthusiasts and active travelers with a taste for the finer things. On a B&R trip, it’s not unusual to find yourself in a renovated castle, chateau or other signature lodging. Where Do They Operate? Over the years, they’ve expanded to more than 100 biking and walking trips around the world, including Bhutan, the Baltics, Jordan and Colombia as well as favorites like Spain, France, and Italy. Wherever you are, you can expect to be showered with refreshments, route maps, and suggestions for interesting places to stop and explore. Why Travel With Them? Even for avid hikers and cyclists who choose the more expert options, B&R sees to it that all you’ll have to cope with is that next hill. You never have to carry your own luggage or purchases that you might make along the way -- the support van, which you’re likely to encounter several times a day on your route -- takes care of that. You also have plenty of flexibility in pacing your walk or ride; group members don’t have to stay together -- you can stop at cafes or museums along the way as you see fit. You can even take the afternoon off if you wish.


4.6 Excellent |65 reviews65
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
544 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 184 Mixed Land & Cruise
North America South America Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Europe

Stride Take: Founded in 1981, Explore is a global adventure outfitter with a wide range of trips across various styles. They are headquartered in the U.K. but have recently opened an office in the United States to service American customers. What Makes Them Stand Out? Explore has 30+ years of experience delivering high-quality trips. They keep groups to a manageable size of 14-16 travelers to encourage a more authentic, memorable experience for all. Explore also uses local leaders whenever possible so you can be sure to get the local perspective on everything from the history and culture to the best restaurants and bazaars. Who Travels With Them? Active travelers seeking a fun, interesting travel experience. They offer 450 trips in over 120 countries with trips trending towards the more active side. Think cycling, trekking, and walking. However, it is possible to find an Explore trip where culture and urban exploration are the focus and where just a minimum level of fitness is required. Where Do They Operate? Explore travels to all seven continents (yes, including Antarctica!) and offers trips in over 120 countries. How Does it Work? Explore offers three classes of travel: Simple, Classic, and Premium, with the majority of trips categorized as 'Classic.' Expect to pay a bit more for 'Premium' tours as they usually offer more included meals and a higher class of accommodation. Another nice feature is Explores 'Tour Pace' designation, which is on a scale from 'Relaxed' to 'Full On,' with most trips falling in between as 'Moderate' or 'Busy.'  Why Travel With Them? Choose Explore if you are looking for a more active trip without a lot of creature comforts. Explores trips are very well priced and leave some flexibility in terms of meals. Expect mixed-aged groups with the average traveler in their 30s as well as a mix of nationalities, but trending towards mostly Brits. Additionally, Explore is very active in practicing responsible tourism and supports a number of different local charities in various destination countries.

Exodus Travels

4.6 Excellent |100+ Reviews7734
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
496 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 262 Group Tour Operator
Central America & Caribbean South America Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Exodus is an adventure-oriented tour company based in the UK that has been in business for 40 years. Adventure can take the form of serious and active adventures --  which may involve adrenaline-producing, off-the-beaten-path roughing-it trips -- or premium (five-star), family, or relaxed itinerary adventures, which involve more comforts and amenities. Who Travels With Them? As Exodus is a British company, many of their clients are from the UK. Exodus travelers are a diverse bunch, and average between 35-55 years of age. Trips typically range between $1,500 to $2,500 dollars with a focus on value.  What Makes Them Stand Out? Exodus offers a variety of small group tours, private guided journeys, family group holidays, self-guided activities, and trips for groups of solo travelers. Activities might involve cycling or walking, safaris, photography, winter activities (including polar expeditions), or a mix of activities. Exodus is perhaps most well-known for their range of cycling and hiking tours around the world. These active adventures vary by way of difficulty, attracting casual cyclists and hikers as well as enthusiasts looking to really push their physical limits. The majority of trips have a maximum group size of 16 travelers, with an average of 10-12. In short, Exodus covers just about all the bases for adventure-minded, ecologically sensitive travelers. Where Do They Operate? Exodus leads 500 trips spanning all seven continents. From African safaris, to the charming Austrian village of Trins, to trekking Patagonia, Exodus has built out their global presence and offers an active vacation for most everyone. How Does it Work? Mode of transport ranges from two feet, to two wheels to private van. All of Exodus’ cycling trips are supported by a SAG vehicle - short for ‘support and gear.’ Luggage is transported from point to point on all of their active itineraries, leaving travelers the freedom to relax and enjoy the experience. Accommodations are typically 2-3 star, with some premium departures available, and the company strives to offer unique accommodation experiences whenever possible.  Why Travel With Them? Exodus’ main strength is its range of active product. Exodus is an experienced operator when it comes to this style of travel and is quite well-known in the UK, if not yet in North America. Their trips have deep cultural components and are based on principles of responsible tourism. Before joining the company, team members have been professional archaeologists, wildlife guides, overland driver's, mountain guides, diving and ski specialists, and mountain bike gurus – so they know their stuff when it comes to traveling to the wilderness and the far reaching corners of the world, as well as providing the kind of expertise you need to truly come away with appreciation for what you've experienced.

Rothschild Safaris

5.0 Excellent |5 reviews5
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
10 TripsSee all Regional Expert Luxury $ 779 Custom/Private Tour Operator
Central America & Caribbean South America Australia & Pacific Asia Africa

Stride Take: Based in Colorado, Rothschild Safaris is an award winning boutique Safari travel company. They expertly match travelers to trips based on interests and budget, often creating fully customized itineraries that suit the customer’s interests and budget. What Makes Them Stand Out? Their focus on niche market and their continuous effort to provide fulfilling safari journeys. They are one of the top safari specialists and their work has resulted in multiple awards and recognition. Who Travels With Them? Affluent travelers who enjoy creating customized tours and are seeking to explore the wilderness with a factor of luxury. Where Do They Operate? Rothschild safari has been offering customizable luxury safari trips in Africa for over 15 years. In the year 2015, they expanded to offer safaris in the Asia Pacific region, Australia, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Antarctica. All trips have a strong focus on local wildlife. How Does It Work? Rothschild Safaris offers customizable itineraries and luxurious accommodations. With Rothschild, after a tiring game drive, you will find yourself relaxing in a luxury camp opening to private verandas. All trips are planned and paced out according to your needs and wants. Why Travel With Them? Rothschild Safaris provides private luxury, guided, and customized safari trips. They work with travelers to customize a trip according to the traveller's budget and the desired level of comfort seeked. While the main focus is luxury, there are several more budget friendly options available through Rothschild as well.

Myths and Mountains

5.0 Excellent |67 reviews67
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
66 TripsSee all Regional Expert Luxury $ 333 Group Tour Operator
South America Asia

Stride Take: Since it was founded in 1988, Myths and Mountains has endeavored – and succeeded – in immersing travelers deeply in the culture of destinations where they conduct both group and custom-designed trips. Each itinerary is focused upon one or more “core concepts” intended to provide unique insights into a destination. What Makes Them Stand Out? The concepts around which each trip is planned are not intended to limit participants’ experiences. Instead, they provide inspiration to explore a destination more deeply and fully, based upon the unique attributes of the local culture. For example, depending upon the destination, the “Culture and Crafts” focus might include learning traditional crafts or cooking local delicacies. “Natural Healing” and “Traditional Medicine” may visit a shaman festival or include a visit with indigenous healers in a rain forest. There also are itineraries that explore the “Environment and Natural History” of a destination, and “Religion and Pilgrimage Sites.” Who Travels With Them? Travelers with Myths and Mountains are seeking to delve below the surface of a country and its culture, and meet and interact with its people. People who travel with Myths and Mountains to Nepal, India, or Bhutan also have an opportunity to learn first-hand about the company-supported READ Global centers there. Those self-sustaining projects provide education and community development to residents of isolated villages. In the past two decades, the close to 80 READ (Rural Education and Development) centers that have been established continue to improve the lives of people in countless ways. Where Do They Operate? Given its goal of introducing travelers to life-changing experiences, it’s not surprising that Myths and Mountains steers clear of more tourist-trodden destinations. It offers guided trips to six countries in each of Asia, Southeast Asia and South America, plus recently added visits to Cuba. A “Customize Your Trip” link to each planned itinerary described on the website enables those who wish to do so to tailor a tour to their own interests and preferences. How Does it Work? Depending upon the location, Myths and Mountains augments familiar ways of getting around with modes of transportation that are indigenous to a destination. They include trekking through stunning landscapes, exploring caves in a sea canoe and hiking over lava fields to a volcano. Why Travel With Them? The Myths and Mountains approach to immersing travelers in the essence of a destination is a major reason why it attracts a very high percentage of repeat clients. You will return home with not only new understanding about a part of the world but also with memories of very personal experiences that will linger for the rest of their lives. For Myths and Mountains, the belief that “There is no such thing as one itinerary fits all” is not just a slogan. It’s the way the company does business. As a result, travelers benefit in ways well beyond only seeing a destination. They get to know and understand its history, environment, and especially the people who live there. They come away with an understanding of a new and different society that results from being a participant in its traditions and mores, rather than just an observer.

ROW Adventures

5.0 Excellent |16 reviews16
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
94 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 482 Group Tour Operator
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Rivers & Seas Africa Europe Antarctica & the Arctic

Stride Take: Established in 1979, by ROW Adventures began as a whitewater rafting company, which now offers many different kinds of active adventure trips. Their award winning trips have been featured in National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” and Travel and Leisure has named them one of the “World’s Best Tour Operators.” Who Travels With Them? They cater primarily to families and retired-aged adults who are somewhat active as most tours involve self-powered transportation. Tours are available to those with a mid-range budget. What Makes Them Stand Out? ROW Adventures has grown over it's 30 years as a family owned business to include all sorts of adventure travel offerings. They have a high guest to guide ratio, and specialize in small, customized tours, highlighting history and culture with the help of authentic local connections. Most trips involve some camping, but lodge-based options as well - higher end lodging, motels, and ecolodges are available as well, depending on the location and type of trip. Where Do They Operate? Row offers trips on five continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Antarctica. Almost all trips take place on or around water, and many involve kayaking, rafting, or other multisport activities. Among some of the most popular activities offered are sea kayaking in Baja, kayaking with Orcas in British Colombia, and they are the world's only tour operator through which guests can beach camp inside of the Galapagos National Park.  How Does it Work? Choose from a multitude of specialized trips, which include a number of different activities such as biking, fishing, and hiking. Many trips utilize self-powered means of transportation, either sea kayak or raft. Others are cruise or yacht-based, hiking-based, or are supported by gear boats. All trips are accompanied by an extensive support staff.  Why Travel With Them? Whether you are a thrill seeker or just dipping your toe in the waters of adventure travel, ROW has the trip for you. With their focus on authentic local experiences, highly qualified guides, and intent to make each trip as special and personalized as possible, they are one of the best choices available for your next adventure trip.

Geckos Adventures

4.7 Excellent |7 reviews7
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
104 TripsSee all Global Operator Budget $ 123 Group Tour Operator
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Geckos, a sister company of Intrepid Travel, focuses on the “young, adventurous, and penniless.” They say they do the “hard haggling” for you so you can save money and enjoy yourself more on your trip. What Makes Them Stand Out?  Geckos is adventure travel for the young, budget-minded traveler, with an eye toward responsible travel. This means traveling in small groups, mostly averaging 9 passengers, and never over 15. With Geckos Adventures, you can really ‘run wild’ as you explore a destination in a small group environment. Who Travels With Them? Most of Geckos’ small-group trips are now strictly for 18-29 year olds who are willing to step outside their comfort zones. Namely, they’re happy to ride public transport, bed down in family-run places, and want plenty of free time. Geckos stresses that their trips are for “travelers, not tourists.” Some “All Age” trips are offered for those who are “young at heart” but over 40. Groups are somewhat geographically diverse, but the majority of travelers hail from Australia and New Zealand. Where Do They Operate?  Geckos offers a huge variety of exciting global destinations, with 200+ trips across all seven continents. The company is perhaps best known for its South-east Asia trips to places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. How Does it Work? Geckos aims to keep its prices on the lower side, but this doesn’t mean skimping on experience. Accommodations are all locally owned and can range from shared guesthouses, to homestays, to an overnight train. As Geckos says, its hotels are always “cheap and cheerful” and “clean, comfortable, and centrally located.” Prices include some meals and some activities, a knowledgeable local guide, and all forms of transport (usually local, and anything from buses to bikes, trains to ferries, cable cars to camels). Why Travel With Them? Geckos is a good choice if you’re between the ages of 18-39 and looking for a fun, cheap, no-frills, and authentic adventure. Geckos itineraries provide plenty of free time and flexibility, plus the ability to budget more on the ground instead of paying for activities ahead of time. Additionally, Geckos will arrange a private tour geared to your own interests. Repeat customers get discounts on subsequent trips – and if you turn 40 in the meantime, and are no longer eligible for Geckos, you can apply the discount to an Intrepid trip.

Insight Vacations

4.8 Excellent |5 reviews5
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
407 TripsSee all Global Operator Luxury $ 317 Mixed Land & Cruise
North America South America Australia & Pacific Asia Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Located in London, and part of the sweeping family-owned Travel Corporation, Insight Vacations provides signature itineraries according to 7 specific trip styles. What Makes Them Stand Out? Insight does not skimp -- hotels tend to be centrally located, even if more expensive, so that guests can experience a destination at night and have more free time at their disposal. “Signature” experiences dot every itinerary: these may be interesting historic hotels, special activities (such as a private opera or orchestra performance),or authentic local restaurants. Most everything is included in the base rates. Who Travels With Them? Insight’s typical customers are upscale English-speaking baby boomers in their 50s and 60s. Where Do They Operate? Insight Vacations offers premium motor coach tours throughout Europe, North America, and increasingly, India.  Why Travel With Them?  Insight seeks to fill a “premium” niche that falls above first class and a notch below luxury. Customer comfort on the road is a priority. If visions of cramped bus tours come to mind, note that Insight coaches have been stripped down to 40 seats, compared to 49 to 53 for normal tour buses. Meanwhile, tour directors and local guides keep passengers entertained by delivering “insights” (in English) into local culture, history and politics.


4.9 Excellent |100+ Reviews558
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
40 TripsSee all Global Operator Budget $ 229 Mixed Land & Cruise
Central America & Caribbean South America Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe

Stride Take: Known For   50-Plus Travel Tours, Africa Tours, Asia Tours, China Tours Founded in 1996, SmarTours promises its customers the “Best Travel Bargains” by offering mostly all-inclusive guided tours throughout much of the world. What Makes Them Stand Out? SmarTours offers affordable tours along with great itineraries. Included in the price of all their tours is international airfare from the U.S., first-class hotels, sightseeing excursions, and English-speaking local guides. SmarTours draws a large repeat business, taking travelers to such far-flung destinations as Thailand, Morocco, Japan, Peru, Patagonia, India, and Australia. Who Travels With Them? SmarTours caters to all ages that are looking for good price. They are largely popular amongst 50+ travelers. Where Do They Operate? SmarTours travels all over the world, including Africa, Asia, South America and Cuba, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean. Diverse itineraries are available in each destination. How Does it Work? Except for its cruise offerings -- primarily river cruises as well as Greek Island and Galapagos cruises -- transportation is generally by bus. Group sizes may reach 40 and beyond, but may also be smaller depending on the popularity of the trip. SmarTours will design custom trips for groups with at least 25-30 travelers. Why Travel With Them? SmarTours is a complete bargain package for budget minded travellers. If you are looking for an unbeatable value, don’t mind a large group and want tours focused on exotic destinations, then SmarTours is a perfect choice for you. Commonly Searched Together: Compare Smartours with these other tour operators Smartours vs Trafalgar


5.0 Excellent |4 reviews4
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
10 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 528 Group Tour Operator
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Rivers & Seas Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe Antarctica & the Arctic

Stride Take: Similar Companies Pacific Delights, Insight Vacations, Trafalgar, Cosmos, Globus, Road Scholar Known For 50-Plus Small Group Travel Tours, Europe Small Group Tours, Africa Small Group Tours Founded in 1987, ElderTreks is the first major adventure travel company designed specifically for the over 50 demographic. ElderTreks tours span across 100 different countries on all seven continents.    What Makes Them Stand Out Specifically focused in the over 50 market, travelers on an ElderTreks trip will find themselves among others of a similar age, providing an immediate connection. They offer a large array of trips, all with an effort to remain sustainable and responsible, and extremely knowledgeable tours guides. Exotic, off-the-beaten-path destinations are a specialty, and some trips allow for visits to local schools or orphanages; close contact with local residents is encouraged. Who Travels With Them? ElderTreks limits its guests to ages 50 and over (exceptions are made for younger companions over 18). The largest number of participants in an ElderTreks land-based group is 16, allowing for plenty of personal attention from your tour guide. Their tours are especially welcoming to singles traveling alone - no single supplements or penalties here (other than sharing a room). Where Do They Operate? Trips are offered all over the world in a wide variety of locations, including the polar regions. ElderTreks trip options also include expedition-style sea journeys and active hiking trips to places like Europe, Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. They also offer tours to Cuba, and have been for over 20 years - if you're older and wanting to visit Cuba, consider Eldertreks for the vast experience they have operating in Cuba. Why Travel With Them? For older travelers seeking a fun group of adventurous like-minded peers, a trip with ElderTreks is ideal. They focus on small group sizes and have a variety of trip types to choose, from easy to challenging. ElderTreks prides itself on offering high caliber journeys at affordable prices. Commonly Searched Together: Compare Eldertreks with these other tour companies Eldertreks vs Pacific Delight Tours

Ker & Downey Africa

5.0 Excellent |31 reviews31
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
18 TripsSee all Regional Expert Luxury $ 762 Group Tour Operator

Stride Take: Ker & Downey is an award-winning luxury tour operator with more than five decades of experience in the travel industry. What Makes Them Stand Out? Ker & Downey is known for African Adventure Travel – primarily including Safaris and Gorilla tracking, but extending into all forms of adventure from bush walks to mountaineering. They offer private tours with a focus on experiential travel with VIP assistance, incredible guides, and fabulous properties for every itinerary. They’ll partner with every you to design the ultimate memorable, unforgettable, and even life-changing itinerary. They are the perfect company if you’re after “adventurous days and luxurious nights”. Who Travels With Them? Ker & Downey offers experiential luxury travel for all ages including families, couples, and solo travelers. Group size ranges - they are equipped to handle anything from solo travellers to groups of 100. Where Do They Operate? They specialize in luxury safaris to Africa. These tours go all over, but they are known for Botswana, South Africa, Victoria Falls, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Namibia, Reunion Island and Malawi. And though Africa is their focus, they offer custom itineraries all over the world. Why Travel With Them? Ker & Downey designs each of its journeys to provide the traveler a worry-free experience. They have expertise in a vast list of destinations, with each of its luxury travel consultants traveling there on a yearly basis, if not more often. Its “white glove expertise” will recommend properties, transfers, guide services, and dining locations for any destination. Many clients might request destinations that are not on the featured list, but Ker & Downey will make special arrangements to create an itinerary matching travelers’ interests.

National Geographic Expeditions

4.0 Great |2 reviews2
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
64 TripsSee all Global Operator Standard $ 711 Mixed Land & Cruise
North America Central America & Caribbean South America Rivers & Seas Australia & Pacific Asia Africa Middle East & North Africa Europe Antarctica & the Arctic

Stride Take:   Similar Companies Myths & Mountains, Rothschild Safaris & ROW Adventures Known For 50-Plus Travel Tours, Education & Learning & Cultural Tours In 1999, National Geographic launched their own tour company component: National Geographic Expeditions. Since then they have expanded to offer trips on all 7 continents in over 60 destinations. Recently they partnered with G Adventures to provide even more variety to their devoted customers.  What Makes Them Stand Out? With National Geographic, you can travel by small, expedition-style ships; classic train journeys; land tours; active adventures; photo tours; family-oriented trips; or private, independent expeditions based on your desires and budget. Wherever you go with National Geographic, which has been in the tour business for 15 years, you can expect doors to open: entry to research sites, archeological digs, private homes or special events. Many expeditions are accompanied by a National Geographic expert or expert team who share their knowledge and passion for a region and help make each experience enriching and unforgettable. Who Travels With Them? National Geographic Expeditions is a family friendly outfit, offering a wide range of prices and trip styles. Trips vary from mid range budget to higher.  Where Do They Operate? Small-ship expeditions, done in conjunction with Lindblad Expeditions, can take you to Antarctica, the Galapagos and points beyond. Classic train journeys include the Trans-Siberian and trains through India, Spain, and Switzerland. Active adventures might take you hiking in Bhutan or meeting Berbers in Morocco. Land tours could take you to Tanzania, Peru or the Grand Canyon. Why Travel With Them?  Drawing on National Geographic's long history of exploration, National Geographic Expeditions helps you discover the world in a variety of ways. Proceeds from your trip price go towards supporting National Geographic’s nonprofit work in conservation, exploration, education, and cultural preservation. Commonly Searched Together: Compare National Geographic Expeditions with these other tour companies National Geographic Expeditions vs Myths & Mountains

Kuoda Travel

5.0 Excellent |100+ Reviews304
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
9 TripsSee all Local Specialist Luxury $ 462 Group Tour Operator
South America

Stride Take: Since 2004, Kuoda travel has been crafting highly personalized, custom tours to Peru. While they specialize in Peru, they also offer tours in the countries of Ecuador and Bolivia What Makes Them Stand Out? They are pioneers in personalized travel to Peru. Expert local guides have unrivalled knowledge of local sites, customs, cultures, and geography. They can access insider experiences and have an active on-the-ground presence. Meet local hosts who speak fluent English and are available to take you through some of Peru’s most fascinating landscapes and archaeological ruins, and introduce you to exclusive culinary secrets. You’ll stay in boutique luxury hotels exuding Peruvian personality and hospitality. Who Travels With Them? Their trips are in the luxury realm. They attract discerning travelers ranging from young adults to seniors looking for a personalized experience. Itineraries are innovative and catered to you. Prepare for a decadent travel experiences: fresh and fined tuned, created with the passion they feel for Peru. Where Do They Operate? Their speciality is Peru, offering fully-customized journeys anywhere from Machu Picchu, the Amazon jungle, Lake Titicaca, the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Lima, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon, Paracas, and Nazca. Although Peru is Kuoda’s home base as well as where the majority of their trips operate, they also offer personalized  journeys to Ecuador and Bolivia. Why Travel With Them? They take great care to craft enriching, private travel experiences. You’ll see Peru through many angles, but always with an aspect of luxury. Kuoda strives to ensure that they help travelers forge deep connections – connections to your destinations, to the local culture, and to each other. With an understanding that leisure time is important and precious - they offer high caliber personal attention and service every step of the way, from planning to on the ground in Peru.

Conde Travel

5.0 Excellent |7 reviews7
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
7 TripsSee all Local Specialist Standard $ 167 Group Tour Operator
South America

Stride Take: Peru and Machu Picchu experts providing several itineraries to Machu Picchu and the surrounding country. What Makes Them Stand Out? The provide a large variety of Machu Picchu experiences, including treks along the numerous trail routes such as the Inca Trail, Salkantay, and Lares Trek. They also offer tours around wider Peru, exploring Manu, Puno and elsewhere. They have a very local focus and their guides will share unique stories and perspectives on the history of Peru and the Inca heritage. Who Travels With Them? If you are an active traveler, ready for an adventure, you’ll fit in well. Most of their tours will deal with the elements in some way, including rapid altitude changes. You’ll also be hiking long distances on the treks to Machu Picchu. Their other tours around Peru are outdoor focused but less strenuous options are available. Where Do They Operate? They are entirely focused in Peru, specializing in treks to Machu Picchu. Other tours visit Cusco, Manu, Puno, and Arequipa. Why Travel With Them? For an exciting Peru journey led by knowledgeable local experts. Especially if you are interested in visiting Machu Picchu, they have numerous options available for different physical levels and depending on how long you want to hike. Given that they only focus on Peru, if specialization is important to you, they are a great choice.

Eat Northern Spain

Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
4 TripsSee all Local Specialist Standard $ 68 Custom/Private Tour Operator

Bravo Indochina Tours

4.8 Excellent |18 reviews18
Trips: Size: Service Level: Ave Trip Price Per Day: Operator Type:
16 TripsSee all Regional Expert Standard $ 99 Group Tour Operator

Stride Take: With a passion for providing in-depth culturally focussed tours throughout some of Asia’s most beautiful and historic lands, Bravo Indochina is the perfect company for exploring all that Asia to offer. What Makes Them Stand Out? Numerous trip packages are available to explore southeast Asia. Trips range anywhere from 7 days to 20 days, with the majority being around two weeks. You’ll have a local guide who will help navigate the many unique experiences available, from new foods to old hidden temples and museums, to the best spot to shop for souvenirs. Tours are active but comfortable. They are perfect for first time travelers to southeast Asia who are looking for a well rounded tour and English speaking guides. Who Travels With Them? Their trips are most ideally suited to first time travelers to southeast Asia. If you are looking for a classic introduction to some of Asia’s finest food, attractions, and experiences, this is a great place to start. Most of their trips fall into the low to mid budget range, and are suitable to a wide range of ages and physical levels. Where Do They Operate? They offer tours throughout Asia, with a focus in mainland southeast Asia. This includes Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Many of the itineraries through Bravo Indochina cover multiple countries. Why Travel With Them? Local guides and unique experiences. They offer classic sightseeing tours where you’ll get a taste of the main attractions, while also having the freedom and ability to get to know a different more local side of the cities and countries.

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